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Last winter quite surprised the Russians: the Russian plain was generously swept away by snow, the frosts lasted for a long time and the elastic avalanches melted reluctantly.
People say that a cold winter is a harbinger of a hot summer and next season, according to meteorologists, will be really difficult.

The meteorological centers are already spreading the news that the summer season will be unpredictable and changeable: in some places the thermometers will turn off the scale and somewhere the storms will not end.

The weather from June to August is expected to be warm on the one hand and generous on the other with rain, thunderstorms, temperature changes and storm warnings. So next summer will be very strange in all respects or, as experts have already stated, revolutionary.

The weather in June 2021. Preliminary weather forecast

According to meteorological forecasts, June is expected to be comfortable, while the stifling heat will bypass Russia: summer begins with mild and warm weather.

In Moscow, June will start with rain and thunderstorms, in some places there will be strong and even hurricane winds, something that is unusual for the capital of Russia. We do not need to talk about stability and in general cloudy cyclones are expected in the area. However, the heat will literally blow in the air and the average temperature for June will be at least plus 24.

For St. Petersburg, experts expect a consistently cool environment with a background temperature of up to + 17-19. The city in Neva will be covered with dense clouds, except that there will be all the same rainfall, but without sudden gusts of wind and other climatic anomalies.

Crimea and Krasnodar Territory will open at the start of the beach season in June: the sun will warm the coast at plus 28-30, while the sea will remain a little restless. Because of this, the weather can hardly be called stable, but no serious climate controls are expected: for example, in Anapa and Sochi it is forecast up to plus 24, the sea will warm to plus 26.

Similar weather news was prepared by meteorologists for the inhabitants of the territory of Stavroupoli, where you can safely go on vacation. Thus, in the resorts of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Mineralnye Vody, the air in June will warm to plus 26. And the clear, gentle sun will make you a good company.

It will be unexpectedly hot in the Urals and Siberia, these areas will also meet in June with minimal rain and cold days – very strange for early summer. In the Sverdlovsk region, it will be noticeably warmer in late May, in Perm and Udmurtia, the climatic summer will start from the first days of June.

Daily indicators are unlikely to exceed the usual norm and one can not do without temperature mounds, but in general, the month will please with stable, albeit in some places revolutionary weather.

Weather forecast July 2021

The second calendar month of summer can be called a guide for this summer. And in Russia, a full season will start right from the first days of July.

A warm climate without unnecessary whims, according to meteorologists, is expected in the Far East, comfortable weather will prevail in Siberia and the Urals – up to 25-30. Also, the heat will come to Altai, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Primorye – up to 28-30, without rain and wind.

In the Crimea and in the resorts of Kuban, the temperature will enjoy even after evening: up to +30, during the day you can safely dive into the sea and enjoy the mild sun of the Black Sea. Heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, a storm at sea and a hurricane on land can spoil the mood.

In Moscow, July will be announced with sunny weather up to + 26-28, in St. Petersburg the summer freshness will remain up to + 25. Rains, winds and thunderstorms will come here closer to the end of July.

Long-term weather forecast August 2021

August, according to meteorologists’ forecast, will continue in June and July, while making small adjustments in the form of showers and thunderstorms. Thus, closer to September, the Far East will be a noticeable storm, where strong winds and heavy rainfall will come at a price again: the region is being attacked by Asian cyclones, but their direction has not yet been fully studied.

Strange weather will be in Moscow in August. In the Russian capital, according to meteorologists, in some places the weather will change dramatically. The same news awaits residents of the Moscow region and the central regions of the country. But there is a risk of prolonged forest fires.

However, this is not surprising, because according to preliminary data, thermometers can reach anomalous plus 38-40. In the northern capital, as always, the climate will be a little cooler than in Moscow, here there will be more rain and storms and less sun. And yet the air will not cool below plus 26, and in general, this is a well-known forecast for St. Petersburg.

The hot, sometimes suffocating weather will continue in Crimea and Krasnodar Territory, but it will not be without surprises. Meteorologists warn that storms are expected at sea, hurricanes on land and heavy rainfall in Crimea and Sochi.

This is the news that the meteorologists have prepared so far for the coming summer, which, according to the meteorologists, will be very difficult and even revolutionary: the heat will alternate with storms, in some areas there is a risk of anomalies and other climatic surprises. Depends on what; We expect news from meteorologists until the end of May.

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