10 benefits of Miratorg hamburgers

On April 15, Miratorg’s Steak & Burger restaurant opened in Melnitsa Mall in Bryansk.

What are the advantages of Miratorg burgers, how is the meat produced for juicy steaks and burgers and due to which the marbled beef achieves a special unsurpassed taste – in the answers of the experts of the farm.

– Why did Miratorg choose the Aberdeen Angus beef breed for beef production?

Aberdeen Angus cattle are popular all over the world. The meat of these gobies is distinguished not only by its high marbling, but also by its softness and shiny taste, which makes it ideal for making juicy steaks and steaks. In Russia, the Miratorg agro-industrial farm has become a pioneer in the production of beef marble. The project started in the Bryansk region in 2011. During this period, the farm has set up a full-cycle beef production from scratch – from feed farming to in-depth meat processing. Today, the assets of the interregional project include 112 cattle farms, 54 of which are located in the Bryansk region, as well as four feed and a cattle slaughter and processing complex with a capacity of 272 thousand tons of products per year, which has begun gradual modernization. The total livestock of the specialized beef breed Aberdeen Angus already amounts to more than 820 thousand heads. This is the largest herd in a single company in the world.

– What are the characteristics of the development, maintenance and nutrition of the animals of this breed?

For the first six months, calves drink their mother’s milk. Having strengthened and received the necessary immunity, the young growth moves to the fields. The pastures of central Russia are ideal for the life of Aberdeen Angus. The space, the fresh air, the walking and the green grass allow the bulls to feel comfortable and most importantly – to gain weight perfectly without hormones and chemical growth accelerators.

In winter, Aberdeen Angus are kept in well-equipped winter houses, where special conditions are provided for them: feeders, heated glasses with hot water and protection from the wind. Wicker bedding and a canopy for protection from rainfall help young people to spend the winter comfortably.

Goblins live on farms for at least a year, which actually means being outdoors all year round. The next stage – the animals are transferred to the feed, food. There are many legends about the special content of marble gobies. For example, that for greater marble, gobies are drunk with beer and scraped with large mechanical brushes. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but Miratorg still has some secrets.

They mainly concern nutrition. Aberdeen Angus has access to food all the time. However, food is served in portions, even when fattening, it is important to observe moderation. By putting the animals on a diet (the purpose of which is not to lose weight, but to gain it), the pets are transferred to fattening grains. The Aberdeen Angus spends 250 days on it (previously it was 200) and the representatives of the elite wagyu breed elite spend 500 days.

The main ingredient of the fattening menu is the natural grain of corn. We are 100% sure of its quality, because they do not buy raw materials, but cultivate them themselves in the fields of the farm. Another element of the diet enjoys great love among bulls – the meal with sunflower husk. It has a pleasant sweet taste and always disappears quickly from the table of the cow.

Animals are protected from stress. Breeders travel to pastures every day, inspecting the animals to ensure their well-being: freedom from hunger and thirst, discomfort and bodily injury.

After going through many stages, the marble beef reaches the shelves.

– What allows Miratorg to be a leader in cattle breeding?

– In the breeding of cattle, Miratorg relies on advanced breeding methods. Now, thanks to science, you can get a healthier, more productive, disease-resistant livestock. However, to get marble meat, it is not enough just to get a cow with indicators of good health and productivity. You have to take care of every stage of its content. The conditions for the animals in Miratorg are at the level of the high standards of the world leaders in animal husbandry.

– So what makes marbled beef so special and unsurpassed in taste?

– Due to the already mentioned fatty layers. They are the ones that form the taste, the aroma and the pleasant fatty texture in the meat. Since there is a large amount of corn in the diet of bulls, their fat has a pleasant sweet-creamy taste. Thanks to the veins, the steak caramelizes quickly and the juice does not flow during frying.

Marble beef is not only a standard of taste, but also a storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. Consumption of marbled meat in reasonable quantities helps to normalize the function of the gastrointestinal tract, to strengthen the immune system, heart muscle, to improve hormonal levels and the nervous system.

