Did not like the hot weather for long – forecast for the second half of the week

It seems that there is very little time left until the end of the week, however, according to the forecast, the weather will be very different from what it was a few days ago. Roman Vilfand, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Scientific Director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, informed the Free Press.

“Traffic will change not only in Europe, but also in the Far East. This is due to the fact that for the umpteenth time the cyclones are moving. But: cyclones are not homogeneous formations – the weather is completely different in different regions. Thus, in the eastern region it is hot, and in the western region it is cold, since cold air masses invade the back of the cyclone. “These are the phenomena that will ‘fix the weather’ in the second half of the week in various parts of the country,” the meteorologist said.

Weather forecast for Moscow

According to the forecast of Roman Wilfand, weather with little rainfall is expected in the capital throughout the second half of the week, but on Sunday the intensity of rainfall will increase.

“The beginning of the week was unusually warm – just yesterday, Tuesday, the temperature was already nine degrees higher than the long-term values ​​and more consistent with the March weather. It was the same today. And tomorrow, according to our forecasts, the temperature is expected to be four to five degrees above normal. “But then the temperature background will start to fall and on Saturday and Sunday the weather will approach long-term indicators,” he said.

According to the forecast of the meteorologist, the next night the air temperature in the capital will be -11, and in the east of the Moscow region – even up to minus 16 degrees. And on Thursday afternoon – -4 … -6.

“On Friday, the weather will not change significantly – the temperature background is the same, but it is likely to snow. But on Saturday, according to our forecast, due to the fact that there will be a high pressure ridge at the back of the cyclone, there will be clearings in the clouds, which means that there will be cooling. The temperature in Moscow will drop to -10… -12 at night and even to -15 in the region and the temperatures during the day are very good -6… -8 “, points out the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center. Russia.

At the same time, Roman Vilfand warns immediately: according to the forecast, the cyclone will pass quite quickly and therefore the Muscovites must prepare for the thawing weather from next week.

Weather forecast for St. Petersburg

In northern European Russia, cyclonic activity is more developed, so in the next working days, according to the forecast of Roman Vifand, the pressure in St. Petersburg will be below the norm, although not much. And closer to the weekend, the pressure will drop quite noticeably, but according to the forecast the temperature will rise significantly.

“If on Thursday and Friday the weather is quite consistent with the season – nighttime temperatures range from minus ten to minus 15, and during the day -6 … -8, then on Saturday, due to the approach of the next cyclone and the flow of gas masses from the southeast, the temperature during the day will be minus four, and on Sunday from zero to minus two degrees. And, as in Moscow, on Monday and Tuesday next week in the city of Neva, according to the forecast, thawing is expected. However, according to the calculations, from Saturday, the wind will increase “, said the source.

Weather forecast for Crimea

According to the forecast, very difficult weather conditions are expected in Crimea in the second half of the week, warns Roman Wilfand.

“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow it will rain on the peninsula that will turn into snow and in the mountains – more intense snow, in places the rainfall will be very intense. In the mountains there are deposits of icy frost, sleet, deposits can stick to vertical surfaces, tree branches and wires. In addition, the wind will increase – on Thursday and Friday it will be 15-20 meters per second and gusts of up to 25. This weather is very dangerous. “The combination of very heavy rainfall and increased winds can threaten people’s health and therefore it is necessary to be extremely careful,” warns the meteorologist.

Speaking about the temperature regime, he notes that if tomorrow, Thursday, the thermometers rise above zero, both at night and during the day – about +5 degrees at night, in the afternoon – about +7 … +9 , then then, according to forecasts, a significant drop is expected.

“From Friday, the winter weather will remind itself – the night temperatures will become negative – -3 … -5 and the temperatures during the day – from zero to plus four degrees. This is associated with both cyclonic activity and frontal sections, which are constantly forming not only in the Crimea, but generally in southern Russia. The cold air masses coming from the northwest, meeting warm air over the Black Sea, will contribute to the formation of acute frontal sections. “Both the heavy rainfall and the increased wind are connected with this”, says the meteorologist.

Weather forecast for Ural

According to Roman Vifand, the weather in the Urals is very hot.

“According to the forecast, the temperature by the end of the working week will exceed the long-term values ​​by 10-12 degrees. Nighttime temperatures are slightly negative – from minus three to minus seven, and during the day the thawing time is from zero to plus three degrees. It is true that on Saturday and Sunday a slight decrease is expected, which can hardly be called a “decrease”, as the temperature will still be above the norm by 8-9 degrees. That is, almost March time: -5 … -9 degrees are expected at night. The temperatures during the day are in the range of -2 … -6 “, the interlocutor points out.

At the same time, as Roman Vilfand warns, heavy snow and ice are expected in the Sverdlovsk region on February 4: “In general, ice at high temperatures is a huge problem – it is dangerous and unfavorable for residents. ”

Weather forecast for the Far East

According to Roman Wilfand, the weather in the Far East will correspond to long-term observations.

“Light rain is expected in Primorye in the second half of the week. Nighttime temperatures are from 13 to 18 degrees below zero and daytime temperatures are from seven to ten, of course, also with a minus sign. Partly cloudy, but sunny enough. “If we talk about this region, the temperature is close to long-term values ​​- two degrees above the norm, but this is a fairly acceptable temperature,” said the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

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