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One of the most anticipated premieres of 2022. An alloy of emblematic “chips” and sufficient cost. The original product of a world-renowned brand, ready to push the competition. All this concerns the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, which is confidently conquering the global market. If you are dreaming of a new gadget, but you are confused by the available variety, pay special attention to this smartphone. It has something to offer to the sophisticated buyer and to surprise those who are accustomed to be the first to appreciate the unique technical solutions and possibilities offered.

Release Date Samsung A53

The day of the premiere changed several times. Originally designed for February, it was later postponed to March 17 and the new gadget was introduced to Russian consumers only on April 1. This volatility of the Korean brand in scheduling the release date of the Samsung Galaxy A53 can be explained by the difficult political situation in the world, as well as the preparations for the upcoming release of the device in the global market. However, those consumers who are constantly taking care of Samsung’s new products suggested that the manufacturer just decided to test the patience of prospective buyers and warm the demand for the model a little more.

Samsung Galaxy A53 Price

In order not to discourage the buyer from buying the Samsung Galaxy A53 and presenting him with a flagship smartphone at the price of a good “mid price”, the brand’s dealers decided to set the price for the new Samsung Galaxy A53 at $ 400. According to experts, this kind of dumping will force competitors to hide in the shadows and increase sales. For Russian consumers, the price will traditionally be slightly lower, but a sharp rise in the exchange rate could offset the difference. The advice for those dreaming of a new smartphone is to wait a while until the initial level of demand falls, when the price of the Samsung Galaxy A53 will lose the “exclusivity charge” and fall to an acceptable level.


Deciding to re-establish themselves and face many competitors, the developers of the new gadget did what they could. They decided not to spend a lot of time on the design transformation and immersed themselves constantly in the “filling” of the smartphone, so that the features of the Samsung Galaxy A53 become a whole series of pleasant discoveries for the owner.


In short, the screen of the new Samsung Galaxy A53 can be described by a few numbers:

  • Diagonal 6.5 inches.
  • Resolution 2400 * 1080.
  • Active matrix AMOLED technology.
  • Multi-touch for 10 touches.

The listed possibilities of the modern buyer are no longer surprising. But there are some nice new moments in the Samsung Galaxy A53. Sensitive glass is protected by Corning Gorilla glass, which has consistently received excellent grades from many homeowners. The screen frame, which often irritates the buyer with his presence, is reduced to at least 3.5 mm. Therefore, the screen usage rate rose to 84%. As has already been a good tradition, a special oil-phobic layer is used on the screen as protection against fingerprints.

Design Samsung Galaxy A53

You should not look for significant differences from your neighbor in the A52 series. They consist only of a small increase in the platform for the cameras, but otherwise the external features of the models are completely identical. A small bonus will be the flatter side edges and the matte back surface of the smartphone, which reduces the degree of slippage in the hand. Some may be unhappy with the plastic case of the smartphone, but its protection at IP68 level will guarantee the power and long life of the gadget even with intensive use. The weight of the model is 189 grams, the dimensions are 159 * 75 * 8 mm.

Cameras Samsung Galaxy A53

Using Sony’s support and based on the Sony IMX686 matrix, the manufacturers have been able to mount up to four units on a single camera. The 64-megapixel main will thrill photo connoisseurs with superb sharpness and color reproduction, the ultra-wide 12-megapixel will let you take unique panoramas, the 5-megapixel macro will notice and meticulously transfer every little thing to a colorful image. Comes with 5 MP depth sensor. A gift for selfie lovers will be a 32 MP front camera.

Samsung Galaxy A53 Specifications

Support for numerous features and applications in the new Samsung Galaxy A53 will be provided by the new generation octa-core Samsung Exynos 1280 processor and the Mali G68 MP 1000 MHz graphics processor. Therefore, the smartphone will pleasantly surprise with the comfort of the fans of modern fancy games, where you have to provide at the same time excellent graphics, fast loading and full sound. The capabilities of the stone are supplemented by 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory and a 5000 mAh battery, the capacity of which is enough for 3-4 days in the standard operation of using the gadget.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy A53

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