Baguettes, patties and “Food of the Gods”: what to look for at the “Suseki” bakery in Sokol

In the section “Place in the neighborhood”, we talk about small but cool places that do not fall under restaurant reviews, but are important for the urban space. The “Suseki” bakery in Sokol is just one of these places. Smooth coffee, delicious rolls, rosettes and other reasons to come here if you are in the 2nd Peschanaya.

What is this

Suseki is a network of three bakeries, one of which is located in the Sokol district, at 2nd Peschanaya, 3. The facility is well known and popular with locals. At first glance, it looks like another window to go to a residential area, but if you slow down a bit and look more closely, it turns out that on the windowsill there are handmade gingerbread, rose juice and craft beer. You can place an order here and continue to the subway, but the interior is much more interesting.

To go to the next level, find the entrance below the Ozone sign. In a spacious room there is a small local market with sausages, dairy products and other tasty and cheap things. The oven counter is easy to find, even with your eyes closed, from the smell of fresh pastries. Nearby there are tables belonging to the noodle shop in the same room – here you can already eat something, but … here lies an Easter egg.

Above the door to the left of Suseki’s bench is an inscription: “We have a cafe here. “Yes, it is very comfortable.” It is spacious inside, there are tables of different shapes – high, low, with chairs and sofas. But the most important thing is the sockets: each seat has two of them. You need to distribute Wi-Fi to yourself, but it will still be convenient to work with.

“Souseki” is also a window to go, and a shop window with buns, and a cafe.

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In the bakery you can buy not only bread, but also cider, monastic drinks and ready meals.

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Each place in the cafe has at least two sockets.

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You should start with bread, because Suseki is a bakery. There is no bread except gluten-free – you still need special equipment. There are three types of baguette: French with barley malt extract, multigrain with cumin and fennel, southern – with dark fermented malt. “Batard” is made from wheat yeast – an option for those who are allergic to rye. Cornbread has pieces of corn in it and ciabatta with olives is actually olives, and there are many of them.

There are many buns – and they are all cute. Editorial recommendation – spinach burek (95 rubles): this is a stick of well-oiled puff pastry with juicy raw spinach filling. Double cheese snails for 165 rubles are also good – they have cheese both inside and out. Croissants (100–150 rubles, depending on the filling) at Suseki are made from scratch. They are soft, crunchy and the only question that arises in the process of eating is what to eat next?

Another trend is desserts. Let’s not worry about eating obvious eclairs and donuts: it’s a lot more fun to buy a huge chunk of cherry strudel for 130 rubles, smear it with icing sugar and die of sweets and cherries. For the same 130 rubles, you can get coconut cookies – crumbly, soft and creamy. At first it seems expensive, but for such cookies it is not a shame.

There is a menu with meals and breakfast at the counter. The set is small, but exhausting, if you are not going to come every day. Oatmeal with banana sells for 160 rubles and pancakes with strawberry sauce for 200 rubles. In the bakery’s marked posts on Instagram, cheesecakes are praised (190 rubles). The lunch menu unexpectedly included a tiger prawn salad (360 rubles per 200 grams) and a kebab with oriental salad (290 rubles). There is a vegetarian option in the form of a potato casserole (220 rubles).

Here is a set that costs 535 rubles. Coffee became a gift, as it was at 10 in the morning of a daily.

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Flapjack cookies – oatmeal with dried fruit, 130 rub.

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A separate freezer rack is available for ice cream from B.Yu. Aleksandrov.

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Coffee – standard for such places, from an automatic coffee machine. Asking Ethiopia or Brazil is useless, even harmful – they cook in a blend. This is a great advantage, as a professional coffee machine and specialty coffee require experienced baristas to make sure that the result is liked by all guests. Here, coffee is consistently normal: it does not sour, it does not sour, it has typical coffee characteristics. As in McDonald’s. Until 11 in the morning on weekdays, when buying a bun, every coffee will be poured for free.

What else can you buy here

In addition to coffee and rolls, coffee has ice cream – both cups from Vologda Plombir and popcorn from B.Yu. Aleksandrov. Handmade pasta from the Rostorguev agro-industrial complex, drinks from the “Sergius Canon” – juice of sbiten, rose and sea buckthorn (160 rubles each) and cider, including watermelon. For connoisseurs of simple Russian food – a shelf with flaxseed porridge, linseed oil and flaxseed, as well as a soy protein cocktail with the interesting name “Food of the Gods”. Altai honey was also found (2700 rubles for 3 liters, 390 rubles for 290 ml). Bonus – agricultural dairy products: milk, cottage cheese and sour cream. That is, a breakfast set with good quality fresh and natural products can be assembled in one go. Unless you have to go to a nearby grocery store.


Suseki is a place for all occasions: to work or quietly drink tea on a soft couch, have breakfast, lunch, get a bun for yourself or a child, get a croissant and coffee in minutes to continue the fight around Moscow. There are also disadvantages: after all, the coffee itself lacks natural light and the bars on the windows do not contribute to relaxation. It is a pity that crimson rolls are placed on a paper plate, which ends up in a gray plastic tray: it would be much more elegant with real dishes. On the other hand, the paper does not need to be washed.

But these are small things. In “Suseki” it is delicious, cheap, there are sockets and you do not have to go to the center. Pay attention to this bakery if you are near or living in Sokol.

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