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Simple unpretentious food from well-known products prevents the development of diseases

The war put everything in its place: it became clear what is most valuable in life.

He immediately lost the value of fur, diamonds, expensive watches, fancy cars and candlelit houses. The greatest value was life. Someone will say: yes, it was clear. But no, remember boutiques “,” false eyelashes “,” it is fashionable this season and what was bought a year ago is no longer fashionable “.

We realized that wearing jeans, sneakers, showering, eating hot food, sleeping in bed, not getting fired and having relatives alive – this level pyramid of values ​​of life “, which is enough for happiness.

The same goes for food. We realized that buckwheat with butter is not worse, but better than quinoa with MCT coconut oil. Freeze-dried blueberries and raisins are no worse than goji. that there is more vitamin C in young onions, parsley and cabbage than in expensive tablets.

I am not a fan of strict minimalism and asceticism, but again I will just remind you that our diet is one of the very important factors on which the state of human health depends.

Diet prevents or promotes the development of many diseases.

Our health is not something stable, it is a state of the body that is constantly changing and depends on energy reserves, the ability to recover and regulate all biochemical processes.

There is a choice of food – choose cheap but natural

And the ability of the body to be resistant to negative factors depends on our state of health. (primarily stress) and the ability to compensate for the pathological process that may develop under these factors.

Because this prelude”?

Reminder: eat simple food that is both simple and quick to prepare, with recognizable foods. Because it is a simple, unpretentious food, from the products familiar to our environment, which provides us with all the opportunities to avoid diseases and to be healthy.

What should be on the plate?

1. Protein dish (eggs come first meat, fish, beans, cheese)

2. Cereals (porridge, bread)

3. Vegetable dish (lettuce, stew), greens.

4. And all with Healthy Fats (butter, fresh frozen lard, sour cream 15-20%, crude vegetable oil – perhaps sunflower), as well as products containing fat – nuts, seeds.

5. Berries (optimal).


Do you want something sweet? Make yourself known Amosov pasta “- a mixture of ground nuts, lemon, honey. Apple. Pear.

Today I plan to bake pastries.

Because this is sacred, these are our traditions, this is the case when you can bite. Because the cooking process itself has a calming, optimistic, very positive effect, the monotony of kneading reduces stress, changing the train of thought in a positive direction.

But not everyone has such happiness – to prepare for Easter. Thousands of people did not live to see this day, they do not have access to water, not to mention food, they do not come out of hiding.

Our warriors are fighting for our world. Without normal sleep, in a state of chronic fatigue, they protect our hope. Our supplies are full of photos of humanitarian aid boxes, bulletproof vests and other ammunition. It is not romantic, not glamorous, but monotonous and camouflaged.

But this is our reality, which we must live. Without panic and despair My God, what will happen to us?

Every war ends. That will end too. And our sacred duty is to help and hasten victory and peace.

Can’t volunteer to sort and pack boxes? Become a carrier. Prepare food. Be cyber warriors. Sew armor. Spend time with immigrant children. Earn money, pay taxes, help troops and the Armed Forces financially. And everything else (your choices).

And at the same time – do not neglect your health: there is an opportunity to sleep – do not sit and bite your fingernails on social networks at night, sleep. there is a choice of food – choose cheap but natural. move around during the day.

The text is published with the permission of the author


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