Disabled orphans and lynx in the Omsk region so far nothing shines

The speeches of the ministers traditionally gave rich food to the minds of the contemporaries …

“Your report, Irina Mikhailovna, is impressive,” the speaker accompanied Ombudsman Kasyanova on the podium. – The work was done a lot, but I wanted to keep within 10 minutes. The best.


From the very first chords, the speech of the Omsk region commissioner for human rights was heard in an important key that confirms life:

– In such a difficult time for the country, we must strengthen the sense of trust and security of our citizens.

– During the pandemic, we focused on strengthening faith in regional health care.

– We supported our colleagues in their efforts to create conditions for a happy childhood.

– Performed tasks to maintain the income of citizens in view of large-scale sanctions.

– Our state body intervened in the relations between citizens and public authorities.

According to Ms. Kasyanova, in 2021, the “body” received 1,793 appeals to it, ie 59 more than in 2020.


More than half of the questions concern the “part of the implementation of social rights”. Mostly retirees are rustling. Receiving a ridiculous monthly amount from the state, they are still worried about whether they were given the right pension after so many years of honest and conscientious work.

“As the regional branch of the Pension Fund of Russia undergoes structural changes, our body has expanded the list of channels providing legal aid to retirees,” the ombudsman did not fail to note her own advantages. – And for sixteen residents of Omsk, the amount of pensions was recalculated upwards.

However, the problems are more than the victories.

The social tension from the demands of the parents in the schools does not weaken.

The population’s dissatisfaction with the so-called free medical care is growing.

The problem of suicide is growing. Last year, 452 Omsk residents died prematurely. And 14 of them are minors.

180 appeals were received from the convicts, but not a single state of emergency was recorded in the Omsk colonies.

When asked by Deputy Vinichenko how Irina Mikhailovna explains the “phenomenon” that from time to time most of the complaints come from the Cherlak region, the Ombudsman replied: They say this is because there is a specialist working there.

Deputy Kazanin expressed his opinion on the suicide. It is a matter of genetic predisposition and heredity and it would be good to “catch” them.


Vladimir Borisovich would also like to “strengthen control over the work of officials”, some of whom, he said, prefer to be “deleted” and seek “not to help, but to evil”.

– Who do you mean, who deletes? said Mr. Varnavsky. “We have a governor here, members of the government. If you call out the names of those who are unsubscribing, the conversation will benefit.

Deputy Kazanin did not put a single word in his pocket:

– If I start listing them all, we will sit until morning. Here, for example, we havealas, the MP did not specify where he is – with us – mt..) the road is not registered. The head of the settlement says: “This does not concern me, go to the Omsk region.” And there you know it: these guys have jobs everywhere. We go to the Ministry – they say: “The region must register the road.” So we make circles, the world is bitter. I can give so many examples that you know how many enemies I will have …

– Hmmm… I myself dealt with such a road, – the speaker turned the subject diplomatically, – the roads will have to be assigned to the property to be repaired…

The code is almost gone

Introducing the issue of amending the “Omsk Regional Code on Administrative Offenses”, the President recalled that the document was discussed “at all levels, including the prosecutor, and thanks to him: he took an active part”. And that each case “issued its own verdict”. And that now the bill “has a slightly different text.”

“But we are not in a hurry,” warned Vladimir Alekseevich, “and today we are approving the document at first reading so that we can make amendments.”


Committee Chairman Sedelnikov noted from the podium that all comments had been taken into account, such a measure as a warning was included in all articles and fines for ticketless travel and improvement were reduced.

The lawmaker, MP Kazanin, considered it his duty to recall that “since the pandemic passed, the dollar has sunk back to where it was and the Central Bank has returned interest rates, fines for small and medium-sized businesses could increase. big companies, but for the citizens to keep everything as it is “.

Tsouvas lynx to you, comrade minister

“I feel like everyone here is a hunter”, the speaker warmed up the room in his usual relaxed way, while Minister Lobov paraded on the podium. – We have all of Russia – hunters, and we want to hear a professional, not an emotional opinion.

The opinion of Ilya Alekseevich, who represents the draft law “On hunting and conservation of hunting resources in the Omsk region” was neither the first, nor the second, nor the third. His supreme ministry was lost in verbal constructions and, like a badger caught in a trap, for a long time he could not get out of the grammar trap.

