Master class on planting a young forest by Gomel researchers New USC in the Gomel region

Master class on planting a young forest by Gomel researchers


Employees of the Department of the Commission of Inquiry of the Republic of Belarus in the Gomel region were among the first in the region to volunteer for the democratic environmental campaign “Forest Week-2022”.

Thus, the forest restoration company in the Gomel area united the management and employees of all building components in the USC area. Gomel’s researchers, led by the head of the department, Sergei Udovikov, went to work – in the woods. For the second year in a row, department employees are helping the forester at the Staro-Dyatlovichi Forestry of the experimental forestry company Gomel to restore the young forest. Last year, investigators also participated in the planting of a young forest in the area granted by the forest department. This year, a new task by the rangers is to help plant pines and birches in the clearing area in the mature forest. A new “square” was also given for work: about two hectares were set aside for planting. Mandatory information, division into pairs: the grooves for seedlings are divided between the participants in the action.

Sergei Udovikov, head of the Belarus’s Research Committee for the Gomel region, is attending Forest Week in person for the third year in a row. The head of the department in the region believes that the opportunity to see the real result of the efforts made and to understand the benefits of the ecological footprint, of course, motivates participation in such actions.

“Last year, we made a special trip to the site where the foresters helped restore the young forest a year earlier. We saw the trees occupy. And now, when you see the result, then the job is a pleasure, – is sure Sergey Udovikov. – Such actions, I think, are also a great opportunity to unite the team.

During the action now, many of the participants have already tested themselves and their co-workers at work last year: they are in a hurry to join the same couple. But there are unit employees who only knew each other in the current environmental attack. For example, Investigative Officer Tatyana Tsybulnik and Accident Investigation Officer Viktor Sysa made such collaborations. A man in a pair – controls the “Kolesov sword” and the lady is responsible for planting saplings in the holes. Tatiana and Victor happily accept the groove for the young forest. But they are not shy and ask experienced foresters of Leschos to test the technique of planting seedlings.

Of course, the researchers say, the survival rate of future trees depends on whether this particular project was done well.

– Whether the sapling took root, will be seen in a few weeks. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.

In one year, the young shoots of the future forest planted by Gomel’s researchers will have time to grow by almost 10 cm and then only add and add.

“I wish they were definitely rooted,” says Ekaterina Sabodash, a researcher on particularly important cases, with warmth in her voice, closing the hole with a sapling. – I remember from school, they usually plant mixed forest, pine and birch.

Ekaterina Vladimirovna and her eco-landing partner Andrey Korkuts answer my questions at work. Both are employees of the USC procedural control department, they say, and participated in the “Forest Week” action last year. Therefore, even now they work very harmoniously with the seedlings. One of the first to “close” the first sown row of about 200 meters.

– I had to plant a young forest at school. I’m from the Yelsk region. In my village, Valavsk, there is forestry and we were taken as students to help foresters, – admits senior researcher Andrei Korkuts, and nostalgia for the old places is felt in his voice.

He says that now he manages to visit his small homeland not as often as he would like.

Working out in the fresh air and enjoying the work for a good deed for the native nature are opportunities that year after year more and more employees of the Gomel area department are participating in the democratic charity event. In general, the investigators of the regional department of the Investigative Committee have been part of the Forest Weeks for many years. But more actively and more massively, the police of the area with the spring ecological landing come for the sixth year to help the foresters. We started with the help of the staff of the Korenevskaya Experimental Forest Base of the Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

“We planted young Christmas trees, which are later sold by the forestry offices during the New Year holidays. Last year, we went specifically to visit the planted area. The trees have already reached over 70 cm in height. “Time will pass and we will be able to see the trees planted by our department staff at the New Year’s Christmas tree fairs,” said Arkady Tretyakov, deputy head of the Gomel Region Research Committee. – In the meantime, it is worth noting that employees of the Research Committee of the region in each region of the Gomel region will become participants in the democratic environmental action “Forest Week-2022”.

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