Michelin for VDNKh: which facilities are included in the gastronomic guide

It was worth three stars and the institution “RusPysh. “These donuts.” This is not a restaurant or even a cafeteria. An ordinary kiosk where they pour tea and serve donuts

A photograph: Alice TITKO

The authors of the famous Michelin gastronomic guide announced a month ago that they have suspended their rating for Russian restaurants. And VDNKh collected its own rating and for the first time awarded restaurants and cafes in parks with badges. Our correspondent studied who received the “stars”.

How the “stars” were distributed.

Michelin-starred Moscow restaurants immediately became popular – table reservations were booked a month in advance. Will the VDNKh, which proposes the insignia, help draw attention to catering at the country’s Central Exhibition?

– The purpose of creating the guide is to improve the service at the Exhibition. The winners were determined based on the national score and the opinions of experts, the press service VDNKh told kp.ru.

The guide is already available in electronic form, but they plan to release it in hard copy. Only 23 establishments received recommendations, although VDNKh has more than 100 catering establishments with Russian, Kazakh, Georgian and other cuisines.

– If an institution has not received stars in this version of the guide, then this does not mean that it will be deprived of attention next time. This will only encourage you to become even better and overcome the lead in the next driver, – he told kp.ru in the press service of VDNKh.

Who cooks in Russian

Ten restaurants received – three stars, seven facilities – two each, six more cafes – one each. Where to go first? This is everyone’s choice. The kp.ru correspondent decided to explore places with Russian cuisine.

The Moscow Sky restaurant received three stars. The interior here claims to be luxurious – white tablecloths, colorful glasses and lots of green. This place is adored by newlyweds getting married at the registry office at VDNKh. I look at the prices – you have to get away. Well-known dishes from 490 to 590 rubles: “Herring under a fur coat”, “Mimosa” salad, pasta, “Olivier”. A duck breast with passion fruit mousse costs 890 rubles.

Three stars for the restaurant

Three stars received the restaurant “Moscow Sky”

A photograph: Alice TITKO

– In our menu, 15 republics of the union are interconnected: pasta, Kiev cutlet, khatsapuri marga, kebab shish, beef strogon, borscht, sturgeon with asparagus, – they say in the restaurant.

“Moscow Sky”. The interior here claims to be luxurious – white tablecloths, colorful glasses and lots of green

A photograph: Alice TITKO

It was worth three stars and the institution “RusPysh. “These donuts.” This is not a restaurant or even a cafeteria. An ordinary kiosk where they will pour tea and serve donuts with your heart.

– What are the scores? We do not have time to watch them. We fry donuts, sprinkle with powdered sugar or cinnamon and sell, – says the seller from the window.

There are really many people who want to buy donuts. In my presence, only six people bought 18 donuts. The price is pleasant – 69 rubles for two donuts. Warm, the dough is sweet and soft. Now I understand why three stars – for tradition and taste.

Traditions are also held at the Russian Tea Café on the shores of Garden Pond. Interior with two fireplaces with wood. Here you can try pancakes with samovar tea, pineapple jam or melange – fried aubergines with parmesan (420 rubles).

Nice price - 69 rubles for two donuts

Nice price – 69 rubles for two donuts

A photograph: Alice TITKO

– And how do you serve samovar tea?

– There are two options: 1.5 liter or 3 liters of boiling water, preparation, drying, various types of jam. We bring a samovar to the table – a true Russian tradition, – they say in a cafe.

“AnderSon at the Dacha” can also offer something from Russian cuisine – cheesecakes (420 rubles), cereals (240 rubles), soups (from 395 rubles).

The authors of the VDNKh culinary guide say they will update the rating twice a year. Then it will be clear who held their positions and who started hacking.

A word to the experts

Irina Rozova, restaurant public relations specialist:

In general, creating a culinary guide for VDNKh is a good idea. The main thing is that this does not turn into deception of supposed popular votes and critics. When the ratings are honest, it is good and convenient for the guests. For the restaurants and cafes themselves, any rating is always a “plus” for those who scored and “minus” for those who were devalued or not included in the lists at all.

Yevgeny Demchenko, Ambassador of the Federation of Restaurants and Hoteliers:

The more guides, the better for restaurants and guests. This is also a reference to the facilities and useful information for the people, where to go and where it is delicious.


Who received the VDNH Recommended Awards (first half of 2022)?

Three stars:

– “Marriage of the jays”,

– View of the cafe,

– “Anderson in the country”,

– “Moscow Sky”,

– “Defrosting”,

– “Ararat”,

– “Psarochori”

– Cafe Mamma Italia,

– «RusPysh. These donuts,

– “Varenichnaya number 1”.

Two stars:

– “Farm”,

– “Pyan-se”,

– “Baskin-Robbins”,

– “Russian tea”,

– “Everything is lazy”,

– “Special buffet”

– “Harvest”.

A star:

– “Space”,


– “Smart coffee”,

– “Ice cream laboratory”,

– Shawarma House,

– Old place.

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