Former Komsomolskaya Pravda photographer from Vladivostok tries his hand at truck driving in USA

Before choosing a long-range battle, Tatyana Tseluiko tested herself in many specialties. Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.

Surely, when a truck driver is mentioned, many people think of a man in loose clothing or a plaid shirt, hat and driving a huge truck, honking at his passing travelers and colleagues. However, not all truckers look like 90s movie characters. “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Vladivostok” spoke. Tatiana Tseluiko (Yakhina), who was born and raised in the seaside capital and moved to the United States at the age of 28. We will tell you why he chose a specialty that many associate with men, what difficulties he faces at work and if there is a romantic path.


For several years, Tatiana tried herself in many professions. At the age of 18, she worked as a photojournalist in Komsomolsk and then switched to a freelancer. But the girl realized she needed a steady income, so she got a job as a sales representative and traveled to various Primorye cities. She soon got bored in this field, trained as a makeup artist, taught at a modeling school and modeling agency and in 2016 opened her own cafe.

– In the evening he made and prepared desserts, during the day he made coffee for the guests. And when all the payments for me increased (rents, electricity, product purchases became more expensive), it became completely unprofitable for me to work at a loss and I closed the business, I sold everything. I had to look again for something solid. I got a job at a company that was involved in job protection and training fire company personnel. It was my last job in Russia.

Tatiana and her husband left for the United States of America in the summer of 2018, when the woman was 28 years old. The couple chose America to travel to celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary, but eventually decided to stay.

Tatiana arrived in the US in the summer of 2018. Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.

Tatiana arrived in the US in the summer of 2018. Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.


Some choose their future careers based on their childhood desires and some on the instructions of their parents. But in the case of Tatiana, everything is completely different, as she is not going to dedicate her whole life to long-range shooting.

– For me, this is another experience in the treasury of my other professions and skills. As well as an interesting stage of life, which gives many advantages and character. And, of course, it pays well.

Of course, like any other job, it has its downsides. First of all, the inconvenience is caused by constant vibrations of the truck, shaking and noise. As Tatiana noted, you can get used to it, but people tend to get tired. Another minus is the home moments.

“Food can be treated by creating a small kitchen in the truck, but showers and toilets are more difficult. Often in the morning you have to brush your teeth with strangers in the toilet or under the watch of someone’s children.

Difficulties also arise in finding a good company in the vast truck market in the United States. As the truck driver said, there are many companies, not all their employees are conscientious. It was shared that some Russian-speakers “fly” newcomers for money, rape drivers, fine them and much more.

“And it happens that they give a wreck truck with a leak of oil and a refrigerator and the driver is accidentally forced to do the work of an engineer all the time. In the US, this is not acceptable. The truck driver should monitor the health of his truck, but repair minor regular damage to his knee – under no circumstances.

According to a resident of Vladivostok, there are pros and cons to long-distance travel.  Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.

According to a resident of Vladivostok, there are pros and cons to long-distance travel. Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.

But we must not forget the advantages! Tatiana said that her work allows her to admire the beauties of nature. This is the romance that attracts so many: a long road and seemingly endless landscapes.

– Sunrises and sunsets, mountains and deserts, storms and snowy forests, oceans and fields. Nature pulls amazingly, you will never get bored of admiring it.

Another positive point that Tatiana has already mentioned is the good salary. She is sure that trucking is not a difficult job and a great opportunity to earn money for her studies, a large down payment on real estate or her long-term business project.

For many, driving a truck will seem like hard work, but already experienced drivers can pass a stroke test. Tatiana shared that it was not difficult for her to learn to drive a heavy truck, as her good driving skills helped her and therefore she did not see anything supernatural in the new carriage.

– Truck driving is a pleasure for me! It makes you feel more comfortable and safer on the road. I quickly got used to the size, weight, speed and big steering wheel. Now I did not feel at all comfortable in a low passenger car.

When she travels, Tatiana enjoys admiring nature.  Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.

When she travels, Tatiana enjoys admiring nature. Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.

There are often accidents on the roads, in which trucks are involved. Fortunately, Tatiana has never had a car accident. According to her, the reaction and attention save her from these problems. However, note that a heavy truck has many risk factors, so you should always be vigilant and sometimes think about other drivers.


Perhaps the most unpleasant thing that any woman in the male profession can face are stereotypes. Our interlocutor was no exception, she should also read not very pleasant words on social networks.

– I’m already dealing with statements like “this is not a woman’s case” exactly. Let them say and think what they want. At first, I was offended, for example, by the phrase “a woman sitting at home raising children”. Now I do not care. After all, this is their world. And mine is different. In the United States, segregation of occupations by gender is not acceptable and women in trucks are common.


Surely many will be interested to know how life in America is different from ours and what difficulties visitors may encounter. For Tatiana, at first life in the states felt like it was on another planet. According to her, the difficulties here go beyond every turn: rent, registration, endless deposits for everything.

Everything is new and different. Especially the measurement system is a blast of the brain. Fahrenheit, pounds, miles, ounces, life did not prepare me for this. I was also surprised by the incredible bureaucracy. If you have to open a new account in the Water and Light Department, get ready to spend half a day in it. The same with the banks, the local traffic, etc. Everything takes a long time!

Tatiana has traveled to more than one state and says she has her own climate everywhere – from the tropics to the glaciers. In Montana, for example, winter temperatures reach + 8 ° C, but on the Idaho border, frosts drop to -15 ° C and everything is covered with a thick layer of snow. But the best climate for a trucker is in California, where he lives. As he noted, there is no intense humidity, minimal winds, heat, while there are also beautiful mountains, oceans and deserts. And for the title of hottest city, Phoenix in Arizona and El Paso in Texas can compete – the air heats up to + 45 ° C.


For so many years of work, Tatiana has fallen in love with some states in particular – Oregon and Montana, but California remains in first place.

– Oregon is incredibly beautiful, there are amazing waterfalls, rivers, rocks. The people there are simple and relaxed. And Montana is an amazing unspoiled nature and endless expanse. When we stop there and get out of the truck, the fresh air makes my head spin, it smells of pine needles and coolness everywhere. I want to go back to these two situations and rest there from everything.

California is Tatiana's favorite state.  Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.

California is Tatiana’s favorite state. Photo: social networks, tati_trucker.

But the longing for Vladivostok is still felt and sometimes Tatiana remembers her homeland, the seaside town, its inhabitants, the atmosphere and its beautiful places. She also lacks close people with whom she communicates via video link due to the long distance.

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