Because now is the best time to buy a smartphone

If a month and a half ago, the Russians were worried about sanctions and further increase in equipment prices, then by April the situation had changed a lot: there was nothing in common with 2014, because the exchange rate soared and returned to 2020 levels. do you remember that? Not me. So there is a certainty that right now, yes, right now, you have to think about buying a smartphone or better yet, pick it up and buy it. Exactly what you wanted for a long time, but did not dare to buy. Explain why you need it buy smartphone now and do not postpone it under any circumstances.

Would you like to buy a smartphone? Do it right now


How much do smartphones cost now?

Prices for smartphones have stopped rising and even fallen slightly – is it time to get it?

After a sharp jump in exchange rates, smartphones have risen sharply in price – we quickly studied the situation and wrote an article that it is better to postpone the purchase for a while, so to speak, until better times. And now they have arrived: during this period, resellers began to make fun smartphone discounts: The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE can be purchased conditionally at pre-crisis prices and other models also cost reasonable money.

Even the iPhone, which rarely has discounts, is again the same as October-November. also cheap used smartphones: a temporary rise in prices touched the secondary market, but did not affect it as much. However, if you still have an old phone, then sell it while you can get a little more than usual.

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How to buy a smartphone in installments

The dose is back and you must use it actively

Ever since the sanctions were imposed, many banks and resellers have reduced their installment and lending schedule: somewhere payment via smartphone in installments disappeared completely, in other places the payment deadline was reduced in installments. Generally, Buying a smartphone has become more difficult. Now everything is gradually returning to normal: journalist Ivan Kuznetsovtalked about how to buy an iPhone in installments – the method still works.

It is also worth noting that there is a possibility payment in smartphone installments (and any other purchase) on Aliexpress – we also talked about that in our article. So this is another good reason to upgrade the device in our difficult times.

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Smartphone deliveries in Russia

There are fewer and fewer iPhones. Further – only gray deliveries

Buy a smartphone at the moment it is a great idea also for the reason that due to sanctions there were problems with the logistics: it is more difficult for the manufacturers to deliver devices due to closed borders, therefore they reduce the deliveries and increase the time. By the way, suspension of Apple shipments in Russia is also associated with more complex logistics, the same is true with Samsung, although the company did not plan to suspend operations in Russia.

According to the sellers, the stock of the same iPhone remains for a few months – you should rely on it if you are going to buy a phone from another manufacturer. So do not delay … buy smartphone nowwhile in stock. Otherwise, in the worst case, you will have to wait for delivery for several weeks or even months – do you need it?

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Are smartphones becoming more expensive?

It is better to buy a smartphone now, so as not to worry about lost profits later

By the way, it is very likely that smartphones will simply rise in price – again, due to their lack of supply difficulties, as well as the volatile exchange rate of the ruble. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. So, in early March, Rosstat reported that in early March, electronics had grown by an average of 4%, but there was no crazy demand, as in 2014.

Waiting for the situation to improve is like sitting in a casino and hoping for luck until the end. Today, a new smartphone can cost a reasonable amount of money and in a week or a month its price will increase by one and a half times. In addition, there are almost all the conditions for the purchase described above.

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What is the best smartphone to buy in 2022

The Samsung Galaxy series is one of the best choices for today

The best smartphone for today is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. And here’s why: the smartphone was released not long ago and by default is by no means inferior to older models. It has a strong battery and excellent performance. The S21 FE is a kind of Samsung iPhone 11, in which everything is perfect at a good price. By the way, it is almost as good as the usual S21 – we even analyzed these models in detail.

It is also worth noting the Samsung Galaxy A52 – a good cheap smartphone, which is very much liked by the readers of our conversation on Telegram. It is now sold at pre-crisis prices, so there is no reason to postpone its purchase for later. Let me remind you that a month ago even civil servants went up.

  • Samsung Galaxy S21FE.
  • Samsung Galaxy A52.
  • By the way, the smartphones via the links will be delivered to you very quickly – this will take about 3-4 days and you can also pay them in installments. Read our article on how to do it.

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