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Vitamin C can be provided in the form of ascorbic acid as well as mineral ascorbates, such as calcium ascorbate. Ascorbic acid has a significantly smaller effect on the digestive system and is more preferred for people with gastrointestinal diseases.

What is the benefit of vitamin C?

Vitamin C has a positive effect on our immune system. With its antioxidant activity, the nutrient binds free radicals that can damage cells. Ascorbate is essential in the metabolic processes of our body: collagen synthesis, iron absorption, transformation of biogenic amines (dopamine, norepinephrine). Vitamin C is essential for the function of the adrenal glands, the production of hormones, the absorption of iron and folic acid. In addition, the nutrient has a positive effect on blood vessels, helps maintain their elasticity and continuous intake of vitamin C can lower blood pressure by 3.8 / 1.5 mmHg.a.

According to the results of a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial on the effect of high doses of vitamin C in combination with vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc and copper on the development of severe age-related macular degeneration (chronic retinal disease), the risk of developing the disease was 28% lower than in the elderly receiving placebo2.

Unfortunately, vitamin C is not produced in the body and is almost never stored, which is why it is so important to ensure its continuous intake with food. For example, enriching your daily diet with certain fruits and berries with a high source of vitamin C: melon, citrus juices and fruits, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, mango, cranberry, raspberry, raspberry and strawberry. There are a number of vegetables that are also rich in vitamin C, such as cauliflower and broccoli.3.

The daily requirement for vitamin C for men is about 90 mg of the vitamin, for women about 75 mg. Additional amounts of vitamin C are required during pregnancy, lactation, when living in cold climates, when working in a workplace with harmful working conditions, with additional foreign chemical stress (for example, smoking)4.

Today, in the rhythms of modern life, we do not always manage to eat a balanced diet. Frequent snacking on the go, a sharp rise in the popularity of easy foods, a reduction in the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, has led to the fact that people’s diets have deteriorated significantly. We work harder, we have less and less time and energy to prepare well-balanced meals for us and our loved ones every day.

In this case, to prevent vitamin C deficiency, experts advise taking extra ascorbic acid as a dietary supplement or as part of a vitamin complex, especially from late fall to late spring.

Tatiana Nazarova, obstetrician-gynecologist, nutritionist, Millennium Medical Center for Preventive Medicine (Rostov-on-Don), SOLGAR specialist:Currently, an important aspect for any physician is the issue of adequate support of the human immune system. The new SOLGAR Immuno-Complex Ester C plus presented in Russia combines all the necessary vitamins, trace elements and herbal ingredients that enhance the action of the other for the benefit of healthy immunity.

The active form of vitamin C is excellent for short-term correction of deficiency because it is easily and quickly absorbed. At the same time, vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate does not irritate the gastric mucosa. Vitamins A, D3, C and trace elements zinc, magnesium as part of the complex are involved in the formation of a complete and adequate immune response. The plant components of the complex (ankle, elderberry, echinacea), in addition to immunomodulatory and antiviral action, also have antioxidant activity.

The unique balanced composition of the complex will help maintain the well-being of the individual, reduce the likelihood of seasonal respiratory infections or significantly reduce the risk of complications and the duration of the disease..

However, it should be noted that for a visible effect from the intake of nutrients, its dosage should be calculated based on the individual needs of the body, and after consultation with a specialist.

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