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In Bishkek April 17 cloudy. The air temperature is expected to be +29 degrees. The day has increased to 13 hours 27 minutes.

In the capital, break the fast (iftar) – at 19.51. You can see the complete calendar of Orozo 2022 here.

The Orthodox continue Lent. What you can eat this day, see the diary.

Turn off gas, electricity, water

  • 9.00-18.00 – sections of Orozbekov, Panfilov, Moskovskaya, Bokonbaev streets.

Unforgettable dates

World Hemophilia Day

The overall goal of the ongoing events is to draw the public’s attention to the problems of hemophilia and to do everything possible to improve the quality of medical care provided to patients with this incurable genetic disease.

The date itself, April 17, is dedicated to the birthday of the founder of the World Hemophilia Federation Frank Schneibel and has been celebrated since 1989 in many countries around the world. And hemophilia – blood clotting – is one of the most serious genetic diseases caused by the congenital absence of coagulation factors VIII and IX in the blood.

According to some estimates, today the number of patients with hemophilia in the world is 400 thousand people.

birthday snooker

On April 17, 1875, in Jabalpur, India, in the canteen of officers of the British colonial corps, Colonel Chamberlain came up with a very complex version of billiards.

He took colored billiard balls and, having marked certain points on the table with specific points, placed them in those points. The name of the game was also coined by Chamberlain. This word means “first year of service”.

Victory in snooker is driven not so much by the ability to hold a slogan, but by the strategy and tactics of handling colorful and, consequently, balls with “different peaks”.

People who changed the world

Director Melis Ubukeyev’s birthday anniversary

He was born on April 17, 1935 in Frunze.

He defended his VGIK diploma with the film Difficult to Cross (1964). The tape is dedicated to the tragic consequences of the 1916 uprising. In the cinemas it was called “White Mountains”.

Melis Ubukeev’s TV movie “Ak-Moor” (1969) became a notable phenomenon in Kyrgyz cinema, winning second prize at the All-Union Television Film Festival in Leningrad in 1968 and a Special Prize at the Festival of Republics. of Central Asia and Kazakhstan in Alma-Ata.

Since 1972, he has been the director of the Kazakhtelefilm film studio, since 1974 – Kyrgyztelefilm.

He died on July 27, 1996.

Birth of the poet Kurbanaly Sabyrov

In 1942, in the village of Gordoy, in the Leilek region, a poet, translator Kurbanaly Sabyrov was born into the family of a teacher.

The first poetry collection “Kozu Baghlan” was published in 1974.

He published poetry collections “Nur Bulak” (“Radiant Spring”), “Apricot Grove”, “My Sun”, “Kereez”. Translated novels and novels by Vietnamese authors in Kyrgyzstan.

Member of the Writers ‘Union of the USSR and the Writers’ Union of the Kyrgyz Republic. In 1990 he was awarded the Alykul Osmonov Prize for his collection of poems “Kereez”.

He died in 1981.

Actor Anatoly Adali was born

He was born in 1941 in Margelan, Ferghana region, Uzbekistan.

Serves at the State Russian National Drama Theater named after Chingiz Aitmatov for 37 years. More than 200 roles were played in shows such as He, She, Window, Dead Man, Dead Man’s Crown, Wedding Not in Malinovka, Chasing Two Hares, Barefoot in the Park and others. He starred in many movies.

He uploaded the plays “French Divorce”, “Quarter”, “The secret carried by Genghis Khan”, “Clinical comedy, or the sins of our youth”.

Kyrgyz folk artist, awarded numerous state and international awards.

Where to go


  • in Nikis Square an exhibition-exhibition of flowers and honey takes place.
  • The Bishkek Municipal Drama Theater named after Arsen Umuraliev and the Chingiz Aitmatov State National Russian Drama Theater invite you to their performances.
  • Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abdylas Maldybaev – for the musical comedy “Asta Sekin: Koluktu!”.
  • The Kyrgyz State Puppet Theater, named after Musa Zangaziev, will screen “Good Lantern” in two languages.

Where to go today, see the “Poster”.

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