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21:27 January 15, 2022.

The snowstorm that raged in Sakhalin for three days reminded the inhabitants of the island what the real winter should be like. The inhabitants of Sakhalin have not seen such snow for a long time and, as it seems, they were not ready.

The snowstorm started gradually and until the night of the first day brought many problems. Due to the increased bad weather in the afternoon there were breaks air trafficthe roads were closed to each other settlementsorganized heating points. Employees of the Traffic Police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations helped the people to reach their homes, organizing columns and accompanying them along the way. Public transport operated within the city, while in Iturup, due to a strong cyclone, buses did not go at all. The roads were filled with snow, the volume of which on the first day had not yet caused such horror, but the cyclone had just begun its course – the islanders were informed on aid.

It seemed to be much stronger. There were cars in snow cubes, buses and even snow bloweraccident reporting at this time are replaced faster than usual. The city seemed to be fighting hard, but the cyclone was clearly winning. It was lost somewhere heatingsomewhere lightand somewhere at the same time – such were the consequences gas explosion in the Trinity. The residents of Sakhalin had the opportunity to go home early from work, but not everyone. Clear the uninterrupted snow had to day and night.

Waking up on the morning of January 13, everyone realized that life plan should be adjusted for the next few days. Snow fell for the winter that fell, the avalanches of many meters continued to take different forms due to the wind. Some people were still going to work, however, many had to go on foot and right along the road. Wait bus it seemed like a futile exercise, like digging cars that had disappeared into the avalanches. Wearing masks, wrapped in scarves, early in the morning, pedestrians wandered to the offices. Meanwhile, the bad weather was not going to stop. The airport has not yet accepted or released aircraftcontinued the electricians restore damaged power cables, long distance communication remained closedthe students left on the remote control. Meanwhile, the residents of Sakhalin did not get tired of sending their photos scanned streets and yards that needed to be cleaned as soon as possible.

In the private sector

In the private sector

It is probably quite difficult for people who are not used to such snowfall to invent fun for themselves, but not for our islanders. The fishermen started to fish, skiers and snowboards rode not only on the mountainbut also on the streets. In addition, the athletes did not deny themselves the usual movement around the snowy city with cross-country skiing. People moderating and having fun destroyed avalanches by jumping, including uniform express sclerosis, which gave rise to a kind of challenge on social networks. People won a lot extreme height, completely forgetting the dangers. Many remembered the forgotten earthworks and tunnels from childhood and built snow shelters with pleasure.

But not everyone had time to have fun. Ambulance workers found themselves in difficult conditions and asked aid in digging their cars and transporting patients. Traffic police continued to rescue people from the snowy roads, sometimes pointing the way by foot. Electricity engineers not only restored the power supply, but also deliverable products in the villages.

On the third day of the cyclone the situation remained steadily difficult. In the shops that the inhabitants of the city could reach, the shelves with the products were empty. raging sea blurred federal highway. airport only closed in the morning, train service as well stopped.

The store ends with a sausage …

… and milk

There was no question of opening roads. The monthly rule of snow that fell in a period of three days blocked the passages not only in yards and roads, but also on the slopes. The private sector has been transformed into a major ski resort. Public transport also could not cope, but did not give up until it is not stuck at all.

The main clearers of snow in the yards were and remain management companies, were under the supervision of the administration. Help came in cleaning up socially important items from the armythe railway tried to release tracks and stations.

Today the island came to life at a rapid pace. Although not all endured on the nerves, in general, the inhabitants of Sakhalin have shown that not everything is lost. The mutual aid of the islanders was on level. Neighbors helped each other clean the yards, passengers pushed stuck buses, snowmobilers came to the rescue doctors. The settlements will be in order soon. It remains to be a little patient and to be able to provide help where needed.

And how did you get through this blizzard?

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