5 advantages of Android smartphones compared to the iPhone that you may not know

Recently, it was only heard from all users that sanctions and restrictions are not an obstacle. That’s what even iPhone owners say, to whom Apple is honestly shutting down oxygen and can continue to do so. However, people are not afraid of unexpected upheavals and are no longer afraid switch from iOS to Android. As a last resort – at HarmonyOS, but we do not need to talk about it yet. The smartphone market is shrinking significantly: resellers say that iPhone stocks will last for 2-3 months, but there are no problems with Android smartphones. This seems to be the beginning of the end for Apple and the highlight for many Chinese manufacturers. Let’s talk about why Android smartphones are better than the iPhone right now.

IOS is lower than Android right now. Because this?

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Payment systems for Android

The most striking example is Apple Pay, which is no longer operating in Russia. First, the bank cards that are subject to sanctions proved to be non-functional and then all the others. IPhone owners have already vented their anger on Apple by toppling Wallet ratings in the App Store. Google Pay has been disabled in Russiabut this does not prevent users from installing alternative payment systems, which we talked about in our articles.

SberPay is one of the Google Pay analogues that works great on a smartphone

The same Samsung Pay operates in Russia and knows no problem. As an iPhone owner, I’m jealous of Android smartphone owners who, as before, can pay for purchases without extra crutches. Will there be one for the iPhone? Probably yes, but we have to wait.

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Applications for Android

The limitations that affect the App Store are that you can not pay for subscriptions, make purchases in games. Some developers have completely stopped supporting their applications in Russia. Thank you for receiving the updates. But it seems that this is only so far: there is every reason to believe it Apple may restrict access to the App Store.

Google Play blocked? No problem! You can always download applications from other sources!

Again, envy for Android gnaws at me: you can download the app in the conditional Apk Mirror and find an update there. At one time, iOS users turned a blind eye to the fact that Android allows you to install apps “from the side”, but there is a feeling that now this feature is more relevant than ever.

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Useful Android features

Many iPhone owners believe that a smartphone is perfect. Apple is released annually new iPhone, however, recently there is a sense that nothing has changed radically. Modified here, improved there. But these are small changes. It has reached the point where companies have nothing to compare their smartphones with.

Android has been able to for so long. What about the iPhone?

Meanwhile, iOS still lacks important features: the first thing that comes to mind is Split View as on the iPad. The huge screen of the iPhone is not used at all 100, but Android smartphones can do this for more than a year. 2022 is not alone Android year in Russia, but also a great time to broaden your horizons and try something new to gain a whole new user experience. This seems to be what many iPhone owners will do in the coming months.

Smartphone updates

Nobody knows how far Apple will go: smartphone shipments, Apple Pay Restrictions and payments in the App Store – there are suspicions that these are far from the latest surprises from Apple. It does not cost anything for the company to turn off the iPhone, but I think it will easily leave users without updates to begin with.


No need to worry about updates on Android – it always will be

Unfortunately, iOS is a closed system and developers can not even create it jailbreak for iOS 15. Another thing is Android, which will not be difficult to reinstall to keep running. It may be awkward, but it will work and it will be updated. In general, we did not consider these smartphones cool.

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Which Android smartphone to choose

You know there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Android smartphones. Probably no one knows about everyone. But now there will be reason to learn more about them. If Apple leaves Russia to make ends meet and restrict users, then we will finally find out about those Android smartphones we did not even know about.


No need to worry about updates on Android – it always will be

In addition, the current situation will also give a strong impetus to the development of the mobile phone industry: even Chinese manufacturers have such a shortage lately. Bloggers are unlikely to be able to control the new iPhones (and who will need them?). So if YouTube will not be blocked – wait for smartphone reviews you have not heard! It will be interesting!

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