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On April 22, a group of public figures, including a member of the RS (Y) Municipal Chamber Afanasy Alekseev, businessman Semyon Ogotoev, lawyer Alexander Arinosov, public figures Stepan Sutakov (Amga), Ivan Rufov (Pokrovsk) and Vladislav Korotov (Yakutsk), together with a journalist from the Internet newspaper “” of Lena Tikhonova went to the place of future logging of the company Angara. Delyan is located about 30 km from the village of Verkhnyaya Amga to Aldan. On the ground, we were met by the head of the security service of Angara LLC Vladimir Rudenky, the forester of the Verkhneamga forestry Rodion Nikolaev and the head of the indigenous community Yungyuele Nikon Vinokurov.

Vladimir Rudenky

At the loggers’ base, about five kilometers from the federal highway, a home trailer has been installed, powerful logging equipment has been imported from foreign companies and there is a supply of fuel and lubricants. According to V. Rudenkiy, logging has not yet taken place, as timber stocks have not yet been determined. There is also no office in Aldan, no people are hired. It is not known when the work will start. But both the owner of the company, Maxim Beloborodov, and his officer in charge are convinced that the forest in these places is threatening to rot or become a source of forest fires. And it is said that in order to avoid these problems, it is necessary to reduce it. So far, according to the head of the Security Council, preparations have been made for the fire-fighting season. For this, two bulldozers will work, an excavator is supposed to be used for road construction, even for loading timber (!!!), there is expensive imported special equipment (each costs several hundred thousand dollars) – a logging and accumulation complex , a skidder skidder and a crosscutting processor.

Vladislav Korotov

Semyon Ogotoev and I walked along the so-called mineralized fire zone a few kilometers deep into the taiga. This lane-road was built a long time ago, notches were made in the trees along it. From the slopes it seems that a heavy wheeled band once passed. However, there is no evidence for any work. Everywhere there is a small forest – olive groves of young birches, small pine trees, suitable for our ideas only for poles and fence posts, occasionally there are individual specimens with a diameter of 20, maximum 30 cm, in some places the same pines.

Ivan Rufov had relatives who lived in these places, so he often visited here, he knows these places very well and he is sure that in this area there is not the necessary amount of overripe and overripe forest. Ivan launched his quadcopter and took a panorama of the proposed logging sites.

As a true journalist, Lena Tikhonova recorded video comments of all participants in the meeting, which, incidentally, took place in a calm atmosphere, without mutual accusations or criticism. Anyone interested can read these interviews on the Telegram channel of the online newspaper

Semyon Ogotoev wrote his comment on his return:
“Yesterday, April 22, we went to Ano Amga, where the Irkutsk lumberjacks are preparing to cut down our forest, we brought special equipment and started setting up the camp. We were met by a representative of Angara LLC, with his permission we took photos and videos. As for the special equipment, we still have to understand what and why. But at first glance, the technique is extremely expensive and completely new. And we need to find out why all this equipment exists without state registration and if it is registered. At the moment, according to the representative, they are preparing to carry out preparatory work for the selection of the plots and the arrangement of the roads to them. With the help of a quadcopter we examined the surrounding area. And, frankly, they were confused. There is no industrial forest around the camp. There is a pine forest, this forest is reviving after 50 years of felling, but there is a thinner one. And so, up to the river Amga, forest areas with thin foliage that grows in a layer of moss soil, on stones. In our opinion, the depth of seasonal thawing should not be greater than 80-100 cm. To get the announced hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of timber, they have to cut a huge area. Much more than what is rented today. Or recover your expenses in another way … My personal value judgment: someone provided a fake report on the site, such as a “very dense” and “large stock” of commercial timber, on the basis of which a tender was announced.

I would like to pay attention to the comments of our experts.

Thus, an experienced public environmentalist, head of the Environmental Education Center of the Republic of Saha (Yakutia) “Eige” Valentina Innokentievna Dmitrieva is sure: “If tenants do not take the cubic meters of their commercial timber, then they are obliged to allocate other areas free. It is necessary to carry out a ground forest management there today by re-evaluating the volume of logging “.

Honorary Russian ecologist, participant of state environmental and public expertise, member of the state and public expert committee for logging in the Aldan region of Angara and WoodLand 24 LLC Lyubov Danilovna Kipriyanova adds: parts. There, the timber was harvested from the time of the development of the Tommot gold, then during the construction of the Yakutsk-Never highway, during the reconstruction of the Ayam, the timber was also obtained during the construction of the railway and the VL-200 power line. Maybe there’s a business forest off the federal road on the Amga. We wrote about it during the state exam. The forest inventory was carried out in 2015 by the Forest Inventory Organization of Western Siberia, based mainly on satellite images, without field studies “.

Taking into account the choice of location and the unrealistically long periods of timber rental, it can be concluded that completely different goals are pursued by communal logging. But more on that one more time.

Vladislav KOROTOV, photo by the author.

The full photo report can be seen on the Telegram channel

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