Rastim Les on the importance of reforestation and maintaining natural balance in the Khabarovsk region

The company currently serves more than seven landing sites.

The forest has always played one of the important roles for human life. Today, the importance of forests is only increasing, as their number is declining faster and faster. This is due to many factors, even the individual. But there are companies that help restore forests, maintaining the natural balance with all their might. Rastem Les is one such company. It deals not only with the cultivation of new forests, but also with the preservation of the seeds of certain trees. And in honor of the holidays approaching “Forest Workers’ Day” Dmitry Dianov, Deputy General Production Managertold MK about the main activity of the company and the importance of preserving forests for the environment.

– Why do you only grow conifers?

– Yes, we grow only plant material from coniferous trees – pine, fir, pine and cedar. We have an explanation for this – in the Khabarovsk Territory and neighboring areas, coniferous plantations predominate and are therefore the target and the main species for reforestation. Due to the need to rehabilitate the coniferous forests of the Far East, we decided to grow coniferous species and at the moment all the greenhouses and fields in our nursery are used for the cultivation of coniferous planting material.

– Do you work only in the Khabarovsk region or in other regions?

– We work throughout Khabarovsk Territory and in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). In Yakutia, our landings are in the southern part of the Neryungri region. In the future, we plan to plant forests in the central part of Yakutia, in places that have been affected by forest fires in recent years.

How many plots do you have at the moment?

– In fact, we consider the area not in plots, but in acres. But so, we can say that we have seven plots, and as I said, next year it is also planned to plant forests in the center of Sakha (Yakutia). To date, we plant in an area of ​​2,700 acres, most of which have already been planted.

How many people are needed to serve a website?

– I will answer the example of Yakutia. For a thousand hectares, there are about 120 skilled workers who know their business. We can not increase the number of employees, as this implies large-scale logistics. We bring almost all the workers from the territory of Khabarovsk and all live in a special tent city near the sites. In Yakutia itself, we rarely hire workers – this is due to the lack of the level we need. I will also note that we are pioneers for Yakutia – we are the first to start planting forests there.

– Do you choose where you will work?

– According to federal law no. 212 of 19 July 2018 and the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation no. This means that if an acre of forest is cut down, then an acre of forest must be planted. Because of this, businesses are turning to us and we have already dealt with afforestation. But there are also areas where we work on a charitable basis. For example, we are now working in Yakutia, trying to help the forest recover from the fires.

How to choose a location? Do you only work according to customer standards or do you adjust the limits yourself?

“It all depends on the site itself. We carry out our turnkey work, from site inspection to submission of documents to the relevant departments. How it happens – the client contacts us and then we start studying the area for planting. This is done with the help of satellite images, then the experts in agriculture go out, study the soil, determine the steep slope of the slopes. Calculate the survival rate. And we do not always start work after all the research. For example, experts also determine if natural reforestation is possible at the site: if seedlings have been retained for site sowing, if there is a natural renewal of the required amount. Usually such checks are made after forest fires. If the seed trees and the lowland are preserved, then we give nature the opportunity to recover on its own. If it is not maintained, then yes, we start planting artificial reforestation.

– And all the seedlings grow in greenhouses all this time while you study the plots?

– Correctly. First, we collect the seeds ourselves. To date, for example, we have collected about 500 kg of cones, our need is about 300 kg of pine and pine seeds and three tons of cedar. Then we sow the seeds in special greenhouses and wait for the seedlings to appear. Then we grow crops in a specific size using special technology with a closed root system. But not all trees grow in greenhouses. For example, we grow cedar in the fields in the nursery, it has an open root system. But there were also problems. When we just learned how to plant a pine tree, we had a lot of financial losses, because out of 2.5 million we grew 800,000 saplings. Everything has changed thanks to an expert from the Arkhangelsk region, who has been cultivating pine trees for more than fifty years. She shared her knowledge and now our pine is growing.

– How is the delivery? Do plants tolerate the road well?

– In this respect, we have our own already developed logistics. We have concluded long-term lease agreements with refrigerated trucks, which, under certain temperature conditions, deliver the seedlings to the places where they will be planted in the ground in the future.

– Tell us about planting saplings. Special technologies or everything at hand?

– Of course, by hand, it is safer for plants. The first one to make a hole goes. Next is the second person to plant a small tree. And the third, last worker, digs the hole.

– How long do you observe the location after landing?

– 5 years. We take care that there is no soil erosion, we observe the growth and development of the seedlings, their survival. Trees have many different diseases and when a tree is not yet strong, it can easily get sick and die. In case of death we replace with new ones. Our workers worry about every sapling, as if they were their own children. After five years after planting, under natural conditions, the trees become stronger and we let them go on a good journey for adults.

– Were there cases where seedlings died in the area?

– And that’s what we had. They planted a forest after the fire, and the next year there was a second fire, and all the seedlings died. I had to rebuild everything. Now we make special fire lines along the perimeter of the planting area, as if they separate the point so that fire incidents do not happen again.

Are you celebrating Forest Workers’ Day?

– Of course! On this day, we sincerely congratulate each other. We believe that we are dealing with a very responsible job, which brings joy and benefit not only to us, but also to all the areas where we work.

Congratulations to all the forest workers for the upcoming business vacation!

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