17 people whose minds must have been on vacation when they spoke that day

Each of us had to freeze some nonsense at least once in our lives. But our heroes today have heard from those around them such statements that have a place in a special walk of fame dedicated to stupidity. This has become a success on Reddit.

Author Bright Side sometimes he gives remarks from which he has to blush. Therefore, we have skillfully collected the stupid statements of people from the network and decided to submit them for your judgment.

  • One day I saw a big bulldog in my yard. I do not have a dog. He wore a collar but without a label. I threw water at him and went to look for the owners. As soon as I went outside, I saw that a neighbor’s family was discussing something in their yard. I went to them and said, “Guys, are you looking for a bulldog for an hour?” The mother of the family looked at me and asked, “His name is Tyson?” All I could answer was: “He did not say. “But I’m almost sure the dog is yours.” © Spodson / Reddit
  • I had a friend who, as a teenager, insisted that food in the microwave “captures” some of the microwave energy and releases it shortly after cooking. He said he heard that some truck drivers had stomach problems from eating too much food in the microwave that did not “let the waves”. © MagicSPA / Reddit
  • My aunt proved to me for a long time that people have 2 hearts, one on each side. He did not know the difference between the heart and the lungs. © SuvenPan / Reddit
  • When I was a math teacher, a girl tried to prove to me that there were only 12 hours a day. I’m great at explaining things in a way that people can understand, but hell, it was really hard. © DrDyDt / Reddit
  • I had a client who insisted that 100 – 40 = 80.
    Me: “What is 10 – 4?”
    Customer: “6!”
    Me: “That’s right! So how much will it be 100 – 40?
    Customer: “80!” © UnDarling / Reddit
  • One girl told me that she would not burn in the sun if there was a strong wind. He also stated that he wanted to become a doctor. I asked her why she thought it would not turn black or burn when the wind blew, the weather was clear and the temperature was 37 ° C. He explained that due to the wind, he would not sweat and therefore everything would be fine. © HeftyPockets / Reddit
  • The teacher told our class that it could not rain water. And as he went on, he explained to us that if the clouds are above the water, they just wait until they are above the ground so as not to waste water. © Solisia / Reddit
  • My wife’s sister is married to a man who does not want to go to Jurassic Park because he believes there have never been dinosaurs. © Lenwad9o / Reddit
  • “The reason you do not get better is because you do not send enough positive energy into the universe.” That’s what my neurologist said. It turned out that I had autoimmune encephalitis. © Shampow20 / Reddit
  • It is dangerous to listen to your own heartbeat with a stethoscope. They explained that “your heart will try to match what you have heard and that will stop it”. When asked why medical staff have no problem listening to patients with heart disorders, no answers were given. © Becky_8 / Reddit
  • One day, a colleague of mine who was about to get married told me that he was about to start a relationship. Not that he already had someone, but he would certainly find such a person. For what reason? Because 50% of married couples have such relationships. And if she does not, then the wife will definitely do it. © icopus1 / Reddit
  • This phrase was said in the spring: “Notice that the sun shines more at night? “It’s because of global warming.” College graduate. © 09SHO / Reddit
  • My girlfriend told me she thought everything was black and white and then someone discovered the color. In addition, she asked her history teacher when the color was invented / discovered. © KURO-K1SH1 / Reddit
  • Statement by an adult student: “If the population continues to grow, the Earth will become very heavy and fall.” I just did not know what to say. © aynseebanansee / Reddit
  • Mom asks about my vegan friend.
    Mom: “What will she eat?”
    Me: “No meat”.
    Mom: “Will it be chicken?”
    Part of me wanted to laugh. Another place wanted to scream. © HighFastFlyer / Reddit
  • My mother-in-law told me that we should not have a lot of houseplants because they steal our oxygen. © beardedclamparty / Reddit
  • “Drinking tea after meals is bad because it neutralizes the vitamins and iron in your food,” Dad said. “Do not drink tea on an empty stomach, it is harmful,” said the same dad. © evening_shop / Reddit

What nonsense have you heard from others?

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