Ufimka went to a remote village to develop a tourism business


Ufimka went to a remote village to develop a tourism business

The woman said it was unusual for her.

Rina Grinberg, a social worker from Ufa, left for the Beloretsk region to develop tourism. And, although it is usually difficult for a city man to get used to life in a remote village, he succeeds. The woman told Proural’s correspondent how her family reacted to this and why life in the city is no longer completely comfortable.

Why did you decide to move to the countryside? Where do you live, how did you get used to the village life?
– I have not yet moved to Nikolaevka for permanent residence: half a year I live in the city, half – here. And my husband has been living in Nikolaevka for almost a year, he is no longer attracted to the city, he is gaining new skills. When we bought a hut, we immediately ran hot and cold water, took a shower, toilet, that is, we provided ourselves with all the necessary moments of comfort.

How were you received by the locals?
– Any village is a fairly closed ecosystem, a kind of closed society for which, no matter how long you live here, but if you come here, if you were not born here, you will still be a newcomer. And I think it’s important to try to build good neighborly relations. You will not become your own, but you need to have a comfortable life, coexistence. Because it is not absolutely right to live in the countryside, because here mutual help and mutual aid are important.

– What was unusual for you, what surprised you the most?
– The most unusual is the incredible silence. We in the city are always under the pressure of noise, even at home we hear our neighbors through the walls. And this absolute, resounding silence, especially at night and dawn, the opportunity to look out of any window on all four sides, to see nature, forest, mountains – these are incredible sensations that once you fall in love, you feel the need for it. And when you come to the city, you start to feel like you are crammed into a box.

– Tell us about your work “Mighty Iremel”.
– The village of Nikolaevka, being in fact the entry point for the natural park “Iremel”, and for many mountain ranges around, is a kind of crossing point through which tourists simply pass. And the essence of the Mighty Iremel project is to keep tourists. The more time a tourist spends in the territory, the more money he leaves there, the more he immerses himself in the spirit of the village. Therefore, for the locals, this is an opportunity to receive additional income, from agricultural products to some kind of excursions, master classes, renting houses and so on. To realize this we need some points of attraction, anchor points.

– The project includes the creation of a museum and a visitor center. What will it look like?
– When we started to accelerate (participation in the acceleration program “Participation of the rural population in the development of tourism” – ed.), Elena Dyachenko, head of the village club, noted that we lacked a museum. At the same time, there was a room that needed a little repair, and most importantly, there was a desire, exhibits that could already be exhibited there. Most likely, it will be a museum of old Nikolaevka, an old Russian village, because Nikolaevka was a Russian village at the time of its founding and represents Russian culture. And in addition to the museum itself, it is a kind of calendar of events where traditional, old pre-revolutionary festivities are celebrated. And we have already held such events and will continue to do so, they are attractive to the inhabitants of the city with culture, rural life. For example, on May 6 there will be a pasture festival, remarkable for an unusual series of actions.

Although, conditionally, everyone knows Iremel, however, raising the awareness of tourists passing through Nikolaevka leaves much to be desired. The visitor center is a place where people can get information about services, about where, what paths, they might post their facilities. We also have the Yuzhnuralskaya trail that passes through Nikolaevka and the visitor center will serve as information about the trail. Of course, these are our plans and dreams, but I would like to believe that the issue of creating a visitor center will be resolved in a few months, not years.

One of the stages of the acceleration program is the tender for financial support. Everyone can support the project by following the link https://seltour-accelerator.ru/project/index, selecting an area and voting for the project they like. Four works from Baskiria are participating in the competition, including Mighty Iremel.

author: Elmira Gimaeva

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