The “Krylatsky Ornament” gallery hosts a floral art exhibition

Spring came and the soul longed for a riot of colors, warmth and light. The eye is looking for greenery, bright colors, but it is still out of season in the yard. The exhibition of the creative floral collage studio “Flower Workshop” comes to the rescue. Held at the Krylatsky Ornament Gallery of Kuntsevo TCS on Krylatsky Hills. Our correspondents went to the gallery to see the new exhibition in person.


Floral collage studio “Flower Workshop” has been operating for many years. This is a creative workshop where paintings and collages are made using natural and combined materials, plaster reliefs with plant prints.

Manages the studio Inna Igorevna Svyadosts – flower designer and blogger. She has a solid teaching experience: a woman has been the head of the Florist for about 20 years. She rejoices in the success of the studio members, organizes exhibitions, visits creative festivals with her booths and is constantly looking for new creative techniques that can be applied in her work.

This bears fruit: the annual project exhibition each time becomes better than the previous one and surprises the visitors. Today he gives us a tour head of the club-gallery “Krylatsky Ornament” Lilia Ustyugova.

– The exhibition takes place every year and this time our club-gallery was chosen as the venue. In the spring exhibition, the craftsmen present the best works that have been created during the year. “For us, this is a great joy and pride”, says Lilia.

The exhibition is quite large – it occupied the entire large hall of the club-gallery, as well as part of the corridor.


The works of the craftsmen from the Flower House stand out for the fact that they use many different techniques. This includes painted glue, embossed plaster and painting with various colors. Only one thing remains unchanged – the use of natural materials. Plants inspire artists.

– The yarrow turns into a coniferous forest and the cardboard into an interesting texture that looks like a honeycomb. And here is a horseshoe that has been transformed into a wonderful dress for a stifling beauty. The artisans find inspiration in everything! says Lilia.

You want to look at the exhibits for a long time: in each work, the artists talk to the viewer, making him look for meanings and observe the details. Therefore, you can spend a lot of time in the exhibition, because all the exhibits deserve attention.

– And we are just happy to have guests! The room is large and bright, it is pleasant to be here and convenient to see the exhibition. So we invite you! The exhibition will run until April 25. I only ask you to call in advance and warn about your visit so that someone can meet you, – added Lilia.


The “Flower Workshop” flower collage studio is an open community to which anyone can join. It is worth noting that the courses are intended for adults, not children, but this does not mean that they are strictly accepted from the age of 18 – this business is simply not suitable for children, it requires great perseverance and patience.

Classes are held on the highway Skolkovskoye 32. The atmosphere there is warm and friendly – students become not only colleagues but also friends. Often, during breaks, they drink tea there, secretly and laugh. Communication is also an important part of the creative process. And after the limitations of COVID-19, it became even more important.

– If you like this art and also want to incorporate your creative ideas – try your luck in the studio! Do not be ashamed: the oldest artist working there is 80 years old, so age does not bother anyone! Lily is sure.

By the way, now comes a hot moment for artists – the time to make gaps. All spring and summer they look carefully at the plants, they dry them. Inna Igorevna, head of the studio, generously shares the secrets of plant harvesting with her booths. This is very important: in the end, it is important to leave some plants bulky, while others, on the contrary, should be leveled. How to keep the color, the texture, how to make the material comfortable at work – all this is discussed in class.

– Good luck to all newcomers! It is always a pleasure to discover new talents, it makes life brighter, – said Ustyugova parting.

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