Dogs in Gubakha attacked six people

Ways to solve the problem of stray dogs and tips from dog handlers on how not to fall victim to aggressive animals.

In Gubakha, the court ordered the district administration to put the stray dogs in order. This is reported to the district court.

Nobody wants to work with dogs

According to the materials of the case, in 2021 residents repeatedly addressed the administration with complaints about the aggressive behavior of stray dogs bred in the area. During the year six people applied to the hospital for medical treatment for dog bites.

However, the reaction of the city authorities to the situation, according to the court, was minimal. Officials have repeatedly announced auctions for the purchase of ownerless animal care services and, due to a lack of applications, the auctions have been declared invalid.

The Gubakhinsky district court ruled that city authorities should be responsible for organizing measures to treat stray animals within a month: catching animals, transporting them and taking them to shelters. keeping animals without owners in shelters; returning lost animals to their owners and searching for new owners for animals accepted in shelters; returning animals that are not aggressive to their former habitats after the necessary measures have been taken.

It is possible to solve the problem

The issue of stray dog ​​attacks on humans is raised regularly as soon as someone dies from a dog bite. Earlier this year, in the village of Domna, in the province of Chita, in the Trans-Baikal Territory, a herd of dogs killed a seven-year-old girl returning from school. In the Astrakhan region, a 58-year-old man fell victim to dogs.

Immediately, the State Duma began to consider strengthening the liability of dog owners.

Photo: TASS / Kirill Kukhmar

The fact that the current 498-FZ “On Responsible Animal Welfare” in its current form does not solve the problem that has arisen, say animal rights activists.

“First of all, the current legislation provides for a method of combating neglect: trapping, sterilization, vaccination and return to habitat,” said Svetlana Ilyinskaya, president of the Center for Animal Welfare. Shot or euthanasia, unless the animal is aggressive, is not possible.

According to the expert, world experience shows that where the issue with dogs is resolved, the following provisions are included in the legislation and are tacitly applied: ban on the presence of stray animals in all areas – urban or natural. The animals are captured and kept in shelters while looking for owners.

– Find – good. “They do not find it – the animal sleeps humanely,” says Svetlana Ilyinskaya. – Animal shootings take place in natural areas, as dogs and cats threaten the fauna. And, as a result, the problem is solved. Sterilization alone, without shooting and euthanasia, will not solve the problem. Hunters never catch the whole herd and the escaping dogs capture the first time they become more careful.

At the same time, the return of neutered dogs to the urban environment does not address the issue of safety either. Experts note that neutered dogs, for example, are becoming more aggressive and dangerous. This means that the problem must be solved differently, says the president of the Center for Legal Protection of Animals.

Another effective way to solve the problem of stray animals is to strengthen the responsibility of owners. Elena Polienko, director of the Laskovy Zver Foundation, told about it.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov

Legislation should aim to develop a responsible attitude towards animals. There are people in this field who come to make money on animals. And from here – puppies-kittens sold to “wrong people”, who soon grow up and are on the street, overexposure, a tangible part of the pets of which are either euthanized or, again, sent to the street. A significant portion of stray dogs are actually owners and are in “free range”, Polienko explains.

Tips from dog handlers: how to avoid being attacked

First of all, if you come across a stray dog ​​or herd or know about the places where they live, be sure to report it to the local government with a request to catch them and place them in a shelter.

Never feed or house such dogs. In this way, you endanger yourself and those around you. Dogs will begin to consider this place their territory and may show aggression to those who mistakenly visit them.

If you suddenly come across a herd of stray dogs, try not to pay attention to them and do not attract their attention: move slowly away from the area where they live and feed: these areas are attacked more often.

Do not be aggressive. Do not provoke the dogs, do not chase them, do not shake your hands, do not make loud noises and do not start running. It is important to stay calm and not show your fear, even if this is difficult to do in the current situation. If the herd barks, stay still until the dogs have calmed down and then leave their area smoothly without turning your back on the animals.

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