TOP-5 places for breakfast in Moscow

Spring is a wonderful time for nature to wake up and experience new things. Including gourmet. With each new day, the morning becomes more gentle, the sun brighter and summer terraces already open everywhere in Moscow.

For many Muscovites, the question remains: where to have a delicious breakfast? We present our selection – TOP 5 best places for a delicious and happy breakfast:

1. “Northerners” (Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, 12с1)

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According to many food bloggers, breakfast at the Severyane restaurant is considered one of the best in Moscow. The author of the work, Ilya Tyutenkov, calls himself an innovator, conceptualist, experimenter. Maybe that’s why his restaurant has such an exquisite breakfast menu, which you can enjoy daily from 9 am to 4 pm.

Some will call the interior gloomy, others – restrained. But we have not yet met indifferent reviews. If you have come for breakfast, we suggest you sit by the window, especially when the weather is nice: first, it is easier to wake up and second, the rhythm of the metropolis complements this special atmosphere of the restaurant.

Here you will be offered to start your morning, for example, with buckwheat porridge with parmesan (490 rubles), then try an egg with guacamole in brioche with crab (1200 rubles). For “dessert” – a pot of cherry sauce (440 rubles) and a teapot with aromatic buckwheat tea (500 rubles).

It should be noted that “Severyan” has a special love for drinks: here, in addition to the classic types of tea and coffee, you will be offered herbs, rewards, as well as lemonades with unusual names. We recommend that you enjoy Matcha Sakura lemonade (450 rubles) or prepare the Diamond Cutter collection (450 rubles). Ingredients and composition will not be disclosed. This is the case when it’s best to try once. Or not alone.

2. “I love cake” (Bolshoi Patriarchy Lane, 4)

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If the terms “delicious” and “beautiful” are inextricably linked to you, then you are definitely here. There is a special approach to serving dishes: filling, decoration, name – love is felt in everything. The range of breakfasts is very rich: there is a rich President with an impressive slice of Parma (670 rubles) and a curious Miller with poached, parmesan, spinach and bacon (650 rubles) and also a wonderful Granola Fitness with yogurt, berries and honey ( 540 rubles). .) from the Healthy Menu.

The huge plus of this institution is that it meets the simplest rule: “When you wake up, then it is morning”. The breakfasts at I love cake are served all day and you can drink any of them with aromatic coffee, freshly squeezed juices or refreshing smoothies. In cool weather, you can warm up with a portion of soup, the option is small but well chosen. Our heart went to the tomato soup with eggplant and Parma ham (670 rubles). Guests will also be pleased with the variety of salads and bruschettas. Almost everything meets the fashion trend of PP, so you will not have to worry about the silhouette, even after a very filling snack. If you have a strong will, then you will resist the temptation of desserts. And if you are like us, then we recommend the classic Whoopie cookie (450 rubles) or cheesecake brownie (490 rubles) – matte for your beach season, but extremely tasty. There are also many trendy cakes and cupcakes in desserts.

For lovers of hot drinks – a wide variety of coffee and tea. You can have breakfast with a large cup of aromatic cappuccino here for 1000-1200 rubles. The average bill for a table for two is 2,500-3,000 rubles.

A good place in the center of Moscow to start a productive working day or a relaxing brunch weekend for the whole family.

3. Dr. Zhivago (Mokhovaya street, 15/1)

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And here we are on the first floor of the National Hotel, opposite the wall of the Moscow Kremlin. Despite the dawn, the restaurant “Dr. Zhivago »almost complete landing. At first glance, one can say that here come mainly businessmen, business travelers and middle class executives. Some admire the view, others are inspired by the interior, the history of the place itself, while others miss the past, deciding perhaps an infinite fate.

The atmosphere of Brezhnev’s time reigns in the restaurant, nostalgic notes erupt from the melodies of Soviet times and the attire of polite waiters completes the image of bygone eras. Looking ahead, we note that here, perhaps, the best time to start serving breakfast is 6 in the morning.

You will need more than one morning visit to appreciate all the menu items of this great cafe. The dishes presented are so harmoniously combined with each other that you want to invent their endless combination, to taste and dissolve in the atmosphere of gastronomic turmoil.

The breakfast menu is divided into thematic categories: cereals, pies and pies, pasta and pasta, hot sandwiches, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, egg dishes, dairy and cottage cheese, morning soups, sausages and sausages, fish and pastries. Each category contains at least five seats, variations of which will be your individual menu.

