how not to fall into the tricks of supermarkets on Lent

On April 23, Lent ends. These two months have given us tricks and wonders of advertising acrobatics.

Down with the meat and bad thoughts

Lent is the focal point of all historic churches, the purpose of which is to prepare a Christian for the celebration of Easter. The strictest fast for the Orthodox, lasting 40 days.

This is the time when believers voluntarily give up excesses in food and entertainment. They deprive their bodies of animal weaknesses and pleasures, they turn to their inner world. In practice, animal products and alcohol are completely excluded. Dirt and bad thoughts are condemned more strongly. Although, in fact, no one is advised to do evil on ordinary days.
By imposing such “sanctions” on oneself, a modern man experiences stress. And it’s not that neighbors look down on the contents of your packages (although that’s unpleasant!). It is a matter of biology. You need to prepare for the position. In addition, it is important to understand why you are fasting and what consequences you can expect (decreased performance, increased or lost weight, etc.).
A fasting person is irritated in one way or another. And at the sight of the signs and prices “goods for fasting” the mood spoils. As if he does not know what he can eat and what not! The pasta just stopped dreaming and in the store they offer to buy pasta with potatoes at a very favorable price!

Fasting is not for food, but for faith. But it seems that supermarkets want to save your soul, as does the church.

Some statistics in the studio. VTsIOM News published the following data for 2021.

You do not have to pay too much.

How does seasonal marketing manifest itself during Lent?

  • What’s wrong with sugar? Seriously, where did the stereotype that you can not eat sweets in fasting come from? Yes, a whipped cream cake is not allowed, kefir pancakes, too. But if you read carefully the composition of an average cookie package, then apart from flour, sugar and various “E” you will not find anything forbidden. You should not pay too much and get jam for diabetics if it has a sticker “goods for fasting”. Most likely, the store is difficult to sell expensive products in the form of honey and nuts, so they are imposed on you.
  • Supermarkets use bright yellow price tags to pass “fast food” as discount or discount items. The consumer takes them out of habit, without thinking about the price. He expects to save. And then there is the magic of numbers. A can of tomato paste for “145.90” seems like a bargain in the store. The brain, seeing such a combination of numbers, rounds the value to “140 with a tail”, and not to 150.
  • To date, 46 restaurants in Barnaul are ready to offer the guest a fasting menu. By the way, there are 17 churches in the capital of the Altai Territory. Vegetarianism and veganism are well developed in the city, so it is not so difficult to enjoy catering. To put it simply, believers sit at the same table with eco-activists and hipsters for forty days. Well, as for the numbers, the average “lean” pizza at Papa John’s costs 100 rubles more than usual.
  • Online stores with lean products. Pricing policy is far from orthodox. For example, “Ozone” in the “lean products” section offers 25 thousand categories of goods! Wildberry – 6 and a half thousand. I touched a review for a kilo pack of cookies on the Internet, they were sold at a discount of 600 rubles. The grandson is happy that he managed to find a gift for the fasting grandmother. I felt so good in my heart. He just hopes he never finds out how much these cookies cost. But you, granddaughter, visit her more often. Go shopping together, go shopping. It may teach you how to negotiate.
  • Large number of fasting sets and boxes, in beautiful gift boxes. Here, perhaps, the same problem as the new year. If you want to collect a good gift for your loved ones, you have to spend time and effort. Not? Order something online, but then do not complain that you overdid it and the product does not match the image of the ad. Another question is what to celebrate if Easter is still far away?
  • Soy goulash, milk, cheese … The demand for them in the position is doubling, and there is not even anything to criticize here. Just fasting does not mean replacing the original product with a protein-free analogue. Fasting means giving up excesses. Finally, what is the meaning of food restrictions? This is already a “40 days without protein” challenge. Useless and ruthless.
  • During the fasting period, people from this religion also take products of this category. For company with a friend, out of interest. Suddenly you refuse the sausage for the night, drink tea with a lean dryer and cleanse your karma for the coming year!
  • Stories with “stars” appearing in fasting appear in magazines and on television. They share recipes, talk about family traditions, explain why this is important to them. Unfortunately, the ad is not for spiritual purification, but for lean mayonnaise.

old recipes

The shops have their own truth, we ours. There is no healthy alternative to “eating madness” right now. And this is more of a moral issue than an economic one. It is important that the consumer does not fall for the tricks of supermarkets, but to take advantage of offers and special offers. Maintaining a healthy financial diet on fasting days is not that difficult. Family traditions and recipes from old paper brochures on your mezzanine will help you a lot. Just remember that every effort is useless if you refused the meat, but kicked a neighbor’s cat in the stairwell or became rude on the bus. It’s not worth it.

Have a Happy Easter!

Lyricist: Alisa Foteva

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