Ten reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G


We manufacture traditional materials for ten reasons for basic market models. The Samsung A53 5G is becoming one of the main devices this season (it has not been delivered to Russia yet, but hopefully it will be soon). In this article, we will look at ten reasons for a smartphone and then talk in a separate article about the reasons against it. I am going.

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Reason # 1. Designing senior models

Very often we lose the appearance of these devices, although in its price segment the Galaxy A53 repeats the previous model A52 in terms of materials and appearance. Included it looks like the Fan Edition, which is noticeably more expensive and is an affordable flagship.

It is impossible to argue that these devices have their own easily recognizable face. And where Chinese manufacturers often offer the same, faceless models, the A53 has a recognizable image. You can choose black, and then it will suit anyone, or you can get bright colors, the latter I personally like much more.

Reason number 2. Illustration

Officially, this is still the same Super AMOLED as in the previous model, it even “removed” the support for HDR10 + and Dolby Vision. In fact, the screen displays the image much better, the colors are brighter and clearer, they ring. This is clearly visible when taking photos or watching photos, videos. Denial of certification is a cost-saving, time-honored sign. Support for 120 Hz, brightness up to 800 nits, many additional settings and smart adaptive backlighting from the flagships in the mainstream section. In a word, the screen model is excellent and will please anyone who wants to get a high quality screen, because it is the screen that largely determines the perception of the device.

Reason number 3. Waterproof IP67

We are used to the fact that flagships have water protection, but not everyone has realized that it has also become the rule in the middle class. Competitors generally do not offer water protection and this is a notable disadvantage. Therefore, for those who like to splash in the water, this device is more suitable than others.

Reason number 4. stereo speakers

The large screen is good for watching videos, which means you need loud and clear stereo speakers here, they are in the device. You can also use it as a small speaker, activate the streaming service and listen to your favorite tunes. In a word, everything is fine with the sound.

Reason number 5. 5 nm processor and high power modem

In its price range, the Galaxy A53 is one of the first smartphones with a 5 nm processor (Exynos 1280). Because of this, it gets a number of advantages, energy consumption in most jobs is low. This allowed the company to realize the high power of the modem, it provides download in places where the same A52 does not work. The other side of the coin is that the A53 has a high SAR level, there are no wonders in the world. Let’s discuss it in ten reasons.

Reason number 6. 5G support out of the box

It is possible that in the absence of 5G networks in Russia, this element will be bypassed, but the model now supports new generation networks by default. When you buy a smartphone for 3-4 years, you will see such networks appear in Russia. But it is definitely not worth taking this item for granted, you may have time to change your device before now and the speed of LTE networks for most is enough for the eyes.

Reason number 7. Cameras and their quality

For its price point, the Galaxy A53 offers a very good set of cameras with good image quality. There is no telephoto lens (x2 zoom is only digital), but the presence of a macro, wide-angle lens enables various shooting options. The image quality is not similar to that of the flagships, but the presence of optical stabilization in the main unit, good processing algorithms – all this distinguishes the model from many competitors.

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