Expiration date and shelf life of products difference, differences, shades – food consumption and consumption after the expiration date

What to do with products approaching the expiration date? They can be used;

Let’s talk to a nutritionist.

Many people are often confused about expiration dates because the manufacturer often indicates two dates. So think about whether you can still use the product or it’s time to throw it away. We have prepared a small instruction on how not to get confused in the labels on the label and what you can do with expired items.

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Plan your menu wisely for the week so you can eat your food before it goes bad.

What does the expiration date mean?

Not everyone understands the difference between the “best before” and the “best before”, but there are differences.

Shelf life is the period of time during which the product is suitable for its intended use. It is usually indicated by a specific date. After the expiration date, products, medicines and dietary supplements should not be consumed.

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Shelf life is the period during which the product is stored without loss of quality. This means that after the product loses its freshness, it remains usable.

Is it possible to use products if the expiration date has passed?

If the expiration date has expired and the product looks and smells suspicious, it is not advisable to use it for food. However, health is the most important thing, it is worth remembering this.

There they are: Under no circumstances should you try to “revive” a moldy product. The refrigerator should be discarded and washed to prevent mold from spreading further and lead to severe food poisoning. The most common and dangerous mold is Aspergillus. Appears as a fluffy coating (may be white, yellow or green) on bread, rice, jams, dried fish, peanuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

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In the season of berries and garden fruits, you should not make jam from spoiled fruit, make compotes or use them as a filling for pies. Because even visually healthy parts can be infected with mycotoxins that affect liver cells and cause cancer to develop.

Which products should be given a second life?

Some stops after the expiration date retain the basic properties and remain safe for the body.


According to GOST, the service life in a tightly closed container is one year and in a hermetically sealed container – two years. After the expiration date, the honey will change its qualities, ie it will be sweetened. But you can use it (in its usual form or as an additive in baking), it will not harm the body.

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Hard cheese at the end of the expiration date (a few days before its end) can be ground and sent to the freezer to be used later for cooking.

Milk, cottage cheese, sour cream

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During heat treatment, some of the beneficial properties of fermented milk products are lost, while the protein (an important trace element) remains. Therefore, from sour yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, you can always cook, for example, pots, cheesecakes, pancakes, quiche.

Greens, vegetables, fruits

Greens and mushrooms to be withered can be frozen. But before that, the products should be thoroughly washed and dried well on a cloth towel. Freezing allows you to save on the vitamin composition, aroma and color of most types of herbs.

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Svetlana: Withered greens can be used to make sauces by mixing nuts, cheese, olive oil and water in a blender. Spoiled tomatoes and other vegetables are suitable for cooking vegetable stew, lecho, casserole, sauces.


It can be dried and then used to soften meatballs, meatballs, as a base for pies, to thicken sauces.

It’s best not to be “greedy” for products – if the expiration date and shelf life have passed, it ‘s best to leave them. Ideally, plan your menu for the week right away so you can eat your food before it spoils.

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