“It’s not football, it’s art.” People react to Montrich’s trivia – a masterpiece of a tired genius

The veterans lead Real Madrid to the semifinals Champions League.

Luka Modric loves trivela

Even as part of Tottenham, the Croatian performed this technically complex technique. This is a Portuguese term, therefore, is often attributed to the “writing” of Ricardo Quaresma. It is the passing or hitting the goal with the outside of the foot. But anyone who has seen Roberto Carlos’s “banana kick” from a foul on the outside of his foot against France knows that the Portuguese winger walked under the table on foot, and in football they have already used the tripod.

Since coaches in the past did not always allow dangerous tricks, only the bravest players allowed themselves to take risks. On the other hand, trivela has a practical advantage – it is more difficult for the opponent to read the pass if the ball is on the outside of the foot and then immediately followed by a pass. Here, Chelsea defenders failed to stop Montrich, who sent Real Madrid winning the overtime. All the salt was in the quality of the transmission and the speed of decision making.

If we are looking for trivela fans in the past, then we go to the Serbian midfielder Lyubinko Drulovich, who played in Portuguese clubs in the 90s of the last century. I caught representatives of different generations, I ran with Zakhovich, Jardel and Conceição. Won trophies with Porto, played in the Champions League. But it is clear that the popularization of the trivela among the boys who watched the Porto games, such as Quaresma himself, can probably be linked to his name.

This pretense does not have a writer, unlike “Cruyff’s Inversion”, “Marseille Roulette”, which Maradona actively practiced before Zidane or Ravona – became famous by the Argentine Ricardo Infante. It is possible that the co-author of “flip flop” Rivelino introduced trivela in the arsenal of bays. The same “flip flops” that Ronaldinho successfully repeated, people saw for another World Cup-70. Rivelino called the trident “three toes” because the ball only touched three toes.

The new is the forgotten old. And if it is not easy for an ordinary footballer to decide on a trivela at a crucial moment, then Modric often gives the public with such programs. Even when it comes to passing in the center of the field, the Croatian chooses the difficult path, because the midfielder plays with two feet. It turns out that he gains precious milliseconds without adjusting to the ball, and we must definitely and often use that.

The Croatian made the difference with Chelsea

Two assists for the cost of the Champions League semifinals. A pass in the first match, a decisive pass in the second match when Real Madrid burned 0-3 in Madrid and was eliminated. The Spaniards could not cope with Shakhtar at home (they lost 2: 3 last season) and Sheriff (1: 2 last fall), so you should not be so surprised by Chelsea’s agility. We are probably saying that the British were a bit unlucky, especially in the first match, when Benzema’s hat-trick broke every plan.

But while Real Madrid has wonderful Courtois, Casimiro, Cross, Benzema and Montrich, then Karavinga and Vinicius will have time to grow up and Ebape will decide to come to Madrid. In the meantime, the “old guard” is crawling. In addition, the coach allows Modric what Messi was allowed to do in Barcelona – a desperate Croatian “pedestrian”. We saw yesterday how Luca tried to close the position of defense supervision, but was crushed by Rudiger after a cross from the side. And in Real Madrid’s counterattacks, Modric was far from the gates of others.

Throughout the season, Ancelotti forced the Croatian to run a lot only once – against Barcelona, ​​when without Benzema they were sculpted by a veteran “fake forward”. But Modric is not Messi, so we remember the result – Xavi victory with a score of 0: 4. Chelsea’s fourth goal was not counted yesterday, Real’s student Marcos Alonso was found to have handball. Three accurate shots would have been enough, if not for the brilliant transfer of Montrich. So do not count his assists or goals, look at the number of passes – 60 per game – and they are over 90% accurate.

Paz caused excitement in the football world

Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano is ecstatic with Luca’s performance:

Luka Modric’s assistant must be sent to the museum. It is no longer football, it is art.

It is good that now the team has a different coach. Rio Ferdinand participates in the compliments:

This pass by Luka Modric made me lose my voice. It is completely illegal. I started shouting Luka, Muka or whatever his name is. It is fantastic!

We see a lot of nice comparisons – that the transmission should be investigated by NASA, because now it’s important to see if Montrich represents human civilization. Such a vision of the field is not from our planet. By the way, choosing a complex solution instead of a simple one is one of the Modric brands.

One of the journalists from the “onion” fans – Lucas Navarrette, remembered an old story. We immediately note that in Madrid they love the stories about Rafael Benitez, who allegedly taught Ronaldo to hit the free kicks correctly, here what was said seems to be true:

I will always remember how Rafa Benitez told Montrich not to use trivela so much.

Also, many found an old message from James Madison from Leicester, dated 2016:

Montrich is the king of passes with the outside of the foot.

Important point, because young Russian footballers have to watch such moments and learn on their own. It is also important to know respect, because after the match, Modric first went to console his compatriot and friend Kovacic and only then did he receive congratulations from Alex Del Piero, who visited Madrid yesterday.

The world was endowed with an excellent pass from a veteran at the age of which many playmakers no longer played at such a high level. At 36, Xavi played for Al Sadd in Qatar. At the same age he ran for the Japanese club Vissel Kobe. Pirlo, at thirty-six, was preparing to move to New York, drinking wine and saying goodbye to Juventus.

Zidane, at the age of Montrich, had taken a break from football two years after the famous header to Materazzi. It is clear that the decline in Montrich’s physical performance is natural – Ronaldo is also not as active as before and the Portuguese is obsessed with physical training. But the fact that creates in Lucas’s stadium, due to the age factor it surprises even more.

In 2012, Mourinho asked Real Madrid fans not to criticize Montrich, to be patient and to give him time. Ten years later, the Croatian notes that he continues to run behind the ball, because he wants to reciprocate to the fans of the “onions” for many years of love and support. Montrich is a great player, a legend of Real Madrid and world football. And the Croatian winner of the Golden Ball 2018 himself said the most important words after the match:

Resignation is not an option.

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