And yet, the weather will change: Gismeteo talked about surprises in July

According to Gismeteo’s forecast, the heat wave is coming to an end. By July, in European areas, heat will be replaced by coolness, but it will not do without climate surprises.

The weather in the Kaliningrad region in July

The Kaliningrad region is forecast to rain in early July. The first weekend of July will end with cleaning, but the air temperature in Kaliningrad during the day will not rise above +22, the water in Kaliningrad Bay is already heated to 20 degrees today.

Partly cloudy, according to Gismeteo, will not last long here. Starting at 9, it will rain in the Kaliningrad region, there is a high probability of rain at a temperature of plus 17-19 degrees. The rains will last until the middle of summer. In the second half of the month it will heat up to 22-23. Wet winds will continue to periodically add rain clouds to the area above Kaliningrad. However, light rain will not spoil the holiday season.

Weather forecast in St. Petersburg for July-August

According to forecasts, the return of unusual heat to the northwest is not worth the wait. The weather in St. Petersburg will be formed by a wet, rainy cyclone. Due to cloudy skies and regular rainfall, the temperature in St. Petersburg in July will not rise above 20-22 degrees.

According to Gismeteo, the climate in the Leningrad region will remain within the norm until the end of July. In the first half of the month there will be heavy rains, in the second ten days a decrease in rainfall is expected.

Clear weather in St. Petersburg at the end of July will not lead to the expected heating. During the day the temperature in St. Petersburg will not exceed 20 degrees. The evening is scheduled for 15-16. August will not be able to make up for the lack of heat. The warm days will remain a meteorological memory of June.

The weather in European western Russia for the month of July

In the areas of Smolensk, Tver, Vologda in late June, storms will sweep away the heat. According to Gismeteo forecasts, the main lever of the lightning attack will fall on June 28-29. Meteorologists warn of heavy rainfall with a large amount of atmospheric humidity.

According to meteorologists, the temperature range in Smolensk, Tver, Vologda will drop by 10-12 degrees. In the first days of July, after a heat of 33 degrees, the temperature is expected to drop to 15-19.

At the weekend, the weather will return to the climatic context: the columns in the thermometers during the day will rise to 22-25. Meteorologists do not rule out the possibility of rain patients. Heavy rain is forecast in the Smolensk region from July 9 to 12. Wet week is expected in Vologda in the middle of summer, from 12 to 19.

Moscow weather forecast for July

In the Moscow region, the unusual heat will cool down on Sunday, June 27. Starting last weekend in June, the weather in Moscow will begin to restore the temperature balance. The rain will cool the hot air until Monday 28.

The Moscow region next week will be the focus of a two-cyclone battle. In the capital there will be temperature fluctuations with a width of 21 to 30 degrees. According to Gismeteo forecasts, July will start with a storm, which will pass in a temperature in Moscow plus 21-22.

On the eve of the first weekend of July, the atmospheric background in the Moscow region will become warmer under the influence of hot winds. Rains are expected on Sunday, which will end the hot season. From Monday, July 5, the temperature in Moscow will comply with the climate limits. Meteorologists forecast no higher than plus 22-24 until mid-summer.

The weather in the Volga region in July

According to Gismeteo forecast, the storm fronts will reach Samara and Ulyanovsk regions next week. Rains will cool the atmosphere from the 1st to the 4th. On Sunday, the storms will subside, but the clouds in the middle Volga will remain for another week.

Due to heavy clouds, the temperature in Samara and Ulyanovsk will not rise above + 22-24. Only the second half of the summer is expected to be clear and heating up to 25-26. It will not reach abnormal prices. Rainfall will regulate the climate.

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