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History of origin and description of the Dardanelles gorge

Between two small villages: Brovnichi and Khmelnitskoye, located in the Partizansky district, there is a natural attraction. The gorge has many variations of the name: Dardanelles Cheeks, Khmelnitsky Cheeks, Cheki tract, Dardanelles gorge. Various legends explain their origin and are transmitted by word of mouth to the local population.

According to one version, during the bloody battles between the partisans and the White Guards in 1919, an ambush was set up in an inaccessible place. It was almost impossible to overcome it. With its relief features, this place resembled the famous Dardanelles, which separates Europe from Asia. It was just as difficult for evasive maneuvers and transitions. In this respect, the gorge received the same name.

In confirmation of this version, an indistinguishable monument to the guerrillas was erected on the outskirts of the village of Khmelnitskoye. Led by the revolutionary Sergei Lazo, they fought fierce battles with the White Guards in these places. There is a legend that after these bloody events, there were several fighters who compared the gorge with the homonymous strait. Since then, the unusual name has been attached to the famous gorge.

But there are also more attractive legends. Nature worked on the ancient rocks so that they began to look like ruins of castles, mysterious towers. In this regard, romantic legends have emerged among the people. You can learn more about them from locals or professional guides. There is no reliable information about the origin of the gorge and its name, it only remains to build various hypotheses.

Since 1984, the gorge has acquired the status of a natural monument of regional importance with the official name “Sheki Rock Outcrop”. Since then, the unusual rock band has become more popular. Various excursion routes were organized here: ecological routes, hiking excursions with overnight stays. The place has become popular among anglers and lovers of outdoor activities that organize river rafting here.

The Tigrovaya River, formerly called the Sitsa, becomes quite turbulent out of season, making it great for extreme lovers. A stunning view of the Dardanelles gorge will leave indelible impressions and vivid emotions. The length of the route will be about 6 km, on the road of which there are obstacles 1 and 2 of difficulty category.

The slopes of the natural object are rocky and the cliffs have sharp protrusions. They really look like the watches of an ancient castle. Maybe he was here. The height above sea level reaches 150 m and the length is about 14 km. There is a bridge on one of the rocky peaks. It offers a unique view of the raging river surrounded by rocky shores and emerald forest.

The enchanting gorge is very popular with tourists. Unique panoramas of the mountain valley open from the top of the ridge. Installers of “stone rivers”, called kurumnik, go down to the river and give a special charm to the gorge. The wonderful atmosphere of the area is given by strange mountain remains and pillars: the Tooth of Baba Yaga, the Castle of the Dardanelles Princess, the Tooth of the Immortal Koshchei, the Castle of the Snake Gorynych etc.

The most popular place is the Princess Castle. This rock is about 150 m high. A kind of observation deck is placed at the top. If you climb this wooden bridge, you can enjoy stunning natural views and take a unique photo. But for this you need to overcome your fear of heights, the use of special equipment is recommended.

The natural beauty of the gorge leaves indelible impressions. Unusual climatic conditions affect plants. For example, among the turmoil of the green, you can find fallen leaves. The variety of colors of nature is impressive in its combination and rich color. Everyone should definitely visit these places to enjoy the beautiful panorama of unspoiled nature.

Cheki Street is a unique Sitsinsky granite deposit. This is a granular volcanic rock that formed naturally: by cooling and solidifying the magma after an eruption at a fairly large depth. This stone has good strength indicators, in this respect, it is used for construction purposes and as a decoration in modern rooms.

In the old days the baths were made of granite. People believed that the mineral protects the individual and the room from negative energy. No wonder this place was considered the cleanest. There is a popular phrase: “Grinding the granite of science”. It is believed that race stimulates spiritual activity, develops thinking. Some even attribute healing and magical properties to granite.

Remains of ancient human settlements were found in many parts of the gorge. This unique landmark hides many unsolved mysteries. The dense virgin forests surprise with a variety of flora and fauna at any time of the year. You can not get tired of walking in the gorge. Here you get energy for a long time from virgin nature.

How to get to the Dardanelles gorge

The gorge of Dardanelles is located between two small villages. From any of them you can reach easily and quickly. The villages are accessible by car, sightseeing bus or public transport. For example, there is a bus route “Vladivostok – Metamorphosis”. But most travelers enjoy traveling by car. So you can enjoy the most interesting places and the surrounding beauties.

