What does your smartphone do when its screen is off

What does your smartphone do?when its screen is off? Although he is technically asleep, he does a lot of work in the background during these times. This can be anything from receiving and installing updates to your software and system components to maintaining communication with cloud servers that allow it to receive alerts from instant messengers, social networks, and other applications. In principle, nothing like that – everything is logical. But it also happens that the smartphone is not really turned off and does something in these moments, which makes it just scary.

Just because your smartphone screen is off does not mean it does nothing.


It turns out that there is a special type of malware that lowers smartphone backlight at the minimum values, and also turns off all notifications so as not to catch the user’s attention. It is said Octo and is intended for remote control of the victim’s device.

Dangerous virus for android

Octo enters the device under the guise of a benign application. It is usually hidden in the most popular utilities such as password managers. One of them is Quick cleaner. Distributed via Google Play and downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Octo is integrated into various applications. But the worst part is that they end up on Google Play

After Octo enters smartphone memory victims, requests all necessary permits. The unsuspecting user tends to give up because he thinks it’s a common cleaning application, which means he needs access to all the partitions and functions of the system.

However, Octo does not take effect immediately. Initially virus collects data that may be needed. It reads messages from its victim, calls, collects information about installed applications, and even reads on-screen touches, thus recognizing the entered passwords.


When enough data is collected, Octo activates a sleep pseudo-function in which it lowers screen brightness at 0%, but keeps the device active. The virus is currently activated banking applicationsrequests and enters authorization codes.

Further, I think, and so it is clear what is happening. The virus just carries money in the accounts of their creators, while the victim suspects nothing. And since debit accounts are used for transfers, their return just as it turns out is quite problematic, regardless of the bank.

The phone is infected with a virus. What to do

Everything seems very simple. So simple that even suspicious. However, Octo smart virus, which can change its strategy depending on the behavior of a potential victim. If it does not provide all the necessary privileges or enter passwords, the malware bypasses.

Octo checks its victims’ smartphones and steals their money

In order to obtain scientific data from the user’s bank account, Octo sends him a fake notice ostensibly about the need download google chrome update. Of course, the user clicks on it, downloads it, after which a phishing page of the victim’s bank starts on the smartphone with a login request.

Reports indicate that many users fall into this trap and enter their login details. The exact number of victims of this malicious plan is unknown, but it is known that apart Fast cleaner applications with Octa, at least one more is called Pocket screenis also distributed through Google Play.


Unlike many others viruses for android, Octa does not remove signs of its presence on the smartphone. So finding it is quite easy:

  • Go to “Settings” – “Applications”.
  • In the window that opens, look for applications called Fast Cleaner or Pocket Screencaster.

If you accidentally installed a dangerous application, just uninstall it

  • If so, open their pages and stop.
  • After that, click the “Delete” button and confirm the action.

Overall it should help get rid of the virus on the device. However, in any case, it is recommended to contact the bank and clarify if money transfers have been made on your behalf. If all is well, change the authorization password and set up two-factor authentication if you have not already done so.

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