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The beginning of spring is traditionally associated with the celebration of March 8 among the inhabitants of our country. So now, almost two weeks before the holidays, Russians are wondering what the weather will be like for all of us today. According to the meteorological forecasts, on March 8, 2020, it will be cold, stormy, cloudy and in some parts of the country even icy in winter.

The weather in Moscow on March 8

Terrible weather, according to meteorological forecasts, awaits the people of Moscow on March 8. It is true that in the area of ​​the capital, as meteorologists promise, it will be without frost, but it will be very cloudy, the wind will rise and it will rain. At the same time, on the night of March 8, there will be frosts up to minus 1. On the morning of the holiday – about zero. During the day is expected plus 1. Such a climatic situation will lead to the formation of intense black ice on the roads. In addition, fluctuations in atmospheric pressure are possible, which is also unlikely to please Muscovites and visitors to the capital on this holiday.

It was previously reported that heavy rains will fall in Moscow during March 2020, which, with an average monthly air temperature of zero to plus 2, will periodically turn into sleet and then icy rain. According to meteorologists, the total height of rainfall in March will be about 50-60 mm, which is immediately almost 60% above normal.

Weather forecast for St. Petersburg on March 8

March 8 will have frost in most parts of the Northwest Federal District. According to the meteorological forecasts, in the Republic of Komi the weather will start to worsen around March 5, when the thermometers fall to minus 5-6. At the same time, by March 8, the air will cool to minus 9, no rain is expected. It will be warmer in the Murmansk region (minus 3-4), but snowfall and strong winds are forecast. In Karelia on March 8, rain is also expected in the form of snow and temperatures minus 2-3. In the Arkhangelsk region very high humidity is forecast, in places rainfall and the air will cool to minus 3-5.

Significantly colder on International Women’s Day, according to meteorological forecasts, will be in the Nenets Autonomous Region. Here, the holidays will be accompanied not only by heavy snowfall, but also by intense frost – the thermometers will drop to minus 8-10.

It will freeze on March 8 in St. Petersburg. According to the weather forecast, minus 1-2, heavy snowfall and northerly winds with gusts of up to 18-21 meters per second are expected during the holiday. With high humidity, all this will create a feeling of more intense frost. In addition, it will be slippery, which can create an emergency on the roads.

The weather on March 8 in the Far East and Siberia

Thus, residents of the Far East and Siberia on vacation should wear fur coats and fur hats. According to meteorological forecasts, minus 2-4 are expected throughout Primorye on International Women’s Day during the day. After midnight it will be colder – minus 3-5. In the Khabarovsk region and the Amur region, minus 4-6 is forecast during the day and up to minus 10 at night.

Winter weather, according to meteorological forecasts, awaits residents of the Novosibirsk region. Here, the cold will start on March 6 and the peak of the frost will fall only on March 8. On this day, during the day, the thermometers will drop to minus 7-8, after midnight – to minus 9-11. Similar weather is expected in Tomsk, Omsk and Kemerovo regions, as well as in Krasnoyarsk Territory. In this case, the cooling will occur against the background of snowfall.

Weather forecast for March 8 in the Urals

Terrible weather, according to meteorologists, is expected on March 8 in the Urals. For example, in Tyumen, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions, in addition to the background of lower temperatures (minus 5-8), on holidays the wind will increase, with gusts of up to 20 meters per second. About the same time awaits residents of the Sverdlovsk region on March 8.

The strongest cold, according to the meteorological forecast, on the International Women’s Day is expected in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region. In particular, in Krasnoselkup, meteorologists promise the beautiful half a “gift” of 20-degree frost. It will be very cold in the Autonomous Region of Khanty-Mansi, where in some places the air will cool to minus 15-17 on March 8.

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