– Why is high automation and modern equipment important for the acquisition of quality products?

The processing capabilities used by Miratorg are not only not inferior, but also superior to the assets of world leaders in meat processing. This is a strategic advantage of the company as a manufacturer.

The process of raising animals on the farm involves many people and at the same time uses advanced technologies for recording animals, feeding and caring for them. This automates processes, reduces the impact of the human factor and increases the efficiency of operations. This principle applies to all stages of production.

The beef factory uses advanced production organization methods and technologies for slaughter, bone removal, manufacturing and packaging of semi-finished products. Beef production is an art in which every little thing influences the process. Therefore, it is important to comply with the standards for each operation, as well as with certain temperature conditions, packing speed, on-site processing and health and safety requirements. And the simplification of these processes is influenced by advanced technologies that facilitate human work.

– How does the company maintain the health and hygiene safety, the cleanliness of the production, including the bacterial one?

– The company pays special attention to health and hygiene safety, as this directly affects the quality of products.

It all starts with employees’ personal hygiene and health monitoring. A personal set of uniforms and personal protective equipment is provided each day, which are changed after each break or more often if necessary. The rules are strictly observed when working with products.

Entering the production area, the worker passes disinfection barriers, where the hands and the soles of the shoes are processed.

Production is divided into zones, the workers of which can not be crossed with each other.

The company is certified according to the international food quality standards HACCP, ISO, has a Halal certificate.

Thanks to the highest level of automation, production organization and health and safety, the company ensures the freshness of the products by simple refrigeration for up to 120 days together with the largest players in the global beef market, such as the USA, Australia and Brazil. .

– How are cutlets made in Steak & Burger burgers? What is included in the composition, are there subtle nuances of the recipe? Who develops them?

Steak & Burger cutlets are made only from high quality fresh ingredients of our own production, from whole muscle cuts, without the addition of substances that increase shelf life or otherwise improve the quality of products. The final products are completely natural, “like at home”.

The products are made in clean equipment, which was disinfected before the start of work. We use packaging materials only from proven reputable suppliers that comply with all food safety standards. The cutlet recipes were specially developed by the burger chef to emphasize the true taste of the meat.

– What is the concept of the burger shop and the features of the menu?

– This is the second retail store of the agricultural holding in the area. The first branded burger burger appeared in 2016 in the industrial cluster of the farm in the Vygonichsky region. It was the first restaurant of the company not only in the area, but in general, it was from the Bryansk area that the burger project began to develop. The visitors of our restaurants are juicy burgers based on the correct cuts of Miratorg beef marble.

The restaurant menu includes branded burgers according to chef recipes, steaks, hot appetizers, salads and drinks from Miratorg. The peculiarity of “Steak & Burger” is the use of meat, vegetables and other ingredients of its own production. This allows you to control the quality of the products at all stages, not to depend on external supplies and to maintain the price level in the menu for customers. The menu is designed in such a way as to ensure a harmonious combination of dishes and drinks with each other. Its own restaurant chain is a unique point of contact with the consumer to promote the culture of eating marbled beef.

– What is the difference between Steak & Burger and other burgers?

In the branded burger “Steak & Burger”, only high quality marble veal is used for cutlets. The visitor can choose not only wet but also dry aged cut – Dry Aged. To do this, fresh beef is kept at a temperature of 0 to +2 С and humidity 80%. In such conditions, the meat reaches the required state: it acquires an excellent taste and a unique aroma and softness.

In addition to a juicy meat burger with a fried crust, a bun is no less important in a burger. Miratorg bakes brioche buns in its own factory-kitchen, paying special attention to the baking so that the bun is delicious, fresh and beautiful.

– What are your PLANS for the future?

“Given the consumer interest in high quality food in public catering, Miratorg plans to further develop its own restaurant chain. By the end of the year, the company plans to open 15 new restaurants and expand its branded chain to 41 restaurants in six regions of the Russian Federation.

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