Bark beetle larvae, dried bees and other strange foods in Moscow restaurants

The trend of comfort food is captivating the shops of Moscow. Pizza, pasta, burgers and sushi is a choice that wins over almost all restaurants. But, if one day you want something unusual and really exquisite, believe me, metropolitan institutions have something to offer you. And now we are not talking about oysters or shrimps of incredible size, but about bark beetle larvae and dried bees. Yes, there is. And yes, you can easily order it from the waiter.

PEOPLETALK columnist Anya Baturina tested bees and larvae and found out where to go for frogs and fly agarics. And now he shares his impressions with you.

Anya Baturina, PEOPLETALK columnist, author of the Telegram Gastrology channel

dried bees

Where: Touch Chef’s place & bar

Do not be afraid that bees are mentioned in the first place in the name of the sweet, this does not mean that they are more than the ice cream itself (in proportion to the compositions of cosmetics). Chef Nikita Kuzmenko turns ordinary food into a real adventure. The ice cream in the dessert is sweet, with honey-flowery without the sour taste of alcohol and on top of a handful of dried savory bees that crease in your mouth. Beautiful revenge for all those bees that bit you as a child.

Address: Sadovnicheskaya emb., 7

electric flower

Where: view

At the Corner View on the second floor of the Usachevsky Market, guests are given an electric flower to refresh their taste. It’s not on the menu, do not even look, but you can gently ask the staff. This is a small yellow inflorescence that must be chewed well and spread throughout the mouth before the magic begins. At first, there will be a slight tingling and numbness, taste bubbles will burst on the tongue, this feeling will intensify and with it the sensitivity of the receptors will increase – even ordinary water will have a fantastic taste, not to mention some kind of dessert.

Address: street. Usacheva, 26 (Usachevsky Market)

Fly agaric powder

Where: “FOREST.”

Andrey Kolodyazhny – chef of the restaurant “LES” – a real gastro-herbalist, creates a kitchen of flowers and herbs, often goes out in nature and collects these same herbs. The menu of the restaurant has many interesting “hashish based” ingredients, but we liked the fly agaric powder in pasta with porcini mushrooms and morels. In general, it is said that it is difficult to die from fly agaric red and its poisonous properties are greatly overestimated. It has its advantages: in alternative medicine, fly agaric is considered antidepressant and even a strong antibiotic, the main thing is not to get carried away with the microdose.

Address: Tverskoy Boulevard, 9

Pasta with bear meat

Where: Ceberever

Bears in Russia, of course, do not walk the streets, but sometimes meet in restaurants. Ceberever has pasta on the menu and if venison does not sound so exotic, bear meat makes the imagination run wild. The meat tastes sweet and lean – not for everyone, but it is definitely worth a try.

Address: Pyatnitsky per., 4, building 1

Roll with frog meat

Where: “Bick Cow”

Frog meat is a teleport not in romantic France, but in the exotic noisy Vietnam! Once upon a time in the “Bik Kau” (authentic restaurant in the Moscow suburbs) you could even try snake soup, but for some reason it was canceled, leaving only frogs in the “Luda” section. Nevertheless, there are many of them here in all forms – from batter to Cha La Lot Ek rolls in lat leaves. guess the shades of chicken, rabbit and something in between lychee and rabutan.

Address: Koptevskaya st., 65A

Turtle meat soup

Where: “Dynasty”

Turtle meat is considered a delicacy in China. It is eaten by those who want to live as long as turtles – up to 100 years or more. It’s not a bad way to adopt someone’s superpower. You will not be able to come to the Dynasty restaurant at any time, a delicious soup with dried scallops and Chinese dates must be ordered several days in advance by phone, so the desire to try turtle meat can not be spontaneous.

Address: Volgogradsky prospect, 47

Bark beetle larvae

Where: Touch Chef’s place & bar, “Episode Hero” set.

In the special set “Hero of the Episode”, created to draw attention to those ingredients that usually turn out to be only accompanying well-known products, there was room for surprises. For example, oak bark broth with tree fungus garnish is served with slightly crunchy beetle larvae and sour cream cooked with Tibetan mushroom and black garlic. This is such an unexpected neighborhood.

Address: Sadovnicheskaya emb., 7

Anger of the calf gland

Where: Touch Chef’s place & bar, “Episode Hero” set.

You can not just get up from the table. In the same set “Hero of the Episode”, chef Nikita Kuzmenko uses another unusual delicacy of the rarest and most expensive by-products – beef thymus. The sweet tender meat is served with brie cheese sauce, milk-fermented grapes and vegetable cream cheese with straw. The main thing is to eat first and only then google what it is and where the thymus gland comes from.

Address: Sadovnicheskaya emb., 7


Where: “Friendship”

In China, jellyfish began to be fished 1700 years ago, later special farms appeared where only certain types of these marine inhabitants began to grow, which are best served at the table. It is very difficult to catch them and slaughter them – in every incomprehensible situation, the jellyfish spreads. First of all, this knowledge is enough to continue a conversation with a clever look over a portion of marinated jellyfish salad with Beijing cabbage in the old Chinese restaurant “Friendship”. It is unlikely that you need more information, we doubt that such a salad will go at all – slippery, like jelly, and almost tasteless, saves the taste of the marinade.

Address: Novoslobodskaya, 4, Trade House “Druzhba”

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