By car, you must drive along the highway 05N-254. At this you can reach the village of Brovnichi, you just have to drive on a dirt road after the sign. You can park your car near the Tigrovaya River Bridge. From this point, the journey must continue on foot. You can move around on your own, but it is best to use the services of locals or hire a professional driver. So the walk will be richer and more informative.

From the village of Khmelnitskoe, located 9 km from the village of Brovnichi, follow the signs. In them you can reach the tourist center “Dardanelles Gorge”. There is a car park and a seating area. Then the sightseeing tour will begin. From the administrative center of Partizansk, you can reach the villages by taxi.

When is the best time to visit the Dardanelles?

The natural monument is beautiful at any time of the year. But these places become the most picturesque out of season and summer. The turmoil of autumn colors will amaze you with its color. Currently, bright yellow colors are combined with reddish brown and green shades. The local vegetation, among which there are samples of relics, will amaze every person.

In May, when nature just wakes up, you can see unusual colors. Against a gray-brown background, the tones of bright green conifers and wild rosemary, called the sharp rosewood, stand out strongly. The picture is very enchanting, especially against the backdrop of a mountain river. Everything around is full of pink shades, giving a certain fairytale and magic to the rocky peaks.

In summer, a vast green sea of ​​vegetation stretches here. In its abundance, you can often see blooming spots of wildflowers, which give a special fun to this place. And under the bright sunlight, surrounded by pointed rocks, a sense of unreality and a fairy tale is created. Seeing such beauty and power alive is truly a miracle. And the song of the birds allows you to feel the fullness of life.

In winter, the gorge is no less exciting. Under the snow, the tops of the rocks seem to be something unreal. Here, in fact, you can see fairytale castles and their views. This effect is especially enhanced under the bright sun, when the fluffy snow plays with the iridescence. And the fresh mountain air, which you can breathe deeply, is nothing compared to anything.

What else you need to know when visiting the Dardanelles Gorge

When going on a gorge trip, you need to follow some rules and listen to the recommendations. Thanks to them, the trip will be comfortable and safe. You need to take only the essentials with you, so that everything fits in a convenient backpack. The traveler’s hands should always be free, with the exception of a support stick. Clothes should be comfortable, preferably layered and sporty.

Choosing shoes requires a careful approach. You need to choose a sporty style and a thick sole. Hiking boots are ideal. Sneakers may fit, but not new ones. It is recommended to get a spare pair for use in case of friction or short. It is also worth getting extra warm clothes and work gloves. It can be quite cold in the gorge. A first aid kit with everything you need should be in your backpack.

A few sandwiches and a teapot will also come in handy on the go. The appetite in the mountains is played with revenge. If you take these few things with you, you can not worry when traveling through the gorge, but just enjoy the wonderful view. When hiking you need to be careful, because in these places there are various representatives of the fauna. Poisonous animals can be found among them.

What else to see in the area around the Dardanelles gorge

The gorge is unique in itself. But on a hike in the gorge, you can see very interesting objects. For example, on the road to Khmelnytsky, along forest paths, there is a transparent spring that springs directly from the ground. Nearby was a Korean mushroom farm. The place is very amazing, although it looks very sad. But there are more attractive landscapes in these places that surprise with their unspoiled beauty.

For example, the Unexpected Waterfall, located on the tributary of the river Steklyanukha. This wonder of nature is impressive in its scale. Its height reaches 8 m. The waterfall rushes down a steep slope and breaks on basalt boulders below. The magnificent waterfall is surrounded by a stone slab, which looks like an unusual ancient construction in its appearance. Nature has created a unique masterpiece.

And there are many such places. Unique mountains, natural shelters, unusual islands, other natural wonders and human creations. The grandeur of the Ussuri taiga, its flowing rivers, magnificent mountain peaks, clear lakes will not leave anyone indifferent. The grandeur and power of these places is breathtaking. For lovers of exotics and thrills, unusual nature parks have been created here.

For example, Primorsky Safari Park, which is located near the village of Shkotovo. The animals live here in natural conditions. Among the inhabitants you can find not only wolves, forest cats, deer, bears, but even the Amur tiger. You can watch them from platforms raised to a safe height. The park was created in 2007 and has been very popular with tourists and locals ever since.

Primorsky Krai is famous for its unique attractions far beyond its borders. One of them is the gorge of the Dardanelles. Its wonderful beauty and unusual history deserve the special attention of tourists. The gorge is considered one of the most mysterious places. Its unspoiled natural beauty surprises with its nature and magical view, and various legends give it a note of mystery.

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