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In Bishkek April 24 cloudy, rain. The air temperature is expected to be +22 degrees. The day has increased to 13 hours 46 minutes.

In the capital, break the fast (iftar) – at 19.59. You can see the complete calendar of Orozo 2022 here.

Turn off gas, electricity, water

Who is scheduled to

Bolotbek Borbiev

Born April 24, 1967. Consul General of Kyrgyzstan in Chicago (USA).

Unforgettable dates

Easter for Orthodox Christians

The Resurrection of Christ is the most important Christian holiday. The map of the church service also depends on the date of Easter (from this day begins the countdown of the “pillars” of osmosis) and the end of the longer and more severe Lent (breaking the fast) and many other Orthodox holidays.

Even for people who are far from religion, Easter is associated with a formal night service, procession and Easter cakes, painted eggs and bells.

The first group of Intergelpo members arrived in Kyrgyzstan

from file

Photo from Members of the Czechoslovak Cooperative “Intergelpo”, 1925

In April 1925, exactly 89 years ago, the first group of members of the Czechoslovak Cooperative “Intergelpo” (for “mutual assistance”) arrived at Pishpek Railway Station (then still in the Kara-Kyrgyzstan Autonomous Region as part of the RSFSR). Czech communists (I. Samuel, R. Marechek), who responded to the call of the leader of the world proletariat to help the young Soviet country and organized a trade union in the city of Zhilina, recklessly went to lay the foundations for the foreign industry. Kyrgyzstan for them.

They will soon build residential buildings, a school, outpatient clinics. It’s hard to believe, but even the first amusement park (later Fuchik Park), the club, the track and the first bowling alley were created by our hands.

For the fate of the members of “Intergelpo” in 2014, said Alla Lanichek.

World Youth Solidarity Day


It is celebrated by decision of the World Federation of Democratic Youth every year on April 24.

This memorable day serves as another occasion to draw the attention of government agencies, society and the media to the problems of the youth.

The combination of the efforts of the youth, public bodies, the general population, people who are not indifferent, who care about the future of their children and grandchildren, makes it possible to strengthen society’s control over the observance of the rights of young people, contributes to the increase the organization and creative activity of young people in the implementation of economic, social, scientific, technical and moral problems of society, strengthening the continuity of generations, law and order.

birthday soda

In 1833, carbonated water was patented in the United States. The world owes this “invention” to the British chemist, theologian and philosopher Joseph Priestley, who discovered one of the properties of carbon dioxide, which made it possible to create carbonated water. This is perhaps the only accurately known date in the history of the soft drink, since the inventor did not leave the date of the discovery itself.

Carbonated water is so popular around the world that some have suggested declaring April 24th Carbonated Water Day.

People who changed the world

Scientist Aziz Narynbaev was born

from the Internet

Photo from the Internet. Aziz Narynbaev

He was born on April 24, 1924 in Karakol, in the Issyk-Kul district.

From September 1953 to October 1968 he worked at Kyrgyz universities. At the end of 1968 he was appointed head of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences.

Author of more than 300 scientific, scientific and methodological, propaganda works, including more than 20 books, as well as a series of textbooks for postgraduate students, candidates and undergraduate students of philosophy. Curator of translation of textbooks into Kyrgyz. The scientist was one of the first to lay the foundations for the development of philosophical science in Kyrgyzstan.

The scientist’s works are widely known in the CIS countries and China. Published in Kyrgyz, Uighur, Russian, Chinese and English.

He died on November 19, 2015.

The cinematographer is born Manasbek Musaev

He was born on April 24, 1942 in Naryn. He graduated from the camera department of VGIK (1970). Honorary Art Worker of Kyrgyzstan SSR (1979). People’s Artist of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (1991).

Since 1970, he has been the director of photography at the Kirghizfilm studio at the Kirghiztelefilm studio.

Filmed stories for the movie magazines “Soviet Kyrgyzstan” and “News of the Day”, feature films and documentaries: “Remember and Know” (1969), “Flour” (1970), “High Voltage” (1971).

Where to go


  • in Nikis Square an exhibition-exhibition of flowers and honey takes place.
  • The “Workshop 705”, the Bishkek City Drama Theater named after Arsen Umuraliev invites to performances.
  • The Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abdylas Maldybaev will perform “Aida”.
  • A concert will take place at the National Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the Bishkek Jazz Festival.
  • hosts several exhibitions.

Where to go today, see the “Poster”.

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