Holy Week 2022 per day

The 40 days of Lent are over. The calendar of Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday are separated from the last week before the Brilliant Sunday of Christ, which is called Holy Week.

For the Orthodox, 2022 will start on April 18 and will last until Saturday, April 23. It will end on April 24 with the beginning of Easter, the most important holiday of Orthodoxy.

Holy Week is no longer fasting, but this period is strictly observed.

In Orthodoxy the most important week. The period that believers remember the last, most tragic and difficult week of the earthly life of Jesus Christ – betrayal by Judas, loneliness, unjust condemnation, suffering and death.

The most majestic and formal services are held in the churches. During this period they do not celebrate the days of the Saints, they do not perform baptism and wedding rituals. But only those who are connected with the preparation for the Glorious Resurrection of Christ.

Theologians say that this is the moment when God himself comes to meet people. He goes through suffering, accepting the most painful death, to be resurrected thanks to his sinfulness and to give all people a chance.

What needs to be done? What can not be done?

Confession and communion are common during Holy Week. This can be done any day, but the most auspicious day for confession is Holy Wednesday, so that the next day of Holy Thursday you can communicate. After all, it was Holy Thursday when the Lord instituted the Sacrament of Communion.

  • You need to spend a lot of time in prayer.
  • We must help those in need as much as possible.
  • Loud celebrations are unacceptable all week.
  • During this period, you can not go to the cemetery and commemorate the dead.
  • You can not offend, be jealous, swear.

Each day of Holy Week was called Holy, which emphasizes the importance and significance of each of these days.

Holy Monday 18 April 2022

On this day, the church remembers Patriarch Joseph, whom the brothers sold into Egypt out of envy. Joseph is a type of Christ, his sufferings, who was also sold by his disciple for thirty pieces of silver.

On Holy Monday, the church remembers the drying of the barren fig tree, which for the apostles was an important sermon on the power of faith and prayer, without which man is spiritually dead. She is called to personify every soul that does not bear the fruits of repentance.

On Monday they make minor repairs, general cleaning in the house, they read the Gospel. You are only allowed to eat bread, raw vegetables and fruits.

Holy Tuesday 19 April 2022

Dedicated to the memories of how Christ spoke to the people in the Temple in Jerusalem, about parables to the disciples: about the resurrection of the dead, about the terrible Judgment, about ten virgins.

Raw foods without oil are allowed.

All work starting on Monday must be completed by Tuesday.

Holy Wednesday 20 April 2022

On that day Judas betrayed Christ. For thirty pieces of silver, he promised to show the soldiers where he was, to catch him.

The Church remembers the sinner who washed Christ’s feet and anointed his hair with myrrh – precious oil, thus preparing him for burial.

On this day a prayer is read in the church for the last time with three great worships. The Mystery of Confession takes place in the evening.

To eat on Wednesday, as well as on Tuesday, you can eat only raw vegetables and fruits without oil.

Holy Thursday 21 April 2022

Clean Thursday 2022

This day commemorates the Last Supper, in which the Lord washed the feet of His disciples and instituted the sacrament of the New Testament of Holy Communion. According to legend, on this day Jesus gave the apostles bread and wine with the words: “This is my body and this is my blood.”

Maundy Thursday is also called Maundy Thursday. On this day it is customary to take a shower before sunrise and prepare the house for Easter. Wash windows, floors, mirrors. They start painting eggs and baking Easter cakes.

There is a delight in the post. You can eat hot food of vegetable origin with oil.

The night begins in the temples one of the longest sequences of the year, during which the sufferings of Christ are commemorated. Believers stand with lighted candles throughout the service. They try not to turn them off until they return home. On Thursday it is customary to commune.

Good Friday, April 22, 2022

Good Friday

Good Friday, or Good Friday, is a day of mourning. It was on this day that Jesus was judged and crucified.

The ecclesiastical services are dedicated to the memory of the Savior’s passions on the cross. During the divine services, the Shroud is performed – the image of Christ in the tomb, which is worshiped by the faithful.

It is a day of great sorrow and strict fasting. You should abstain from food until the removal of the Shroud or completely and pray as much as possible.

Holy Saturday 23 April

The Church remembers the burial of Jesus and the stay of his body in the tomb, the descent of Christ into hell, to proclaim there the victory over death and the release of the souls who faithfully awaited his coming. Already on this day, the priests wear festive vestments.

It is allowed to consume hot food without oil.

It is not customary to clean and do housework on this day.

The Central Service starts in the evening. The Holy Fire descends on the Holy Temple of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem.

grateful fire 2022

On Sunday, April 24, 2022, the faithful celebrate Easter!

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