Trees were cut down, the Soviet flower bed was torn, the perimeter was reduced. Will they build a restaurant in the center of Smolensk?

In the morning, the residents of Smolensk had to cross Victory Square, feeling like the heroes of the Mission Impossible franchise – obstacles from signal tapes, sawn trees and dug soil would be a great setting for an action movie.

The residents of Smolensk have been waiting for a long time for repairs in Victory Square. On the contrary, large-scale construction has now begun. It will lead to the improvement of the territory and whether the number of commercial stalls will be reduced is still unknown.

By noon, half the flower bed, which had existed in the square since the USSR, has already disappeared and other work is underway. The grandmothers of the area have already expressed indignation at the fact that trees have been cut down in the area.

After a discussion with the workers, our authors discovered that they were going to build a restaurant in the green zone.

Remember that Victory Square is owned by one of Smolensk businessmen, including those involved in the restaurant business.


15.04.2022, 11:57

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Business, Society

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