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The difficult summer of 2021 has already exhausted the people of Russia. At the same time, thermometers are setting new climatic records almost every day and the heat is raging in cities and regions, unusual heat is being recorded in the central and northwestern regions of the country, and even the northern part of the Russian plain is withering from the hot sun.

It was not easy for the people of Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, where it became very hot after heavy rains and floods. So tourists go to rest on the south coast at their own risk and peril.

The disappointing news is complemented by the fact that meteorologists are in no hurry to please us with a more or less calm forecast. According to their preliminary data, a difficult July will develop smoothly into an equally difficult August. Thus, the summer will continue its aggressive action and it is not worth waiting for the heat to drop yet.

Weather forecast for August in southern Russia

It was expected that the resorts of the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory from the beginning of the summer would open their arms to tourists who were hungry for relaxation and the sea shore would warm all those who had missed a long vacation.

Alas, the summer turned out to be very difficult: it is almost impossible to relax and swim in the south, and honestly, it is just dangerous to go here. According to meteorologists, August will continue a gloomy course for a difficult summer.

In Crimea, then, a stifling pre-autumn heat will fall. The rains will calm down and the rest of the season will be very dry. The sea will warm, not a cloud in the sky, a light breeze will hardly blow. In Yalta, in the last month of the calendar summer, plus 34 is expected, in Sevastopol – plus 35, a little easier in Kerch – plus 30-33. On August 20, there is a possible collision of hot and cold air masses that will lead to hurricanes on land and storms at sea.

Therefore, you should plan your vacation carefully and also do not walk carelessly on the hot streets and neglect the sunscreen. And with strong winds and strong waves, it is best to avoid bathing in the sea.

At first glance, the Krasnodar Territory may seem quiet and comfortable, but by the end of the first decade it will become clear that this is not the case. For example, Anapa promises plus 30. Having seen the view of Sochi, it will cover abnormal heat up to plus 35-40, without rain and wind. Weather forecasts are possible in Gelendzhik – from plus 31 to plus 25 and back, meteorologists warn of a high probability of dry storms.

In Stavroupoli in August without surprises. Sometimes, according to the meteorological forecasts, cloudy days are possible, but serious floods are not expected yet. No more than 29 are expected in Essentuki, 27-28 in Kislovodsk, 32 to 26 in Pyatigorsk. It will rain in some places, but the rainfall and thunderstorms will be moderate.

Weather forecast for August in the Volga region

The areas of the Volga region will go through a state of suffocating heat during the day and heavy rains at night in August: however, there may be days when not a single branch flickers on the road.

In the Republic of Tatarstan, the background of increased temperature will last until the beginning of September – plus 26-31, minimal rain and dry thunderstorms are possible. Of course, this combination increases the risk of forest fires, so be extremely careful.

Basically, the Volga region is unlikely to exceed the expected climate: the maximum temperature plus 35 will be constant. On the eve of autumn, a strong storm is expected in the area – a combination of strong winds and thunderstorms can cause emergency storm warnings.

August weather forecast in St. Petersburg

What should residents and guests of the Northern Capital prepare for? Natural disasters are expected in St. Petersburg: the September floods will hit the city in August.

In the first days of the month, the thermometers in St. Petersburg will show plus 20-25, with the beginning of the second decade, the indices will fall sharply, stopping at plus 15-17 during the day and plus 6-10 at night.

It is true that even in this case, the climate can hardly be called stable: the whole month the city on the Neva will be stormy, the sun will alternate with rain, there will be a strong sense that summer is struggling with autumn.

And yet, before 15, you can plan a cultural celebration and then the plans can be drastically disrupted by the unpredictable nature of the weather in St. Petersburg.

Weather forecast for August in Moscow

The capital is waiting for a “warm welcome” – in Moscow, according to meteorological forecasts, at the end of the summer the heat will not only not subside, but will only intensify. August promises difficult weather conditions, already at the beginning of the month, when the grade will definitely rise to plus 30.

Rains and showers cross the city. Although so far, meteorologists have not yet reached a consensus: it is possible that the heat will quickly give way to cold weather, but this can not be stated unequivocally.

In general, experts are waiting for the feast of the August sun. So for those who have a hard time enduring such hell, it is best to do things in the morning or even stay home.

Closer to September, the heat will subside, the nights will get colder, the thermometers will not show more than plus 15. In the afternoon, the temperature will stop rising above plus 25, with the last weekend of August Moscow will is covered by a real autumn breath – with a plus of 15-20 and heavy rainfall. During this period there are possible storms, rains and strong gusts of wind and the summer season will move moderately towards its logical end.

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