Apple will discontinue many iPhone models. Are they worth buying?

There is less and less time left until the release of the iPhone 14: according to tradition, this means that the information field is slowly being filled with rumors about the future smartphone. But not everything is so perfect: there are also leaks that indicate a halt in the production of time-tested smartphones. Thus, it became known that the company has not yet made a final decision, which IPhone will shut down already this fall. But there are probably at least two reasons not to worry about it. we say which iPhone will be shut down and it is worth buying now.

We tell you which models will be removed from sale soon


Every year, on the eve of the presentation of the new iPhone, Apple prepares an unpleasant surprise for the fans – it removes one or many quite popular models from production, recognizing them as outdated. So, a year ago, the iPhone XR got into the knife. The same thing will happen in 2022 – it seems that the fans of the brand will be annoyed again that some IPhones stop selling.

Which iPhones will be discontinued in 2022

The iPhone 11 is good for everyone, especially the price

The source says that the company has not yet made a final decision on the gradual abolition of the popular but outdated iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models – much depends on the success of the iPhone SE 2022. The smartphone was released last month and, according to rumors, no has yet to meet the company’s expectations: not only did it sell little, but it was also reported that Apple even reduced its production. At the same time, the company does not want the sales of the “new” smartphone to suffer because of the iPhone 11.

Demand the most popular iPhone increased after the release of the iPhone SE 3, because people would prefer to pay a little more for a more attractive smartphone with a larger screen, good battery life and an agile A13 Bionic platform instead of buying cheap iPhone with 5Gwhich is not so useful at the moment.

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Which iPhone is best to buy in 2022

The iPhone 12 will replace the iPhone 11 and the price will fall

It is also reported that there are doubts about the iPhone 12. It is possible that the smartphone will not be withdrawn from sale and will replace the iPhone 11 – Apple will reduce its price to $ 599 after the release of the iPhone 14. The source did not say for the future iPhone 13 mini, but with this smartphone everything is clear – last summer it became known that Apple was disappointed with a compact smartphone and the improved iPhone 13 mini did not live up to expectations, so the iPhone 14 Max will probably get the its position on the line. There is no doubt about the iPhone 13 – the smartphone will definitely remain on sale.

Let me remind you that after the introduction of the iPhone 13, the company limited the production of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone XR and a year earlier stopped the production of the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. In 2022, Apple has already discontinued the iPhone SE 2020 – it could be the cheapest iPhone, but no. Logically in 2022 Apple will remove the iPhone 13 Pro from sale and iPhone 13 Pro Max, so as not to disrupt sales of the same versions of iPhone 14.

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IPhones will not be sold

There are at least two reasons not to worry about the iPhone 11 being discontinued: Despite the cessation of Apple supplies in Russia, smartphones are still being sold at very attractive prices. Earlier in our article, we analyzed what Apple’s technology is missing: basically, official resellers do not basically have iPads, but all iPhone models are still in stock. As practice has shown, sellers have enough stock of smartphones: even the discarded iPhone XR and iPhone 12 Pro can still be purchased today.

Buying an iPhone right now is easy. The question is, is it worth it?

There is also no clarity what will happen to Apple technology in Russia further: smartphones can just be turned into bricks and this scares potential buyers. The situation has already affected demand, so if you wish, you can safely buy the iPhone 11 right now at last year’s price. The only question is, is it worth it: Apple Pay on iPhone no longer works, payment in the App Store must be made in cycles.

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Add to that the fact that there are fewer banking apps every day: having bought a new iPhone, you just can not transfer the Sberbank application on the device. It’s hard to say which apps will be removed in the future: since home streaming services are no longer adding some versions, it ‘s likely that you’ll soon have to go back to piracy – as you can see, the iPhone is not particularly good for this.

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