All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets

If you remove these foods from your diet, you will lose weight dramatically, but there are other benefits besides that.

All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets. Photo: @juliesfi discovered from an expert what is useful for the body and skin refusal of sweet and starchy foods. But at the same time the issue of weight We also could not move, because everything is ambiguous here.

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All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets.  Photo: @milenabessonova photo # 2
All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets. Photo: @milenabessonova

Anastasia Solobudenko, coach Reboot sports studio networks:Flour and dessert may want from stressboredom or because of the habit of eating after every meal dessert (This is due to the rapid production of endorphins and dopamines, ie a feeling of joy). But the problem is that such a sweet life has bitter consequences: excessive consumption is the cause of caries, obesity and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, reduced bone strength and, in general, leads to a decrease in immunity, immunity. It is also worth noting that during the cleavage and excretion of sweets, the stomach, liver, kidneys and pancreas show an increased load. It then causes malfunctions in their work, the development of endocrine diseases, digestive and excretory system. But if these arguments are not enough, below are more specific examples of what will happen to the body if white bread and its derivatives are excluded from the diet, as well as sugar and products that contain it.

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Lose weight and get rid of cellulite

All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets.  Photo: @nathalie__ale.  photo number 3
All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets. Photo: @nathalie__ale.

White bread is considered enough high calorie product. Its energy value ranges from 200 to 300 calories per 100 grams, and of these, fiber is about two grams, everything else is installed thighs, ribs and abdomen in the form of noticeable folds of fat and Orange peel. In addition, bread has a fairly high glycemic index, like sweet foods, ie it is saturated for a short time and after a short time (about 30-40 minutes) after consuming this product, it reappears Hunger. But if you choose lean meat with a portion of vegetable salad, which has three to four times fewer calories, I want to eat only after two or three hours. If in the near future he plans to get rid of overweightthen it’s time to give up flour products and sugar.

However, it should be noted that it does not have to be completely ruled out flour. In particular, wholemeal bread and rye bread, oatmeal or bran, on the other hand, are very useful. But white really does not have the best effect on the body in every way.

Health will be enhanced

If you refuse flour and sweets, the risk of hypertension is reduced, the vessels retain their elasticity more, which facilitates the work of the heart and the supply brain oxygen and nutrients. It is also an effective prevention of diabetes.

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The skin rashes will subside

All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets.  Photo: @juliesfi photo # 4
All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets. Photo: @juliesfi

The condition of the skin depends largely on diet – unpleasant rashes and redness can occur only due to malnutrition. acne It is often a reaction of the body to wheat gluten, which is contained in flour. It is not eliminated from the body, but remains on the walls intestines. And when sugar-containing products enter the body, insulin is released, which activates inflammatory processes and causes an exacerbation. acne. In addition, sugar has dehydrating action and stimulates the production of sebum, which clogs resources. But the main thing is that it destroys the collagen and elastin fibers, reducing the elasticity and firmness of the skin, giving a green light. wrinkles.

rash are formed mainly on the face, although sometimes it also suffers bodyso do not rush to the doctor immediately, review the plan first food. A few weeks after giving up white bread, flour products and sweets the skin is visibly clearer and will look like post-salon procedures aesthetic.

More power and energy

British scientists have shown that people who do not abuse sweets stay longer physically active and maintain clarity of thought. By giving up white bread and sweets and adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, you can feel unreal. wave of power, vitality and energy. It will also be helpful to add a variety of cereals (oatmeal and / or buckwheat) to your diet – they will help to normalize your overall body condition.

Candies, chocolate, cakes and other sweets deplete a person’s energy resources. First, refined sugar leads to thiamine deficiency. This is important vitaminwithout which the body can not be completed metabolism carbohydrates and you get the right amount of energy. As a result, we get tired faster and our activity drops. Second, frequent abuse of sweets leads to hypoglycemia (reduction of blood sugar levels). Symptoms of this condition include: dizziness, weakness and apathy. In addition, excessive passion for sweets can reduce cell activity. brain and break the bonds between them. Because of this, concentration decreases, memory and learning abilities deteriorate.

After just a week of detoxification from sugar, you can notice an explosion of vigor and strengthas well as excellent health. In addition, such changes will positively affect brain function. The memory will be improved and it will be much easier to concentrate.

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Sleep will become stronger and calmer

Elevated blood sugar is one of the most common causes insomnia. After eating sweets, the amount of insulin in the body initially increases sharply and then decreases just as sharply. Activates the production of hormones stress, cortisol, which dream becomes more anxious, according to American scientists.

The intestines will function like a clock

Sweet food disrupts work intestines. According to a study by German scientists, sugar causes gastrointestinal disorders. Like fatty foods, it can confuse the mechanisms of controlling brain saturation. Looking at the cakes or just thinking, we begin to feel a false sense of hunger. In addition, sugar inhibits reproduction and growth. beneficial bacteriarequired for digestion and fat metabolism. On the contrary, avoiding sugar strengthens digestive systemincreases the amount beneficial bacteria in the intestines and restores the mucous membranes.

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All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets.  Photo: @barilova__tatyana photo # 5
All about the benefits of giving up flour and sweets. Photo: @barilova__tatyana

The most difficult part of all this is not throwing away the flour and sweet or the issuance of this decision, ie its strict observance. For everyone, this process takes place in different ways: someone keeps his word ironically, and someone is not a childish sausage, and as a result, a collapse occurs. One of the work rules that helps you get on the right track quickly is not to buy a house. sweet. And to make things easy and simple, find a healthy replacement. sweets and flour, which will be perfectly satisfactory. For example, buckwheat bread with cheese or some dried fruit can be made similar to buns and cookies for tea and instead of chocolates and sweets, they can be snacks. nuts (almond).

It is also worth noting that the diet must be balanced from consumption squirrel, healthy fats and carbohydrates, so that in the end you do not want to grab a sweet or starchy main meal. Be sure to eat salads of fresh vegetables and herbs, cereals, nuts, meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs and seasonal fruits – and then there are no problems with skin or an organization as a whole will never be.

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