From the pile of words for “draws”, “quotas”, “declarations”, “queues”, “great conflicts between hunters” and “democratic way”, it did not immediately become clear that from now on badgers, lynxes and wolves would be shot. different. Yes, the magpies landed on this mournful list.

– Magpies strike, but where are the sparrows? the speaker joked.

The New People’s Party was categorically against such barbarism. “When our forests are constantly burning and the animals are dying, the list of animals allowed to be hunted does not need to be expanded,” said Deputy Smirnov.

But … after a while it turned out that Governor Burkov, who was sitting in the presidency, rejected the amendment on the “amnesty” of the lynx.

“I do not agree with the minister’s reasoning,” said Deputy Tkachev. – There were no discussions about the lynx in the Omsk region. It is protected by international conventions. I understand that there is a list of countries that are not friendly to us, but what do lynx have to do with it? This animal is included in the Red Books of 23 issues of the Russian Federation. It was included in the Red Book lists of Belarus, Chuvashia, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara. It was once thought that this predator hunts deer, but tigers are not removed from the Red Book to hunt dogs, humans and animals. 130-170 lynx people do not threaten in any way the number of deer, which last year reached a maximum – 52.7 thousand heads.

I suggest not to hurry, but to study carefully the life of a lynx in the competent ministry. Take stock. It is no secret that even in the north of the Omsk region, no one saw traces of lynx. And you can return to the topic in 2025, when the third option for the creation of the Red Book of the region will be discussed.

But for some reason, Nature Minister Lobov “disliked” the lynx. This, he says, does not apply to the Red Book of the Russian Federation. And in adjacent areas it is also enough. In addition, the lynx shows an annual increase in numbers.

Miracles! No one seems to have seen it, and only Ilya Alekseevich “shows growth” …

In my opinion, the head of the profile committee, Pushkarev, was tired of these passions for lynx and took the liberty to summarize:

“I do not think that tomorrow we will rush with weapons to chase this lynx. The approach will be professional: if there is an opportunity, there will be hunting.

The age of the subsidies is not shown

“Tatyana Vasilievna, the suit is good,” the speaker could not resist praising Minister Dernova.

The official raised the Law on the priority introduction of education in municipal pre-school and general education institutions for children of education and health workers. And all kinds of other social benefits.

The law “On monthly monetary compensation to orphans for renting residential space” was intended for orphans and children left without parental care with I and II disability groups. To receive no more than 11 thousand rubles a month in Omsk and 5 thousand in the municipal district for rent, these “lucky ones” must: 1) not be registered in a drug clinic in connection with treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction , drug abuse ; 2) enter into a lease agreement for a period of at least one year.

Mr Tkachev also called for a third disability group, but his amendment was rejected, explaining the “lack of financial and economic justification”.

Deputy Berendeev said people with disabilities in the third group should also be supported, as they are “limited people”.

Deputy Andrushko noted that even today “young people without health restrictions do not have the opportunity to find work, so let’s talk about people with disabilities.”

And then the speaker took the floor.

– The government and we MPs are constantly expanding the category of citizens who are in difficult life situations. The funds allocated for the construction of houses proved to be insufficient. We went further: we introduced certificates. We now pay a subsidy to children with disabilities. We do not stop, we improve. We will return to this issue. And because we pass the law in two readings at the same time, but because there are so many people in line that it must somehow be removed. And this decision will support at least this accusation. Of course, we would like to have everything at the same time, but such are our budgetary possibilities: everything is calculated here.

Parliament also rejected amendment no. 2, which constituted the exclusion of a period of “at least one year”. According to Ms. Dernova, it takes time for the lease to be registered in court. We are managing the budget, the official was indignant and we should have an official document that the process is proceeding legally, that we do not support the black market for renting houses.

The owners do not want to pay additional taxes, given the current situation, Deputy Tkachev tried to reach the minister, I am afraid that no one will be able to use this benefit. However, Tatyana Vasilievna considered it almost immoral, given the lack of financial resources, to “support non-payment of taxes”.

“I rented an apartment myself,” admitted Smirnov, “and it is almost impossible to find a landlord who is ready to rent a house for more than 12 months with all the paperwork.” And in the areas of renting houses is generally not enough. The amendment should be, it will greatly simplify the receipt of benefits, in the end, you can pay taxes on contracts for 11 months.

Deputy Kazanin asked about the fate of the disabled, they say, how it should be. To which the minister reasonably replied: all disabled people are under full state support and live in appropriate institutions. Everything!

Amendments rejected, law passed. Dry the oars, write letters.

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