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Rain and cold are forecast for the weekend

According to the meteorological forecast, the temperature in Moscow will drop sharply at the weekend – in some places it will drop to zero degrees, it may snow and rain.

The hottest and even sunniest day, according to the meteorological forecast, will be Thursday, April 14 and from Friday the weather will start to worsen. The already not too hot week will end with real cold and rain. Against the backdrop of melted snow, according to meteorologists, the weather in the city will be more reminiscent of autumn than spring.

Cyclone Katarina is heading to Moscow

The famous cyclone “Katarina” is coming to the Russian capital, the Muscovites will feel its influence throughout the weekend.

The cyclone, born in the Mediterranean Sea, will bring an abnormal amount of rainfall to Moscow – it is expected that up to half of the monthly norm may fall in two days. The strongest snowfalls are forecast by meteorologists for Saturday, and will continue on Sunday night. The snow cover is not expected to last long, while some of the rainfall may fall as rain. Freezing rain is expected in the south of the Moscow region on Saturday.

Snowstorm in Moscow

Last Monday, March 28, residents of the Russian capital could observe a rare natural phenomenon – a blizzard.

A blizzard and a storm are not only rare, but also a very beautiful phenomenon, photos and videos of which the Muscovites, who have just caught, posted on the internet.

This natural phenomenon is extremely rare and is explained by the collision of heterogeneous gas masses, said Yevgeny Tishkovets, an employee of the Phobos meteorological center.

Storm and snow forecast in Moscow

The meteorologists of the Diocese have warned the residents and visitors of the capital that heavy snowfalls and stormy winds could hit the city next weekend.

Now in the Russian capital there is really hot spring weather, the thermometers are approaching ten degrees, but already next weekend, according to the meteorological center of the capital “Phobos”, the city and the region will be covered by a wave of polar cold, which will bring snowfalls and windy winds of up to twenty meters per second.

Russia predicts surge of cyclones

According to Roman Vilfand, head of the Hydrometeorological Center, a wave of three hypercyclones is expected in Central Russia in the near future.

The trio of hypercyclones will come to Russia after the name of Cyclone Ilenia, which has already taken over the sky over Moscow, which brought a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure and rain in the area of ​​the capital.

The effect of hypercyclones will have a similar effect – the atmospheric pressure will remain low, rainfall will be observed. At the same time, rainfall will fall in the form of rain or snow, it will depend on the temperature regime in a particular area.

A vertical deterioration of the weather is expected in Moscow

Authorities in the Russian capital have said that in anticipation of the worsening weather in the city, utilities have been relocated to enhanced operation.

The decision was made after meteorologists said that a sharp and significant deterioration of weather conditions in the capital is expected. Life support facilities, including hospitals, as well as fuel and power plant facilities, have been placed under increased control by city services.

Moscow promises spring warmth

Meteorological forecasts in the Moscow region promise residents and visitors of the capital real spring heat next week.

Despite the fact that it is only mid-February on the calendar, the weather in the Russian capital has been almost spring for several days – during the day the thermometer rises to zero and even to the plus values, while this heat remains opposite. background of stable sunny weather and partly cloudy weather – such heat in the background of an anticyclone is typical of spring weather.

Two cyclones are heading to Moscow at the same time, which will bring five days of snowfall

Two nominal cyclones at the same time, “Nadya” and “Maria”, are moving towards Moscow. It will snow in the Russian capital for at least five days.

Both cyclones come from the North Atlantic and will dominate all of Central Russia for several days.

The snowfall is expected to be almost continuous from Friday, January 28 until Tuesday, February 1. Meteorologists predict that during these five days in Moscow may fall up to half of the monthly rainfall.


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