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On May 22, 1994, at the Luzhniki Stadium in the Moscow derby, they played for the Russian Cup! Spartak hardly saw CSKA as a great opponent and coordinated for the first cup trophy in Russian history.

Because this? Yes, because with the collapse of the Soviet Union, CSKA ceased to be a serious adversary for Spartak. The last champion of the USSR slipped to the middle villagers and lost four consecutive meetings with the red and whites with a total score of 13: 1. Four days before the final, the opponents met again in the league – Oleg Romantsev’s team scored two unanswered goals.

And the clubs reached the decisive match of the Russian Cup in different ways. Spartak beat Neftehimik and Novotroitsk Metalurg 5: 0, KAMAZ was out of the category and beat Dinamo, the main competitor (if any) in the league, 1: 0.

And CSKA did not play – CSKA suffered. Although the army opponents were more serious. 1: 0 with Baltika in Kaliningrad, 2: 1 with Asmaral and winning shots with Lokomotiv and Alanya (then still Spartak).

So the final, which gathered a solid audience of 30 thousand spectators. It turned out to be a truly legendary fight.

Some facts about the game.

• Spartak started as expected, with Igor Lediakhov and Valery Karpin scoring one goal in the 11th minute. In a few weeks they will both go to the US World Cup and in late autumn they will go to Spain – Sporting and Real Sociedad, respectively.

• 18-year-old Vladislav Radimov closed the gap and Dmitry Bystrov (one of the few remaining CSKA champions in 1991) equalized in the second half. On June 1, 2005, Bystrov died of bilateral pneumonia at the age of 37.

• Gidaras Stautse, a former student of Stanislav Cherchesov and his future assistant in the coaching staff, was the soloist in the penalty shootout. The goalkeeper of the Lithuanian national team received two blows – from Mikhail Kupriyanov and Evgeny Bushmanov. In 1998, Busmanov moved to Spartak and became a three-time champion.

• The decisive penalty was converted by Dmitry Alenichev, who came on as a substitute for Karpin: “I was shaking everywhere – he remembered the future winner of the Champions League, I realized that maybe my whole career was at stake. He kissed the ball, crossed himself, ran … And scored! At first, I did not understand anything, everything was like fog. Do not score then – who knows how my fate in football would have turned out.

• Thus Spartak won the first Russian Cup, which was the last trophy in the career of Fedor Cherenkov. In the summer, the idol of millions will make a farewell match: 35,000 spectators will gather in the game against Parma – more than in the cup final.

• Spartak did not win any more penalties. Since then, the red and whites have lost six times: Terek (2007), Celtic (2007), CSKA (2011), Volga (2011), Rostov (2012) and Tosno (2018).

Radimov teased Mammadov throughout the game to make him lose concentration

By the way, CSKA grunted, among other things, thanks to Radimov’s cunning. Spartak defender Ramiz Mammadov is unlikely forgot this trick:

“Khlestov gestured to my side, so I went to the other one, Mammadov. In the final, in the 10th minute, we had a fire 0: 2. And we were friends with Ramiz. During a pause, I ask him: “Well, after the match, will we go somewhere, sit down?” “Wait a minute, the game has started,” he rejects. I’m not far behind: “Well? Can’t we discuss it? ” Mammad thought, “Well, you can lend a hand to the Cosmos.” Immediately attack, I score. I go to him: “And Cosmos is a great idea.” Mamed exploded: “Shut up already!”

The final of the Russia Cup-1994 was important not only for the footballers. In this fight, the banner of the Red-Blue Warriors group appeared for the first time on the army platform. Under that name, all the few CSKA fans united at the time – the answer to the recently emerging Spartak hooligan gang called Flint’s Crew.

Andrei Malosolov remembers: “Before the start of the race, there was an argument in the square between the ticket office, the entrances and the leather jacket stand (if you do not remember, Luzniki in those years was a giant open-air market with Turkish and Chinese consumer goods), no one was able to push anyone out because of the MAT police who ran fast, but 4 spartaks remained in the square. Several smaller skirmishes took place on the ground of the stadium and Mamulya’s fan, who always fought only with an equal opponent, got into a fight with some brave grandfather meat and dragged him, holding his leg, without leaving for about five minutes.

In fact, on May 22, 1994, a new wave of enmity began between Spartak and CSKA fans. That is still going on.

And the unsuccessful series of CSKA will last another four years. For the first time, the army team will be able to defeat Spartak only in September 1998.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Vladimir Rodionov;

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