Why you should only buy a Samsung smartphone now

Choose a new smartphone in Russia in 2022 – the problem remains the same. Not only do you have to find a store where there are still reasonable prices, but then you also have to bet on the “right” brand. It is difficult to say whether such people still exist today. Just remember Huawei, where such bets were made and which, as it turned out, was completely in the hands of the United States. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to choose from today. Personally, today seems to me the best option to buy new Samsung smartphone.

Samsung smartphones for 2022 are the best choice


reasons buy samsung smartphone actually some. It’s almost irrelevant which model you buy. It depends on your financial capabilities. The main thing is to make sure the device is as new as possible. Ideally, this should be a 2022 model no newer than the Galaxy A33, but overall, 2021 will be. Why such a large spread, you ask? Yes, because in terms of practicality they are all exactly the same. Now let’s talk about this in a little more detail.

The most up-to-date smartphones

The new Samsung smartphones will receive 4 new versions of Android

First, despite Samsung’s newest smartphone, the more time it takes to update. For example, devices released in 2022 will receive up to 4 new versions of Android. That is, even the conditionally available Galaxy A53, which costs about 30 thousand rubles and was released on Android 12, will stop being updated only after its release. Android 16. It’s cold.

For 2021 model year devices, the same rule applies, but with a small restriction. They will receive android updates only 3 years. Yes, this is almost a third less, but keep in mind that the same Galaxy A52, which is the predecessor of the A53, is significantly cheaper today and is available for free sale, as opposed to innovation.

How to pay with a Mir card from your phone

Samsung Pay still supports Mir cards

Secondly, Samsung – the only one of them all – did not turn off its contactless payment service in Russia. Yes, MasterCard and Visa Samsung Pay no longer works. However, the reason for this is the refusal of the payment systems themselves to tokening the cards of Russian banks, so they can no longer be associated with a wallet in the phone memory.


However, Global Cards with Samsung Pay are still working properly. When I take Samsung out and pay for in-store purchases, iPhone owners look at me with undisguised surprise. After all, they think no one else can pay by phone. But it is not. To be honest, I do not know if they will close the store in the near future, but so far everything works.

Applications from Russian banks have been withdrawn

Submissive banking applications removed by all smartphone makers except Samsung

Third, Samsung strongly opposes US sanctions and is in no hurry to take part in them. Unlike Apple, which has already stopped selling and removed customers of the most popular banks from the App Store, the Koreans did neither. Few know that Samsung has its own Galaxy Store app store where VTB applicationnot to mention everyone else.

Let’s be honest: it’s not a fact that they will last there for long. But the fact that Samsung faithfully pretends that there are no sanctions for more than a month is worthy of respect and suggests that this may continue in the future. But even if not, it is very likely that Samsung in one form or another will continue to bend its line and defend the rights of Russian users.

Samsung Smartphone Repair

Soon the cost of repairing a Samsung smartphone will be almost half as low

Fourth, Samsung smartphone repair promises to be about half the price it was. The Korean company announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at increasing the availability of repair services, combined with increasing the lifespan of previously sold devices. This means that for the foreseeable future, replacement rates for almost all components will be Samsung smartphones will become lower.


It is not yet known when Samsung will bring the new rules to Russian service centers. However, whatever one says, but our market is under sanctions, which is why it has become somewhat more difficult to supply the necessary equipment and accessories here before. However, there is a possibility that once things are settled, Samsung smartphone owners who are not afraid to buy them will benefit the most.

Prices for Samsung smartphone

Samsung subsidizes prices for its smartphones for the Russian market

Fifth, prices for Samsung smartphones in Russia is a different story. Although this rule does not apply to all devices, the company subsidizes the prices of some of its smartphones specifically for Russian users. For example, for this reason Galaxy A52 in Russia once cost not 37 thousand rubles, as it should, but only 29.

You can verify this by simply converting the dollar exchange rate into rubles. The Galaxy A52 was released in the US for $ 399, which is exactly the same price as the iPhone SE 2020. But they arrived in Russia for 29 and 38 thousand rubles. The difference, as you can see, is very, very noticeable. I do not know if the same rule will apply to the Galaxy A53, but I would love to believe it will.

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