Open doors will help you get through the walls

The Vladimir branch of the Presidential Academy has reopened its doors to future candidates. How many budget posts? How to apply? What are the job prospects? The guests of the event received detailed answers to all these questions.

The first Open Day of this academic year took place in two stages: on December 5, the current students and their parents were expected in the schools of administration and economics, on December 12, the day of the Constitution, the employees of the Law School answered many questions. .

The event was opened by industry director Vyacheslav Kartukhin. He spoke about the history and structure of the university, about its many collaborators in the field of education and business, as well as about the basic principles of training specialists in the field of administration, economics and law.

“One of the main tasks of the university is the employment of students. We fulfill this goal with confidence. The employment rate of graduates, according to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science, is one of the highest in the region – over 85%. From this year we opened the introduction to the new specialties “Customs” and “Judicial and prosecutorial activity”. In this regard, we have expanded our network of collaborators: we have signed agreements with the customs, the prosecutor’s office, the commission of inquiry, the judiciary and the bar. As part of the work of the Vladimir Investment Congress, we formalized the cooperation with the largest organizations in the region – ABI Product, Ferrero Russia and the Design Experimental Bureau of Radio Equipment. “This is how we give our students the opportunity to do internships and develop skills even before they receive their diploma, and employers to choose the best staff for themselves.” explained the director of the Vladimir branch of RANEPA, vice-president of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region Vyacheslav Kartukhin.


Parents are particularly concerned: they need to help their children make the right choice. Choosing a future profession is a serious and responsible step in the life of every person, which requires education and knowledge.

“First of all, we expect high quality training and employment assistance in the field of jurisprudence from RANEPA’s Vladimir branch, which is very important to us. Now we start to study more and more the industry and information about it. We are still considering the option of entering a university in the Moscow region, but, frankly, we are more willing to enter a branch. And the quality of education is high and closer to home. ” shared by Olga Smirnova, the applicant’s mother.

Tatiana Starikova, Deputy Director of RANEPA’s Vladimir Branch, spoke about the features of the 2022-2023 admission campaign. Candidates received information about educational programs, admission to a university on preferential terms, additional entrance examinations and other opportunities provided to its students by the regional campus of the Presidential Academy. From year to year, most of the questions are caused by the rules for entering the university. In 2022, acceptance of documents will begin on June 20. Tatyana Vladimirovna announced the minimum threshold for USE scores for each of the general education courses and noted that additional points for applicants can be credited for a certificate or diploma with distinction, Olympic victories and competitions, TRP distinction of any three degrees.


An important factor is the incentive system that exists in Vladimir’s industry. For the scholarships of students who passed the Unified State Examination with results above 240 degrees, the university has a special allowance of 5 thousand rubles. If more than 280 points – 10 thousand rubles are added to the scholarship in the first academic year.


It is worth noting that prospective students begin to make decisions about choosing a future specialty on their own, based on the status of an educational institution, the quality of education and the development of a profession in demand.

“I was planning to enter Vladimir’s branch in the 9th grade. Then I attended a career guidance event and became interested in the field of management. Since then I started preparing intensively and I am already waiting for the start of the admission campaign, I want to become a student. In addition, there are so many interesting events and meetings with famous people! At the moment, I follow them on the social networks of the university, but I hope to become a member of them. Sofya Timofeeva, an 11th grader, said.

Life on the branch is really busy. University students take part in more than 500 events a year. These are scientific conferences, project activities, volunteering, career guidance, creative competitions and much more. So a new week in the annex of the Presidential Academy is dedicated to the field of law. From December 13 to 17, round tables, quizzes, a marathon and an extended session of the Legal Clinic will take place at the university.


It is real to become a member of a community of successful and famous people, to choose a profession that is in demand, to acquire high quality knowledge that can be applied in practice. Along with this, find like-minded people in hobbies and interests, friends for a lifetime, mentors who will help you discover your creative potential and all that in your area – these are the prospects for studying at RANEPA’s Vladimir branch.

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