Miratorg has opened a branded burger shop in Bryansk

Miratorg, the leading operator of the meat market in Russia, has opened the first branded Steak and Burger burger shop in Bryansk. It is located on the first floor of the Melnitsa shopping center.

This is the second network point in the area. The first opened earlier in the Vygonichsky district. She was the one who created the Steak and Burger burger chain. Today “Steak and Burger” includes about 30 restaurants in Moscow, the Moscow region, Bryansk, Tula, Kursk, Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg. By the end of the year, the network plans to expand to 41 restaurants.


On the first day of work in Bryansk, Steak and Burger thrilled guests with special offers and promotions. A varied menu will please even the most sophisticated gourmets: branded marble burgers, steaks, hot appetizers, salads, branded drinks from Miratorg and much more.

Upon request of the restaurant, you can choose a burger with a beef cutlet, chicken or fish. The menu is regularly updated and supplemented with new forms of food.


Separately, it is worth paying attention to the size of the burger. At Steak and Burger, it’s far more than the competition can offer. A meat hood made of marbled beef weighs 150 grams.


The visitors of the restaurants are fresh, selected meats of their own production. This allows you to maintain high quality standards at all stages and control the cost of a burger or steak at the consumer’s table. At Steak and Burger, only high quality marble meat is used for steaks.


We pay special attention to the meat and the products from which our dish is made. For example, we have our own sauces. They are made only from natural ingredients. Unfortunately, they have a minimum shelf life, but this gives a high quality product.– Dmitry Borodulin, the coach for the development of the burger “Steak and Burger”, shared his secret.


And even a bun for a restaurant chain is baked in their own kitchen factory in the Moscow region. Miratorg believes that the taste of a burger depends to a large extent on the bread, so it must be airy with porous crumbs, soft so that it can be squeezed, reducing the height of the burger, as well as fresh, beautiful and not too big.


The main feature of Miratorg burgers is the use of Black Angus beef marble and the breeding of their own cattle. For this, a special technology is used. For the first six months the calves are fed with breast milk. Having strengthened and received immunity, the young growth moves to the fields. The space, the fresh air, the walking and the green grass allow the bulls to gain weight perfectly without hormones and chemical growth accelerators. The main ingredient of the fattening menu is the natural grain of corn. This approach allows you to make a natural product. Animal health is also monitored by experienced veterinarians.


Then, at each stage, the quality of the meat is strictly controlled. Thanks to the highest level of automation, production organization and health and hygiene safety, the company ensures the freshness of frozen meat at the level of world leaders in meat processing.

In our exploitation, advanced technologies are used in all stages, from the cultivation to the counter where the products are located. Beef processing is a whole art, where every little thing plays an important role in the process as a whole. Therefore, we adhere to all technological standards– said Anatoly Prosolupov, production manager of the Miratorg meat processing complex.


It is important to note that the cultivation is done according to a stress-free method, which affects the quality and useful properties of the meat. Breeders take daily guided tours of the pastures, inspecting the animals to ensure their well-being.

Thanks to all this, the burgers in Steak and Burger are natural, delicious and very aromatic. In honor of the opening, the restaurant offers guests special offers: two Chicken Chic burgers for the price of one, a Champion burger for 250 rubles, winning combinations, any breakfast with free Americano, as well as discounts for students and birthdays. There are offers that will be valid indefinitely.

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