Doctors fear outbreak of rabies in Kazakhstan

An increase in the number of homeless dogs and cats threatens the outbreak of a dangerous virus in Kazakhstan. Increasingly, victims are turning to polyclinics. How to behave so as not to die, says

According to experts, the economic crisis has also affected animals. In just two months, 353 residents of the capital suffered from animal bites. Even for a city, these are big numbers.

An animal bite is dangerous because it can cost a human life. An example of this is the monstrous tragedy that broke out in the Turkestan region.

The dog attacked the boy in May 2021, biting his leg. And the symptoms of the disease appeared just a year later, on April 7, 2022. The child complained of anxiety, fear, fever, pain in the bones and in the area of ​​the bite, shortness of breath while drinking water and weakness.

A bone pain treatment was prescribed at the clinic in his place of residence. Later the situation worsened. The relatives turned to private clinics and alternative medicine.

Just on April 10, a 14-year-old student was diagnosed with rabies at a regional hospital. He died the next day.

The vaccine saves

In this story, the most horrible thing is that the child was killed by the carelessness of the adults. Unfortunately, rabies is a deadly disease and no miracle cure or therapist will help unless the vaccine is given within 10 days of the bite of an infected animal.

The parents self-medicated when it was necessary to run to the clinic immediately after a bite. Even if there are no symptoms. You do not know what dog bit him. And the symptoms may not appear immediately. In this case, they appeared a year later, when the paralysis went away. This virus travels along nerve pathways in the brain, where it develops inflammation. – Vital elements of the central nervous system are violated and death occurs, – warns the epidemiologist of the polyclinic No. 9 of Nur-Sultan Myra Rispayeva.

In just one month, four bitten children went to polyclinic No. 9. In three cases, stray dogs attacked. In one – it was home, but it had not been vaccinated. Therefore, all victims received rabies vaccine and were recorded under medical supervision.

How many dogs, so many characters

“90 percent of bitten people cause the animal to attack themselves,” said Sapabek Rakhimov, head of the Aktobe District Dog Training Center, and said what not to do when encountering a dog.

If you do not know the animal, then do not approach it. You can not touch and caress, even if the dog is lying. In addition, you can not throw stones or wood. She may perceive it as a threat and will defend herself. If the dog liked it, just talk lovingly to him from a distance. “The animal understands these positive emotions,” says Rakhimov.

But if you have caused an attack, then do not panic. Stay where you are.

You can not run and scream, shaking your hands. The dog will attack immediately. Just stay still and do not look her in the eyes. He considers it a challenge. The animal sees the world in black and white. Therefore, sudden movements can not be made. If attacked, protect her head, neck and chest from bites, advises the dog handler.

Bad does not mean bad. Before approaching a dog, you need to know its character. According to temperament, animals are of four types, like humans: they are choleric, phlegmatic, optimistic, melancholic. A cynologist-psychologist selects quadrupeds to serve in the police. From the nature of the puppy, you can immediately see in which direction it is best to learn and work. The most active and vicious dogs are choleric, usually fearless. They are sent to the most dangerous service: attacks, detention of armed criminals and other types of special operations associated with danger to life. The most useless for the police are melancholy. It is almost impossible to train them.

The melancholy are the calmest, but passive. They are not interested in anything other than food. That’s why we do not hire them. The choleric are heroes. Even if a bullet hits, they fight to the end until they complete the task. To him, we assign the calmest canine doctor who can calm his heat. But each dog obeys the command of only his kennel, who has cared for and trained her since birth. “It is difficult for others to find an approach,” he said.

In many dogs and cats, rabies occurs in a latent form. You will not be able to diagnose the disease with the eye. But do not leave them fluffy because of this. Better to take him to the vet and vaccinate him against rabies. Then your favorite pets will be safe for you and the people around you.

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