Let’s try to show you some variations to your liking: buckwheat porridge with porcini mushrooms in vegetable milk (740 rubles), Moscow omelette with onions and doctor’s sausage (320 rubles), apple-banana charlotte with ryavhen ice cream (320 rubles) and a hot tea kettle with fir cones (590 rubles). The average check for this order option is 2,000 rubles. Breakfast for two will cost 4,000 rubles. Is it worth talking about the saturation of such a set?

If you prefer a lighter form, we can recommend vanilla cheesecakes with sour cream (460 rubles), a fried egg (100 rubles) and a cup of aromatic Americano (320 rubles). Breakfast menu at Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago is so diverse that you can make the perfect combination for even the most demanding requests.

4. Draw Kitchen oven” (Malaya Bronnaya Street, 2с1)

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Another place for a delicious start to the day is Alexander Oganezov’s restaurant on the corner of Malaya Bronnaya and Tverskoy Boulevard with its own bakery. Whether you are sitting at the tables on the street or in the cozy room of the restaurant, a delicious breakfast and courteous service are guaranteed.

Breakfast at Remy Kitchen Bakery is an understandable story for those who are tired of the intricate gastronomic structures. The menu offers four types of porridge that can be flavored with additional ingredients. Our choice fell on oatmeal with banana and walnuts (640 rubles). You can also “assemble” a dish with eggs, for example, chicken omelette and avocado (890 rubles). The breakfast menu also includes separate dishes: pancakes zucchini and stratsiatella (420 rubles), brioche, crushed avocado, poached egg, Hollandaise sauce (600 rubles), granola (300 rubles), cheesecakes (320 rubles) and pancakes (200 rubles). Gluten-free pancakes will cost 100 rubles. expensive.

The undoubted advantage of this foundation is its own bakery. Residents of neighboring houses are regular buyers of sourdough bread with olives (320 rubles) or yeast focaccia with figs (350 rubles). Also here you will find a range of gluten-free breads – buckwheat (420 rubles), tomato (650 rubles). Behind the counter counters are also presented a series of delicacies: Kalamon olives (170 rubles per 100 g), marinated artichokes (270 rubles per 100 g), pastrami (250 rubles per 100 g), cheeses, pickles and meat .

Nice place to start the day. After that, you always have a choice of further disposition: turn to the noisy Tverskaya or retreat in quiet lanes to the Patriarchs.

5. “Breakfast” (Malaya Nikitskaya, 2/1)

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Another place on our list with a distinctive name. There are really many breakfast options here, the idea is similar to “I Love Cake” – bruschettas, omelets, pancakes, smoothies. This is obvious, because the foundation belongs to Nina Gudkova herself as the first coffee on our list. There are no time limits for breakfast, the “Breakfast” is open from 8 in the morning until 11 in the evening. What is the difference between the parts?

Coffee in Malaya Nikitskaya, in our opinion, is more about food than “I love Cake”. Here’s a more original presentation, but the dishes are truly enchanting. The mini pans fall in love with themselves in the first meeting, everything on them looks aesthetically appealing, the taste indicators are at a good level. If you are a novice food blogger or just like to photograph your food, then this place is suitable for such purposes.

The menu is divided into several categories: healthy breakfast, egg dishes, pancakes, cakes. The menu also includes various soups and bruschettas. When it comes to drinks, the company offers a wide variety of coffee drinks, lemonades, smoothies and teas. Note that most coffee drinks are very sugary, but there are also classic forms – cappuccino, american, latte.

We recommend that you pay attention to the original lemonades. Our selection is Solarium – thick pineapple lemonade with mango, banana and orange (450 rubles) and Sunrise – carbonated orange lemonade with raspberries and passion fruit syrup (420 rubles).

For breakfast, we tried delicate granola with banana, honey and nuts (540 rubles), breakfast board – avocado, tomatoes, salmon, omelette, toast with cream cheese and pesto sauce (670 rubles), homemade marshmallows (210 rubles) with tangerine, star anise and basil (520 rubles). Saturation came after granola, so you do not have to worry about the portion size of coffee in Malaya Nikitskaya.

Despite the rather high price range, the foundation is in demand. Booking a table for the weekend is a great success. The manager politely warns that the stay time is adjustable – 1.5-2 hours per table. We undertake to check the regulations on the next trip.

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