At Revda, ticks start biting people and free vaccinations are not available at the hospital

Last week, dangerous insects have already bitten three residents – an unvaccinated child and two adults who have completed an incomplete vaccination program.

At Revda, the tick season began in mid-April. Last week, dangerous insects have already bitten three residents – an unvaccinated child and two adults who have completed an incomplete vaccination program.

By the way, last year, ticks attacked five hundred civilians, of whom only 134 people were protected from infection.

It is now possible to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis all year round, it is not necessary to wait for the arrival of spring and a possible shortage of the drug.

– We are currently out of the tick-borne encephalitis vaccine at Revdinsky Hospital. It came in and was designed for specific categories. It was released for free for the first 2 vaccinations for both retirees and children and now we are waiting for the next birth. In recent days, a vaccine of about 170 doses for children of the poor has been received and this was announced by the administration of the city of Revda. Therefore, children, of course, can be vaccinated, – says Svetlana Gulyaeva, head of the infectious diseases department of the Revdinsky city hospital.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. What to do? Retirees can wait for a batch of the drug or, like all other citizens, can take care of it themselves – delivering the vaccine at their own expense. The pharmacy chain has a wide variety of anti-tick medicines that you can buy and bring to the vaccination room.

– The vaccine must be presented within 20 minutes from the time of purchase until arrival at the vaccination room. A sales receipt is issued for the vaccine, indicating the time the person purchased it. The coolant is released. With this coolant, a person comes very quickly to the vaccination room, the nurse checks the time, if it fits within 20 minutes, the person is vaccinated, – says Svetlana Gulyaeva.

If there is no vaccination against encephalitis and the tick has bitten, you should go to the hospital immediately, where the health worker will remove the insect. Ticks can be tested for infections. At the Revda, there is a specialized point at the address: 49 Sportivnaya Street. While the analysis is being prepared, the victim will be prescribed a course of antibiotic treatment for 5 or 10 days. In 98% of cases, this helps prevent complications from tick-borne encephalitis or Lyme borreliosis. Immunoglobulin will be inserted as indicated.

– As the drug belongs to the category of immunobiological, you can only put it if the pathogen is detected in the tick. You do not have a tick unless, as you say, the fact that the tick sucks, immunoglobulin will not be given. “The practice of administering total immunoglobulin to all applicants has been forgotten,” said Svetlana Gulyaeva.

If the procedure is left to chance and not treated, the tick infection will not go away on its own. The worst that can happen is a fatal outcome in case of encephalitis infection. However, even with lime borreliosis, chronic pathology and disability can be acquired.

– Most of the time, we detect diseases in which even a person does not notice that he has been bitten by a tick. After 3-4 months, up to a year, he has joint pains. Most often these are large joints – knees, elbows, less often small arms. A person deletes for rheumatoid arthritis, some changes from other organs. Next is damage to the cardiovascular system, the kidneys. That is, there is multiple organ failure. After many years, a person’s amnesic functions begin to decline – he remembers badly, he is very irritable. “This is also one of the manifestations of Lyme’s borealisation,” said Svetlana Gulyaeva.

In a word, you have to take care of yourself. Globally, you can order acaricide treatment for your collective garden or holiday village at SES. Local disinfestation of an area will be ineffective, as ticks are carried by strong winds and pets. The cost of processing one hundred square meters of land will cost 400 rubles.

Personal protection will also help. In nature, it is necessary to dress in closed clothes of smooth, light-colored fabrics. Those returning from the forest, garden or park should examine themselves, their loved ones, and even pets for the presence of a tick. And it is better not to bring home bouquets of flowers plucked on a hike.

May holidays are coming. Many will go to rest outside the city, work in the countryside or clean the cemetery. If a tick attacks right now, there is no need to panic. From May 1 to May 9, Revda Hospital will be open as usual – Monday through Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, on Saturdays from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. They will not refuse help in the emergency room, which is open 24 hours a day.

Larisa Hiteva, Vadim Makarov, Unity TV channel.


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