special animals are looking for the most kind and patient owners

We decided to make themed in April a selection of animals looking for a home. Today we will talk about dogs and cats, which are different from their relatives, because due to injuries, diseases or human cruelty, they became disabled.

According to Yulia Buynitskaya, head of the Vladimir Fund for Relief of Abandoned Animals “The Road of Goodness”, special animals need special owners:

“Patient, able to accept a homeless person who is not like everyone else. Yes, such cats and dogs are very vulnerable, but they will be three times more grateful to those who dared to give them their love. Basically, these are ordinary pets, only one of them needs more attention, another needs rest and the third needs pets.

Not all the animals we are talking about in Vladimir. But if you are the same person who wants to give them a home and love, then call the curators, they will arrange a meeting for you.


Pepper was thrown into the street like a kitten and there his tough kids twisted his leg. They did not have time to break it – passers-by took the baby, but the nerve was already damaged. Volunteers who acquired a kitten took it to the veterinary clinic, gave him medicine and massaged him. Unfortunately, the foot will never be healthy again. But Pertsik is still learning to control it – he leans on it and rolls the ball.

A broken leg is typical of Pepper. And yes, he does walk three legs, but that does not bother him at all. Otherwise, this is an ordinary cat – affectionate with people and ready to support any toy. By the way, it has strong leadership qualities – it managed to “subject” other animals to overexposure. Generally, the leader and sometimes a little bully.

Pepper is sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed and trained in the litter box. If you want to meet, then call 8 – 915-768 – 70-86 (Irina).


Belyashik is a very patient cat. There are explanations for this – he had to endure a tumor, examinations and diagnoses by doctors, an operation … He endured everything steadily. And although he lost one ear in the battle against the disease, he remained handsome.

Now the little fluffy fighter needs homely warmth and care, which will give him the best owner in the world. The volunteers note that by taking Belyashik, you will receive a real treasure in the form of a cat-psychologist, a cat-pillow and a cat-friend.

Belyashik is a well-balanced and well-mannered cat, trained in all the tricks that pets need to know. He likes to play, but he also likes to lie on the couch. If you like it, call: 8 – 904-959 – 68-69 (Irina).


Alfred or simply Alf nailed to people at the New Year holidays. Exactly what happened to him is unknown. According to the vet who took the dog for an appointment, the wound is old and has already healed. Although the dog’s appearance is not typical, this does not really stop him from living. Unless he gnaws on bones and eats soft food. Otherwise, treat him like a normal dog.

Alf is about six or seven years old, he is a big “shepherd” who easily finds contact with a man, knows several commands, walks well with a leash and drives a car calmly. However, he does not like strong equipment such as tractors.

Attached to a private home, but not in a chain, but as a friend and companion. If you are interested, call Curator Irina: 8 – 961-112 – 77-74.

Freya and Yefim

These kittens got the herpes virus from their mother, which led to eye damage. It’s a shame, but the long-term treatment and surgery did not improve Freya’s vision much, she sees very little. But that’s enough to navigate the apartment well, find a bowl and a tray, and run and play. By the way, another feature of Freya is that she is not afraid of dogs at all.

Yefim, like her sister, is about 7-8 months old. His state of health is better – one eye is perfectly fine and the other only needs cosmetic care. In general, this is a happy and playful teenage kitten, completely ready to get acquainted with the future owner.

An important clarification – kittens are attached exclusively to compartments, without walking alone. For details, contact Elena at 8 – 904-031 – 04-20 (Viber, WhatsApp).

So many

Tosya is already an old dog. No one knows how old she is, but certainly over 10. Volunteers took her in a terrible condition, treated her for a long time and, as they say, “literally scraped her from death”. Surgery to remove the tumor, cure the fungus, medicines for the parasites – and the dog was transformed. Tosya gained weight and also grew a beautiful coat. Yes, he should take pills regularly, but this is not as terrible as dying on the road from starvation and disease.

Due to her age, Tosya is a very calm dog. She usually sleeps or lies down in her small room, watching how the herd of the shelter spends its time. And she is very happy when people come to her – to caress and hug.

It would be ideal for Tosya to find a decent place to live. Maybe it will be a private house with a heated terrace or maybe an apartment on the ground floor so the dog can go for walks. The main thing is that he feels love and care. The phone number of Elena’s curator is 8 – 904-031 – 04-20 (Viber, WhatsApp).


Another old woman is Martha, half-blind and half-deaf. She lives in temporary foster care, but in a few days she needs a new place. If not for her advanced age, Martha could have been transferred to an orphanage. But it will be difficult for an older dog there, not in this condition to live in a cage. In foster care, he just sleeps most of the time – as if he is sleeping warmly from all the cold nights outside.

Martha saw some good things in her life. And in her old age, she does not need so much: bed linen, a bowl, walks in the morning and evening. Plus, of course, a good attitude. The volunteers promise to provide the dog with food, as well as pay for all medical procedures that may be needed in the future. For more information on March, call 8 – 902-882 – 63-03.


Did Kesha have another name before? Obviously no one knows. The striped cat came to the volunteers in March when it was hit by a car. Former owners, if any, have not been found, so the money for the treatment of a fluffy patient is raised by everyone.

Due to the injury, Kesha has problems with her hind legs. The prospects are not yet very clear, but there is hope for recovery. According to the doctor’s recommendations, the legs should be developed – they bend and unwind at the knee joint and the leg. In addition, a stroller was ordered for the cat so that it can now run around the floor.

And yes, Kesha is also looking for the most affectionate and caring owner. In good hands and recovery will go faster. The phone number of Elena’s curator is 8 – 904-031 – 04-20 (Viber, WhatsApp).

The Doroga Dobroga Dobroga (Good Way) fund for abandoned animals, with which we prepared this option, has a website and a page on VKontakte. There you can learn about shelter dogs and cats, as well as how to help volunteers.

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