To have snow. The Leningrad region is covered by bad weather from Danila to Eugene

47news studied the weather forecast by region and found no sun. Groundhog day – snow and fog. And meteorologist Leus told us how three consecutive cyclones will pass through the Leningrad region, when is a break and what to expect next.

The long weekend given by the guarantor is retouched by the weather. 47news read the weather forecast from May 3 to 9 and collapsed. But first – a comment from the top expert of the meteorological center “Phobos” Michael Lewis. According to him, nothing good can be expected in the Leningrad region, it is already snowing in places in the region.

Video: Evening of May 3, Gatchinsky district. Video: Ksenia Poteeva

The reason for the rather cold beginning of May was a cyclone, the center of which is now located just above the east of the Tver region and is moving east. With its northern perimeter, it touches the Leningrad region and provides cold and humid gas masses to the region, says Leus.

– Tomorrow this cyclone will continue to move east, the flow of cold will intensify. The weather will be cloudy with rain. Temporary snow cover is possible in some places. At night minus 3 – plus two points. During the day – from zero to five. On May 5, the area will be at the back of this cyclone – the weather will be cloudy with clear areas, there will be short-term focal rains, at night in places with sleet. The temperature at night is from minus four to plus one. During the day – up to +8 degrees.

According to the expert, on Thursday, May 6, the area will be affected by the next cyclone. This time its trajectory is to the north and the cooling will not be so intense. The weather will be cloudy, however, rains are forecast and strong at times. At night it is expected from zero to +5, during the day – up to +10. On May 7 the weather will remain cloudy, short-term rains, the temperature background will change slightly. On May 8, the cyclone will leave the area and along with the increase of atmospheric pressure, more and more glades will appear in the clouds and the rains will gradually stop. During the day – up to +11.

On a festive day, an anticyclone will dominate the Leningrad region. Partly cloudy with no rain. It is still cold at night, up to -3 degrees, during the day – up to +14. However, this is below the climatic norm. “Next week will start, unfortunately, under the influence of the next cyclone”, says the interlocutor, adding that the weather will be cloudy again, it will rain, but this time it will be warmer – up to +16 degrees.

By the way, according to the speaker, the first cyclone is called Daniel, the second – Eugene (Danila and Zhenya – ed.). There is no third name yet.

If we turn to the “engine” forecast for the areas, then to the most densely populated Vsevolozhsk May 3 sad: partly cloudy, light rain and up to + 6 °. Strong wind with gusts up to 16 m / s. And the night is completely melancholy – heavy snow and fog. At night, whiteflies will continue to attack temperatures from zero to + 2 °. May 4 again heavy snow, the wind, as in the song, the north at the same cold temperature. May 5: minus snow, plus rain and heavy fog. At night to -4 °, but happier during the day, to + 7 °. The next day the rain will intensify, but the fog will remain. The column will be detected up to + 8 °. On May 7 and 8 the temperature will be from 5 to 7 degrees. On Victory Day, light rain, but, hopefully, up to 14 degrees Celsius.

About the same will be observed in other areas bordering St. Petersburg – Gatchina, Tosnensky, Kirovsky and Lomonosov districts of the Leningrad region.

away Podporozhye today rain, fog and plus five. Snow will come in the evening and will stay at +2 until May 5. On May 6 and 7, it will rain heavily and the thermometer will jump from +1 at night to +7 during the day. At 8, things will get better – the drizzle will loosen its grip, the cloudiness is changeable. From May 9 to +12 and partly cloudy. Lodeynoye Pole although close, but it is already snowing today. Otherwise, everything looks like a neighbor, except that on Victory Day it is foggy and up to +8.

IN THE Tikhvin the area also snows without delay at uncomfortable + 1- + 3 ° with strong winds up to 17 m / s. By night, heavy rain. On May 4 the snow will return, but in a light version. On the night of May 5, the frost drops to -3, and during the day it fluctuates to +9. It will rain for the next three days, the minus will subside at night and the temperature during the day is about the same. May 9 from -1 at night to +12 during the day. No rain is expected. In the neighborhood Boksitogorsk for the same story: the snow will roll in the rain and until the holidays the sun will come out and warm the air up to +13.

Volkhovsky in this direction and not everything is also sunny: today it snows and strong wind, tomorrow it snows 3-5 degrees Celsius. Further rains from intense to not very strong and temperatures from +3 to +9. But on May 9, from zero at night to +14 during the day. IN THE Kirisi snow on May 3 and then rain, sleet, as well as heavy fog and sleet on May 5. The temperature will jump from -3 at night to +10. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.

And what is on the other side of the Leningrad region? Yes, the same, even worse. IN THE Kingisepp area today and tomorrow snow, dense fog and temperatures from zero to +6. From the fifth to the eighth fog and rain, but the temperature will range from -1 to +7. On May 9, light rain and up to +13. Wind, by the way, south. Slabs even further and has wind, natural Silent Hill two days – snow and fog at +5. As a satellite – ice. Another five days of rain and outside the window from -1 at night to +9 during the day. At 9 +13 is expected.

IN THE Luga area today and tomorrow complete set: snow, wind, fog and fog. And then with variations, on May 6, light rain, on May 7, heavy but up to +10 heat. At 9 it also rained from the sky up to +9 Celsius. Volosovsky close and repeats almost one by one. It is that May 9 to +13. Rain included. IN THE Sosnovoborsk region in the evening heavy snowfall and very windy, gusts up to 17 m / s. During the day +4, at night to -1. The next five days, at most +8 heat and rain, and on the ninth of May until +13.

Well, the final locations to the Karelian Isthmus. IN THE Priozersky strong wind and west: night – rain, night – snow. Temperature from zero to +7. Further, as Groundhog Day until May 9 – rain and fog, cold. In the ninth it tingles slightly from the sky, but +12. And finally Viborgsky area. However, politically he is the most independent, and in the heavenly office they wanted to spit on our passions. Everything is like with people – today and tomorrow it will snow and it will rain until the ninth.

I was glad that there is a roof over my head Viktor Smirnov,

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