How Yamal residents can avoid buying plague meat and flu-like poultry in the market – tips from Rosselkhoznadzor

14 April 2022, 09:39


Sergey Sizikov, head of Rosselkhoznadzor’s internal veterinary supervision department for the Tyumen region, spoke about what to look out for when buying meat, whether pet owners should be afraid of inspections by the supervisory authority and what protects Yamal residents. and KhMAO. The most important points of the discussion are in our review.

Of the 100 companies inspected in the area by Rosselkhoznadzor officials, 85 worked in violation, Sergei Shizikov said.

Scheduled and unscheduled inspections of agricultural producers are carried out solely to ensure that their products are of high quality and safe for Yamal residents, he explained. Employees of the service can draw the attention of owners to the lack of animal welfare conditions, non-compliance with quarantine standards, which can eventually lead to epizootic and death of animals.

Entrepreneurs do not always understand this – there are those who actively prevent and avoid inspections. In such cases, the law is on the side of the supervisors. Obstructing an inspection is already an administrative offense, Sergei Shizikov recalled.

… Actions (inaction) that caused the inability to perform or complete control, –

imposes an administrative fine on employees from 5 to 10 thousand rubles; for legal entities – from 20 to 50 thousand rubles.

… The repeated commission … implies the imposition of an administrative fine on employees amounting to 10 to 20 thousand rubles or exclusion for a period of six months to one year. for legal entities – from 50 to 100 thousand rubles

Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation

Article 19.4.1

In addition, the law provides for the possibility of conducting an audit without notice and permission of the owners if the court deems that they systematically avoid it.

Of course, for non-compliance with technical regulations and unsuitable conditions for keeping animals, fines are provided, the amount of which is determined by the supervisory authority and the court. However, according to Sergei Shizikov, in about 35% of cases, the fine is replaced by a warning – if the offense is detected for the first time or committed by a very small company, if there was no danger to people.

The products end up on our table. And it must be of high quality and safe

Sergei Shizikov

representative of Rosselkhoznadzor

Sergei Shizikov told animal owners how to comply with the law when harvesting meat intended for sale.

The slaughter must be done in specialized places, he reminded. There the veterinarian will definitely examine the animal, will check if vaccinations have been done and if diagnostic studies have been done. The meat itself must also undergo a veterinary examination.

“Slaughter in the yard is not forbidden,” Sergei Shizikov said. But the meat obtained in this way can be used only for personal needs.

There are spontaneous mini-markets in Yamal where tundra residents and villagers bring their products, a department spokesman said. He stressed that if the meat is sold at such points of sale in carcasses, they should have state seals at four points – one in the area of ​​each shoulder and thigh. If the product is sold in packages, they must also contain information on compliance with the technical regulations.


Sergei Sizikov does not advise Yamal residents to buy meat that does not have such marks. These are illegal products that have not undergone a veterinary inspection.

Such meat can be infected with pathogens of various animal diseases, for example, a particularly dangerous African swine fever, said a spokesman for Rosselkhoznadzor. Many may remember the case in the Tyumen village of Shorokhovo, which thundered across the country – due to the outbreak of this disease, a large pig farm had to be completely shut down and literally burned with chemicals, destroying more than 16 thousand animals in this and on farms within a radius of several kilometers. Hundreds of people then lost their jobs.


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If the meat is procured from legal slaughterhouses, where diagnostics and veterinary tests are performed, if the products are labeled, there are certificates of conformity, it can be consumed with little or no fear, Sergei Shizikov is sure.

The Yamal poultry industry also has its own characteristics, he added. Many wild migratory birds nest in the area. Rosselkhoznadzor has repeatedly documented cases where experts found the DNA of the bird flu virus in their bodies. The risk of transmission from wild to domestic birds is very high. Small yards do not need to spend as much money on veterinary protection as large poultry farms, but birds should be kept indoors where contact with wildlife is impossible. Also, in order not to suddenly lose all livestock due to the outbreak of the disease, it is worth paying attention to feed and buy it only from undisputed suppliers.

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