TOP 10 fines that are easy to attack when traveling in the country

With the onset of hot weather and the start of the May holidays, many motorists traditionally leave for the suburbs. Until the beginning of the season, car and traffic experts will remind you of the most unexpected fines that await drivers on their way to nature.

1. Dirty numbers

Dirt particles flying into the car will seriously impede the identification of car numbers. This can lead to a fine of 500 rubles. However, the driver can get off with the usual warning if he removes the dirt from the numbers on the spot.

However, the traffic inspector may decide that the driver intentionally put dirt on the license plates to avoid fines from the cameras. This happens when, for example, the rooms are covered with dirt in hot and dry weather. Such actions fall under Part 2 of the article. 12.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses and is punished with a fine of 5 thousand rubles or deprivation of rights for up to 3 months.

2. Child driving

Often parents, while driving on country roads, let their children practice driving. There are severe penalties for this. Thus, the owner of the car, who handed over the steering wheel to a minor without a driver’s license, will be fined 30 thousand rubles and the car itself will be kept and sent to a car reservation (if the owner was not in the car at the time) .

3. Transportation of goods

Sometimes the trunk may not be enough for the entire load. Some drivers in this case place the luggage on the roof or even drive with the trunk open. And at the same time, the protruding load is marked with graphic tape.

However, this is not enough. According to the SDA, in this case, the cargo must also be marked “Oversized cargo”. Otherwise, the driver will face a fine of 500 rubles.

A car trip on the river

A car trip on a lake or river can result in a serious fine for a driver. The fact is that the water code prohibits the movement of cars in the water protection zone in places without hard roads, ie on absolutely any unpaved roads. The offender can be fined 4.5 thousand rubles.

5. Passengers leaning out the window

Sometimes you can see passengers getting their feet out of the car window during a long trip. But it is worth remembering that such actions can be very dangerous, especially in the event of an accident and even sudden braking.

According to art. 12.23 of the Code for the transport of persons out of the cabin or seats provided by the plan, the driver faces a fine of 1000 rubles.

6. Prohibition of movement in the forest

When going on a picnic in the woods, it is worth checking in advance if this area is a state nature reserve, national park, state nature reserve, natural monument or botanical garden. Otherwise, traveling by car will lead to financial losses for the motorist: a fine of 5-7 thousand rubles.

7. Car wash in nature

Many summer residents wash cars right on the spot. Officially, the law does not prohibit such actions. However, there are times when road dirt and technical liquids penetrate the ground. As a result, the site is contaminated not only by the car owner but also by his neighbors.

In addition, it is forbidden to wash cars near water bodies: rivers, lakes, etc. In this case, according to the article. 8.42 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, a fine of 3 to 4 thousand rubles may be imposed.

eight. waste collection

At present, there is no separate article in the Code of Administrative Offenses in Russia that would provide for a fine for dumping garbage from cars. However, these drivers are administratively liable for non-compliance with environmental protection requirements. For individuals, the fine is 1-2 thousand rubles. and 2-3 thousand rubles. for repeated violation.

However, a separate fine of 3,000 rubles may soon appear in the Code of Administrative Offenses. for drivers throwing rubbish out of the car. It is planned to calculate the offenders, including with the help of cameras.

nine. Risk of fire

Traditionally, with the onset of heat in many Russian regions, local authorities have established a special fire regime. This is due to the risk of forest fires due to grass burning and inaccurate use of fire. During this regime (usually 21 days), excursions to the forest are strictly prohibited.

Also, holidaymakers and locals are not allowed to make fires, burn rubbish or dry grass. The offender will face a fine of 4-5 thousand rubles.

ten. Loud music in the car

When relaxing, many people enjoy listening to loud music. Such actions can greatly upset other summer residents, who have every right to call the police at the scene.

In this case, a music lover can be fined 1-3 thousand rubles. For repeated violation within a year, you will have to pay 4 thousand rubles.

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