Target celebration for dessert. “Kairos” did not spare “PSK” and damaged its defense

The final, 18th round of the Ulyanovsk Indoor Championship pleased the fans with a plethora of goals. 65 goals in five matches! The biggest contribution to this achievement was made by the new champion – the club Weather in the House. The winners of the season scored 12 goals against the former champion -of the PSK-PromEngineering team- and conceded only six.

Victory and nothing but victory. To stay in the Superleague of the Ulyanovsk Indoor Championship, My Media in the last round of the season had to get three points in the match against Kuchina. The task is not the easiest, but neither is it prohibitive – after all, playing against monsters like “Plato” or “Crystal” is not.

The opponent, in turn, was also not unmotivated – the victory increased Kuchina’s chances of finishing in the top five. To do this, they needed not only to defeat the “media players” themselves, beating them for relegation to the major leagues, but also for “Pogoda” to leave “PSK” with the “helm”.

The beginning of the meeting was left for “Koutsina”. It’s as if the booths of coach Valery Makarov are leaving the relegation from the Superleague and not May Media. The start whistle was still blowing in the field and Konstantin Ubaskin opened the scoring. Sergei Gavrilov and Roman Asadov supported him. And all this in five minutes. The “Mediyschiki” were in a state of grog.

The time-out did not help the booths of coach Alexander Rufov. At the end of the first half, they failed again – it was Konstantin Ubaskin who scored a double. 4-0 in favor of “Kuchina” from the break – the question of the winner was practically removed. This was well understood not only by My Media goalkeeper Maxim Kotov, but also by all his teammates – deadly silence on the bench instead of ideas on how to turn the tide of an unsuccessful match. Much more productively used break between halves at the “Kuchina” camp.

However, the “media” were able to return to the game. It happened at the end of the meeting, when they managed to reduce the backlog to three goals. But right there, the Kuchina coaching staff got a timeout, in which Valery Makarov explained at length that the last whistle was still a long way off and it was worth relaxing only after that.

Returning to the spot after reaching the difference with the mentor, the Kuchina players literally crushed the opponent. They remembered again how they played at the beginning of the match and left behind the end of the meeting. Two hat-tricks – by Konstantin Ubaskin and Roman Asadov, as well as goals by Sergei Gavrilov, Alexander Grishin and Anton Dorokhin and 9: 4 wins by “Kuchina”, sends “My Media” to the big leagues and we have to wait for the result of the match “Pogoda” and “PSK”, which will determine who will take fifth place in the final table.

Together with their heirs, the players of “Weather in the House” went out on the field for the final of the championship, accompanied by their sons and daughters. This action was planned to coincide with the triumphant performance of the season – for several rounds the team has been playing with the title of the new Superleague champion.

Pogoda’s opponent in the last round of the season is one of the most reliable PSK. He was the one who removed the blue and yellow title from the championship in the current championship. In the match of the first round, the “builders” fought and the meeting ended in a draw – 2: 2. But now even the victory did not secure them any “bronze” from the word.

The battles, which are often famous for the confrontation between “Weather” and “PSK”, this time, unfortunately, did not succeed. There was only one team on the floor of FOK “Favorite” – the current champion. With the frantic support of his family and friends, “Weather” literally crushed his opponents. Andrey Zlydarev, Maksim Kapralov and Alexander Popov scored in the seventh minute and forced Dmitry Nikolaev to take a time-out to speak to their booths in a loud voice.

The coach’s emotional speech did not go into the future. Pogoda players flew around the field and scored, scored and scored. At the end of the first half, their difference reached the obscene 7: 0. Denis Klopkov, Vyacheslav Mysin, Linaris Zagreev and Sergey Savichev made up their scores. That is, seven goals were scored by seven different players – the ideal of a team game, which not all coaches can dream of.

Shortly before the rest, PSK soaked the score – Denis Mankirov completed the counterattack with a well-aimed shot. However, this did not save the team from a serious conversation. His “builders” mentor Dmitry Nikolaev went through the locker room of the group behind closed doors.

It is clear that it was not possible to regain the six-goal deficit for PSK. However, the team managed to save face. In the second half the two teams forgot in defense, shooting from five balls to each other’s home. At Pogoda, Valery Zakharov scored twice and Ivan Shishkin, Linaris Zagreev and Sergey Savichev scored once. Ramal Nabiyev did his best for PSK – four shots on target. In addition, the fourth – from the penalty spot became the fortieth for the “builders” striker in the league. PSK goalkeeper Marat Zalatdinov also shone. He saved four doubles. However, this did not save them from defeat – 12: 6 “Pogoda” showed a championship game.

The final, round 18, of the 20th Ulyanovsk Championship proved to be the most productive – 65 goals in five matches. The fifth round record is blocked by four accurate hits. As expected, the favorites in all the meetings celebrated their success. “Platon” faced with confidence “Stolz”, which, due to exclusion in the last match, immediately lost Logunov, Yashin and Salakhutdinov – 11: 3, poker on behalf of Igor Akhmetshin, Alexei Lesin and Sergey Akhmetshin had three goals. each. Olimp-S proved to be stronger than Junior – 6: 3. Double on behalf of Farid Kutbeev and Robert Uzdinov. “Krystal” not without difficulty, but again at the end of the meeting, maintained the victory over “Spartak” with 6: 5. Fanis Zakirov scored a hat-trick in his assets, an insignificant double in his obligations.

Thus, the first three Olympians were: “Weather” – “gold”, “Plato” – “silver” and “Olymp-S” – “bronze” for the first time in its history. The most aggressive wooden medals went to Kristall, who lost to the Olympians only in extra time. Media and Junior may leave the Superleague. And finally, a list of the top scorers. PSK striker Ramal Nabiev is in charge – 40 goals in 18 games. The attackers will focus on this result in the next league, which starts in the fall.

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