Forest fires in Transbaikalia: what kind of fine can you get?

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Hypervakalia, until April 11, 2022, 56 cases of forest fires were recorded this year in an area of ​​2,735 acres. 51 fires were extinguished on the first day since its discovery. Most fires are caused by humans. A recklessly thrown cigarette or a careless attitude towards the dry grass can lead to a real tragedy – the death of forests, animals and even human losses. What measures are taken to avoid danger and how much can the careless handling of the fire cost.

The period of fires has been announced in many forestries in the area: from March 21 in Akshinsky forestry, from March 24 – in Ingodinsky, from March 28 – in Aginsky, Aleksandrovo-Zavodsky, Argunsky, Beklemishevsky, Baleisky, Verkhne-Chitinsky, Dul Kyrinsky, Olenguisky, Ononsky, Chita forestry and the Olovyaninsky forestry.

Since March 26, a special fire regime (OPR) has been introduced in the territory of Aginsky, Akshinsky, Aleksandrovo-Zavodsky, Borzinsky, Duldurginsky, Zabaikalsky, Kalgansky, Krasnokamensky, Kyrinsky, Mogoytuysky, Nerchinsko-Zavodsky, Priargunsky district, the town of Krasnokamensk and the village of Aginskoe. From 1 April in Baleisky, Gazimuro-Zavodsky, Karymsky, Krasnochikoysky, Nerchinsky, Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky, Sretensky, Khiloksky, Chernyshevsky, Shelopuginsky, Shilkinsky, Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky and Chita areas.

Careless handling of the fire turns into serious consequences for nature and causes life-threatening situations not only for forest dwellers, but also for humans.

According to the Transbaikalia Ministry of Natural Resources, forest fires have occurred this year for two reasons – due to transition of fire from lands of other categories (39.3%), through human fault – 60.7%. As of April 11, 2022, 97 culprits of wildfires have been identified in the landscape: eight people have set fire to the forest, 89 (including 33 children) in the steppe areas.

“Now access to the forest is limited, you do not need to go there. There is a special fire regime – it is impossible to anneal. It is necessary to conduct an educational conversation with the children. Windy, dry, the wind will easily get any light. An accident can lead to irreversible consequences. It is necessary to observe the fire safety rules “, says Maxim Suvorov, head of the Department of State Supervision and Forest Protection of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Who fights fire and how?

Preparations for the firefighting season in the area began in the fall of 2021.

“We played all the contracts. Everything that could be done at this level has been done. The only downside is a group of forest firefighters. Although there is a positive dynamic – compared to last year, of course, more people have been hired. There is a problem with recruiting bulldozers. So far, in terms of wages, we can not compete with the mining industry. “The bulldozers are going to watch, not us,” said Maxim Suvorov.

Maksim continued: “All the equipment is purchased as part of the national project. As we began to prepare for the season in advance, a sharp jump in prices did not affect us. And some subjects did not have time to contract before prices rose. We have all the equipment delivered today. More than ten ships have been assigned to monitor the air fires. A ground control is also performed. “This is definitely a big help in detecting fires.”

According to the information of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the State, the staff of KGSAU “Zabaikalleskhoz” is 1056 people, of which 612 are permanent employees, 444 seasonal.

Government agencies work with volunteers, including the off-road associations “Saboteur”, “Quadromaniacs”. Volunteers have repeatedly helped to quickly detect fires and prevent serious consequences. Sometimes it is the initiative and courage of volunteers that saves nature and lives.

Penalties and rewards

In areas where a firefighting period has been declared, burning grass, throwing ashes and starting fires are prohibited. For non-compliance with safety rules, administrative liability is threatened: a fine of up to 5 thousand rubles for ordinary citizens, up to 50 thousand rubles for employees, up to 400 thousand rubles for legal entities. In addition, the damage caused to the forest fund, as well as the costs of extinguishing forest fires, will be repaired by the perpetrators.

None of the culprits will escape responsibility, emphasize the Ministry of Natural Resources. Thus, already this year, an employee of the KGSAU “Zabaikalleskhoz” was fined. He carried out a precautionary steppe fire according to the state order in the village of Tyrgetue, in the Karymsky district, but left the construction site and the fire spread over an area of ​​3 hectares. For an uncontrollable fall, the culprit must pay 6 thousand rubles.

For reports of arsonists, you can receive a monetary reward of 40 to 50 thousand rubles. If you see a fire, call 8-800-100-94-00. The call is free.

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